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Chapter 240.3 - A Familiar Scen

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 240.3 : A Familiar Scent

    The young lady with exquisite facial features lay on the bed of soft clouds with her long hair spread a little messily over it. Her phoenix like eyes were half open, still a little misty from being awakened from her slumber, looking exceptionally beautiful and lovable, and that heart stirring raspy voice having just been roused up from sleep would really be irresistible to any man.

    What’s more for these young hot blooded men in the Divine Temple who had practised abstinence for hundreds of years.

    The moment Yue Fen heard the young lady’s voice, he immediately froze in place and when he saw that languid and alluring figure, his entire body immediately felt as if there was something wrong, unable to take his eyes off her.

    He stood there in a daze as he stared at that groggy looking young lady, unable to recover his senses for a good long while.

    When Qing Yu finally came awake from her groggy daze and saw the man standing dumbly in front of her. She arched up an eyebrow and asked: “What is it? What did you just say?”

    When she asked that, Yue Fen seemed like he was shocked awake where he immediately did an about turn to leave, without saying a single word.

    Qing Yu was left there dumbfounded in befuddlement. “…..”

    [What was that all about?]

    A corner of Qing Yu’s lips twitched in speechlessness, making her feel that everyone in that place were all strange and eccentric.

    She had initially been feeling rather sleepy and after being awoken in shock like that, she decided she was not going back to sleep anymore. She then got up and slowly walked out from the place.

    There were still a few flickering stars hanging under the still dark sky.

    Qing Yu was entranced for a moment staring into that starry sky. For some unknown reason, she had actually felt….. as if she was able to understand something among them.

    Before she knew it, she raised her foot and started walking in a particular direction. By the time she realized it, she found that she was already in a place she did not know at all.

    The Bright Moon Divine Temple’s grounds were filled with many strangely shaped palaces and fortresses of all sorts, some big some small all over the place, making the place feel like a gigantic maze. Unless one was familiar with the topography of the area, one would surely become lost in there.

    And that was exactly the case for Qing Yu right at that moment.

    She came to discover in sorrow, that she seemed to be lost. So how was she going to find her way back…..

    If she was discovered by anyone, they might think that she was trying to escape!

    Just as she was feeling depressed about the situation, the sounds of a slight commotion reached her from a short distance away.

    Qing Yu raised her eyes up in surprise, and saw a place that was stood out like a sore thumb against every other place in the Bright Moon Temple grounds.

    Like it had been scorched by a huge fire, it was falling apart in many places. The jade pillars and beams lay in a pile, crisscrossing over each other, like it had been abandoned and left in ruins for many years, till it was impossible to tell what it looked like originally.