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Chapter 74 - You are Going to be Famous

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 74: You are Going to be Famous

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    For Su Cha, the organizer’s decision had its merits and demerits.

    In its positive aspect, it helped Su Cha to reach a wider audience, allowing her to gain popularity. If she was lucky, Su Cha would be able to use her new-found fame to gain an edge over her competitors.

    On the flip side, Su Cha could be considered a thorn in the flesh by the rest of the competitors.

    Su Cha was the first contestant whose individual talent performance was uploaded in a single video. The video featuring Su Cha had ranked first on the organizer’s channel, making her fellow competitors turn green with envy.

    But to Su Cha, others turning green with envy?

    So what?

    She was immensely grateful to the production crew as they had given her a great start in the competition, and was completely unbothered by the reactions of others.

    As long as she stayed true to her talents and capabilities on stage, with her skills and expertise, she would not feel burdened or pressured.

    Su Cha curled the sides of her lips upwards as she tapped to view the video.

    As soon as the video started, Su Cha could be seen entering the stadium where the judging was being held.

    On-screen, a person may appear to be chubbier than they actually are. As Su Cha was relatively skinny and frail, her figure appeared to be perfect on screen.

    Her refreshing physical appearance attracted stares from all angles. Everyone marveled at Su Cha’s neatly tied hair and make-up free face.

    Especially when Su Cha strode onto the stage, she gave off a strong, charismatic aura that was neither servile nor overbearing.

    The white dress that she wore was subtle yet eye-catching.

    The video had floating real-time comments on the screen. Of course, Su Cha watched the video while monitoring the comments shown.

    Although the video was just uploaded, there were already several hundred comments.

    [Is that her natural voice? Isn’t the video title a little too exaggerated?]

    [Woah, what a beauty. You go, girl!]

    [Should have titled this shocking beauty LOL]

    [This is considered pretty? She’s obviously so ugly.]

    [Why did she try so hard when she was walking in? I can’t get used to it.]

    [Serious reminder. Great talent, great talent!!!]

    [The eyes of the judges changed while they were watching her. This is a talent show, not a pageant.]


    It did not require too many steps to register for an account. One could simply register using a mobile number. Hiding behind a screen, many users dared to speak their minds freely. Hence, there were both positive and negative comments.

    As Wu He had reminded her of this on WeChat, Su Cha did not mind the criticisms.

    Looking at the comments, the majority praised her performance. After all, people tend to be biased towards the good-looking individuals, and Su Cha’s attractive appearance has given her an advantage.

    When Su Cha began singing, the comments were filled with 6666661. As the song ‘Wild Pigeon’ itself was not very catchy, those who did not like it would criticize the singing. But the majority of the commenters shared that they loved Su Cha’s unique vocals despite not enjoying the song’s melody.

    Reading the comments, Su Cha was highly satisfied.

    It was an advantage to possess an easily identifiable set of unique vocals.

    Su Cha thanked god for that.

    Su Cha had spent more than 10-minutes on stage, but the video was only 7-minutes long. The organizers had deliberately cut out the clip where Yu Siqing was being unreasonable. It seemed like the organizers did not want to place Su Cha in a spot, which may cause her to attract disses from the netizens. After all, the feedback given by Yu Siqing proved her lack of professionalism. If it was broadcasted, it might even bring about criticisms from the netizens.

    This also proved that Yu Siqing had relied on her connection to land her a judging role in the competition at Yonggu Town.

    Right after she ended the video, Su Cha received a message from Wu He.

    Wu He: Young lady, you were great! The organizers have set your video as the first one on the channel. Su Cha, you are going to be famous!

    1. 666666 is used by the Chinese to show their admiration.