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Chapter 69 - After All, She Was A Good Studen

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 69: After All, She Was A Good Student

    Yang Nuanru shuddered.

    Then, Su Cha let her go. She seemed to have found it amusing, “Did you send THESE people to deal with me?”

    Yang Nuanru kept shaking and could not respond.

    She hated Su Cha for beating her up. But it was beyond her imagination that Su Cha could beat up those aggressive unemployed loafers.

    Her legs could hardly move as if they were loaded with lead. She wanted to run away but dared not to do so. And she had to watch Su Cha picking up her stick.

    Su Cha dusted it off. A man wanted to sneak away while Su Cha was locking her eyes on Yang Nuanru. But she still struck his leg without turning her eyes away.

    Her move was as fast as lightning. And she used her full strength violently.


    The man screamed so loudly that people nearby all heard him. Yang Nuanru was so scared that she cried, “Sorry, I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I’m really sorry…”

    She was really scared. Aggressive as the men seemed to be, they were not able to take a full strike of the stick. Yang Nuanru regretted deeply that she had fallen out with Su Cha.

    No wonder why Su Cha has been so confident. No wonder why she had asked to come over.

    She had already planned to beat them, and she didn’t waste a word.

    Su Cha smiled and walked to Yang Nuanru. Her strong charisma impressed people. Yang Nuanru found it hard to breathe. She even felt an urge to kneel on the ground.

    Su Cha stopped in front of Yang Nuanru. Pat. She slapped her hard on the face.

    Its power threw Yang Nuanru onto the ground.

    But she dared not disobey her and only lowered her head to weep.

    Su Cha did not feel for her at all. She knew this girl all too well. If she did not beat them up, nobody knew what would have happened.

    The men standing in front of her were all dregs of society. They could commit any crimes.

    She wanted to beat them harder. But as she had already become an adult, it would be very troublesome if she were arrested. As a result, she had only wounded them in the way that would take them a few months to fully recover, instead of crippling them.

    They dared not call the police for a fight like this due to their status.

    “We will have the national college entrance exam soon. Yang Nuanru, I don’t want extra trouble.”

    After she finished her words, her lips curled slightly.

    She did not let Yang Nuanru go as easily as it appeared to be. The people she sent had been greatly humiliated today, they would surely find a punchbag for it.

    Yang Nuanru was the perfect one to bear the brunt of their temper.

    If they went on harassing Su Cha, she would deal with them later.

    She took her stick and left, wasting no time.

    She had to dine with Bo Muyi tonight at a place half an hour away. After this fight, she was already over ten minutes late.

    She walked a few steps and saw Le Anqi and Cai Ziya who had been hiding behind the building.

    The girls shuddered at the sight of her.

    Obviously, they had seen what had just happened.

    Cai Ziya and Le Anqi looked at each other. Before Su Cha could speak, they said nothing and ran away like startled rabbits.

    Su Cha chuckled as they fled away.

    Am I so scary?

    She did not beat people for no reason. She just had to do it today.

    After all, she was an ‘innocent and well-behaved’ student.