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Chapter 71 - Guilty

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 71: Guilty

    Although she was buying Bo Muyi a dinner, Bo Muyi basically ordered everything that Su Cha liked the most.

    After dozens of years, Su Cha could not remember it clearly.

    She only recalled that she used to like mushrooms. After Bo Muyi ordered fried mushroom as the first dish, she fell silent.

    If it were her old self, she would find Bo Muyi very intimidating.

    He knew everything that she liked and valued, and missed nothing.

    She seemed to have no secret at all before him. Everything had been known by him.

    In the past, she would take it as an overall invasion.

    But the things that happened in her last life kept coming back to her. After Bo Muyi finished ordering, Su Cha asked gently, “Muyi, do you know what I like to eat?”

    Bo Muyi paused.

    For a minute, the air somehow stopped circulating around him as if it had been frozen. Then it started to ripple as he smiled warmly, “Cha Cha, I like you so I want to know you. You want it too, don’t you?”

    Darkness flashed in his eyes, which was different from his normal looks. Su Cha noticed it immediately. He might be hiding something.

    What is it?

    She did not know, but she was sure that Bo Muyi did like her.

    She lowered her head. All of a sudden, she no longer wanted to figure out what Bo Muyi was trying to hide from her.

    She laughed brightly, “Sure, Muyi, I want to know you too.”

    She would rather tolerate him because of what had happened in the past.

    She was willing to admit that she felt guilty about Bo Muyi’s death. As time passed by, that guilt had become a dagger to her heart. The minute she found out the truth, she fell in love with Bo Muyi.

    How could anyone not be attracted by such an outstanding man?

    I was too blind to see it in the past.

    “Cha Cha will know everything about me.”

    Bo Muyi caught her wrist. Her soft and slightly cold palm revealed the girl’s softest spot. Being covered by his palm, hers became warm soon.

    Su Cha held one question back.

    It was a strange thing that Bo Muyi should have got to know her. He was so outstanding. There was an unbridgeable gap between him and the old Su Cha. Why did he take a fancy to her?

    Love at first sight?

    Su Cha did not think so. She was conscious enough that she had nothing to attract Bo Muyi.

    She lowered her head to take a sip of the tea and did not express her feelings.

    Bo Muyi saw her contemplating, which put him somehow on guard. But the warmth in their palms confirmed him that it was his hallucination, so he finally eased.

    However, perhaps today was not a good day after all. His work had become too hectic recently, such that he had not been able to meet Su Cha.

    After the meal, Bo Muyi told it to Su Cha unhappily.

    Su Cha understood him, but she still wondered, “Muyi, you didn’t seem to be busy before. What’s wrong?”

    It was normal that he was busy in the daytime, but if he was also busy at night, was it because he had fallen behind at work because of her?

    Su Cha again felt sorry at this thought.