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Chapter 240.2 - A Familiar Scen

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 240.2 : A Familiar Scent

    And Qing Lan Fei was mischievously amused by that thought.

    Seeing the man’s dark gloomy face, Ah Yue was not intimidated but was instead looking uncomprehendingly at him with her head tilted to one side. “Eh? Am I mistaken? You are clearly the man lying inside the forbidden chambers. When I tailed the Chieftain in the past, I saw that he often went to see you secretly, and said many things to you. He even said that he missed you…..”


    Mo Jing Yu’s face could not be described with the word dark and gloomy anymore as it had turned so dark that it looked like ink was going drip down.

    Qing Lan Fei kept her head lowered at the side, fighting very hard to contain the laughter that was threatening to burst out. However, her shoulders that were shaking uncontrollably betrayed the gloating glee she was feeling inside right at that moment.

    You cannot really blame her as picturing Yan Shu and Mo Jing Yu together in such a warm and harmonious scene was such a sight that she could not help being tickled by it.

    Mo Jing Yu glared indignantly at the little girl’s innocent face before he reached out and pulled Qing Lan Fei to him. He then complained in a grumbling tone: “Even you are making fun of me as well.”

    Qing Lan Fei immediately restrained the wide smile on her face and shook her head as she said: “I wasn’t making fun of you. I just think that Yan Shu really treats you rather well.”

    “He is like a brother, of course he treats me well.”

    How could Mo Jing Yu possibly not know what she was really thinking, but he just did not want to expose her. He glanced at the little girl at the side and said: “Let’s go then. I’ve already bid goodbye to Yan Shu.”


    — Bright Moon Temple —

    After the confrontation that day, Qing Luo Fei did not get anyone to come summon Qing Yu again.

    It wasn’t just because of that cool countenance that looked so much like a certain someone, but it was also due to the fact that Qing Yu wasn’t like any other normal little lass. She looked like someone that would be easy to bully but was actually a person capable of pretending to be a pig to eat up a tiger.

    Since there was still some remaining doubt, Qing Luo Fei decided to keep her around while she unravels the mystery in her heart.

    “Yu Qing, as an attendant, you’re not doing your duty but just hides here in idleness. Do you think it appropriate?”

    A familiar cold voice called out angrily, waking the groggy Qing Yu up from slumber.

    She yawned lazily and her eyes were still a little dazed as she said in a slightly raspy voice still heavy with sleep: “What happened?”

    That fella Lou Jun Yao had come and kept her awake for a greater part of the night. He never failed to take liberties with her every time he came over, using the convenient excuse that he wanted to make sure that she had not been bullied or hurt anywhere, which was highly taxing on her both in mind and body.

    She was just barely able to get some rest after he left but before light had even broken over the horizon, this man had come to disturb her sleep. How infuriating!