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Chapter 72 - Miss Su May Have Hit Someone

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 72: Miss Su May Have Hit Someone

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    Bo Muyi looked at her as he shook his head firmly, “Cha Cha, it’s not like that. I just have to make some preparations.”

    He did not answer her directly. Instead, he asked Su Cha, “Cha Cha, are you going to apply for universities in Imperial City?”

    Su Cha nodded, and smiled in amazement, “How did you know? But, I am going to apply for the performance academy in Imperial City.”

    Out of all the places in the country, why was Bo Muyi so confident that I will apply for colleges in Imperial City?

    Bo Muyi broke into a warm smile, “Cha Cha is going to Imperial City. Of course, I will be there too. Over the next few days, I will be busy handing over the responsibilities in Yonggu Town. When you go to Imperial City, I will also be going with you. I have made arrangements for everything in Imperial City.”


    It would be a lie to say that Su Cha was not surprised.

    Not only did she not expect Bo Muyi to know that she was applying for colleges in the Imperial City, she had never thought that he would have arranged everything.

    She could not help but wonder what about in the first life?

    Su Cha was unsure if she intended to enroll in a college in the Imperial City. Although she knew it in her bones that she wanted to move to the Imperial City, she never knew the source of this burning desire.

    She did not bring this matter up. She smiled and nodded, “I will work hard during this time. What will I do if I embarrass you by not making it to Imperial City?”

    “No…,” the man’s voice was soft yet clear, “my Cha Cha is the best.”

    His words, as if whispering in her ears, were enough to make one’s heart flutter.

    Bai Kun, who was in the car, heard the entire conversation: “…”

    Please just let him die.

    Su Cha simply glossed over the events that occurred in school but did not tell Bo Muyi about the fight.

    Since he had kept his promise of not sending someone to follow her, he would never know about it.

    Su Cha did not want him to be overly concerned about such an insignificant matter. She was capable of resolving the issue herself, and he had been too busy recently.

    Bo Muyi had ordered Bai Kun to send Su Cha to her home. Before she left, Su Cha gave Bo Muyi a goodnight kiss once again.

    The driver yesterday was different, today it was Bai Kun. Bai Kun’s adaptability might not be as strong as the driver from yesterday. As Su Cha alighted from the car, Bai Kun passed the wooden rod to her with a distorted expression, “Miss Su, your item.”

    Su Cha reached out to receive it as Bo Muyi stared at the rod with puzzled eyes.

    Su Cha suddenly smiled in embarrassment, “I borrowed it from the security guard uncle at school, I have to return this to him tomorrow morning.”

    Fortunately, Bo Muyi blinked his eye in understanding and did not probe further.

    Su Cha watched as Bo Muyi’s car left. From the rearview mirror, Bai Kun watched as Su Cha’s waving reflection disappeared before whispering, “Young master, there were bloodstains on Miss Su’s wooden rod. I have sent someone to investigate this. Miss Su had a dispute with someone at school this afternoon, and it is suspected that they had a physical fight – Miss Su might have hit someone.”

    As Bai Kun reported this, he was still in a state of disbelief.

    She dared to hit someone with a rod, what was Miss Su thinking?

    Aren’t girls generally docile and quiet? This was the first time I met…

    Upon hearing that, Bo Muyi’s aura instantly changed. The atmosphere in the car became tense and tyrannical as he asked, “Who?”

    Someone dared to cause trouble to my Cha Cha!

    Bo Muyi had certainly erased a vital detail from his conscious mind – Miss Su had hit someone.