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Chapter 73 - Solo Video

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 73: Solo Video

    “Those loafers are nobodies. I’ve asked people to take care of it.”

    Seeing his Young Master was about to turn into a monster again, Bai Kun added quickly, “Please be assured that I will take good care of it.”

    Bo Muyi felt better after Bai Kun reported. He said sullenly, “Cha Cha doesn’t want me to have people follow her…”

    What will I tell her after it is done?

    Bai Kun was flexible. He clapped his thigh, “Young Master, you had nothing to do with it. It was me who arranged it without asking for your permission!”

    Bo Muyi was satisfied. He closed his eyes and leaned against the car seat to rest.


    Su Cha went back home and placed the rod casually on the table. Then she began her exercise routine.

    She repeated the moves that she had done yesterday. After she stopped half an hour later, she felt more ache than she did yesterday.

    Her muscles already felt aching because of yesterday’s exercise. The extra amount today had made it worse.

    She would gradually become better in the coming week.

    Soaked in sweat, her clothes were completely wet. After massaging herself for a long while, Su Cha finally went into the bathroom to take a shower.

    Her legs even trembled because of the pain.

    This new body could not compare with her last one. It had already been shaped, so she had to suffer more when she exercised.

    After the shower, she felt cooler and much better. Sitting before the little desk, she went back to review her schoolwork. But before it, she took out the phone to visit the official website of “Dreams in Progress”.

    Today she had passed the audition. The new name list and information of the contestants would be posted on it at around 7 pm after each day’s audition. Audiences could find out how many had passed and how many vacancies were left.

    Su Cha clicked on the name list of Yonggu Zone. There was a headline on the front page.

    Number of passed contestants in preliminary audition: 17

    Vacancies: 83

    How cruel!

    Even Su Cha thought so. Only 17 people had passed in the past two days.

    Apart from the fact that countless people had joined the contest, there were only 100 vacancies in total, which would surely stop many people at the preliminary audition.

    The rest had to fight for the 83 vacancies in the next 28 days.

    The audition would last for a month. If the judges choose people too quickly at the beginning, they would have to set stricter rules in the later stage.

    The contest would become fiercer since the judges had to keep the total under 100.

    If the contestant was not eye-catching, judges might have to consider the limited vacancies and rule them out directly.

    Those who had merely passed in the beginning were the luckiest.

    Su Cha was one of the 17 lucky ones.

    But she relied totally on herself.

    New videos too, were posted on this website. Su Cha was surprised to find that her video had been placed in the first spot.

    The video’s title read – “Sounds of nature showed up here and judges loved it! Can she be one of our seeds?”

    For audiences of this show, this title could attract them. But from Su Cha’s point of view, the production crew might have also induced hatred towards her.

    The video was Su Cha’s solo show that lasted seven minutes. It was placed at the top. And it was the only solo show that had appeared until now.