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Chapter 70 - I Do Not Like Children

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 70: I Do Not Like Children

    When Su Cha arrived at the location where she was meeting Bo Muyi, she was already ten minutes late.

    The pair had agreed to meet at a relatively high-end restaurant. They had booked a private room, and it would cost more than 500 yuan per person.

    This price was nothing for Bo Muyi, but for Su Cha, this was the maximum she could afford to spend on a meal.

    Since she had invited Bo Muyi for dinner as a heartfelt gesture, it would be impossible for her to bring him to any ordinary restaurant.

    That would not be suitable or good.

    When Su Cha arrived at the private room, she saw Bai Kun anxiously standing outside. He was drenched in sweat.

    As soon as he saw Su Cha, Bai Kun cried out as if he finally met his savior, “Miss Su, look at you. How could you be late for such an appointment?”

    Embarrassed, Su Cha replied, “I was delayed by some matters, and my phone ran out of battery so I could not inform Bo Muyi.”

    As she spoke, she handed the wooden rod to Bai Kun, “Can you safeguard this for me, I need to bring it to school tomorrow.”

    Bai Kun was a little puzzled by that. After Su Cha entered the room, he carefully inspected the wooden rod and found traces of blood on it?

    Bai Kun’s eyes widened in shock, what’s Miss Su doing with this bloody wooden rod!

    As soon as Su Cha entered the private room, she felt a cold, icy aura.

    It was as if there was a self-contained air conditioning system in the room.

    In the middle of the room, there was a handsome man who was continually tearing the paper towels. His thin lips were tensed, and the man appeared restless.

    It could even be said that he was irritable and in distress.


    The girl’s voice was like a light that broke the darkness that enclosed the man. Bo Muyi turned his head, and the moment his eyes rested on Su Cha, his cold eyes lit up, and before he broke into a smile, his mood sank, “Chacha, you are late…”

    It was as if he realized something, his accusatory tone instantly turned aggrieved, “You are late.”

    “I’m sorry, I was delayed by some matters.”

    Su Cha walked over and hugged him. She dragged a chair close to Bo Muyi, “It’s my fault. Muyi, my phone ran out of battery. I will not let this happen again, I promise.”

    The man lowered his eyes. Under the light, his long lashes cast a shadow on his cheeks, and it showed his unhappiness.

    There were many pieces of napkins on the ground. Due to extreme anxiety, the man forced himself to shred the napkins as he tried to distract himself.

    To not think about things I should not. For instance, does Chacha regret dating me, does she not want me anymore.

    These thoughts gave him the urge to destroy everything.

    Su Cha knew that he was in a foul mood. As she hugged his waist, Su Cha rested her head on his neck as she softly coaxed him. After a while, she felt that he had gradually calmed down.

    Su Cha sighed as she poked Bo Muyi’s flawless face, “Why are you like a child?”

    Bo Muyi lifted his head, his star-like eyes were dead serious, “Chacha, I do not like children.”

    Su Cha: “…”

    She buried her head in Bo Muyi’s neck, and could not help but chuckle.