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Chapter 771 - Worthless Nothing Who Sponges Off His Parents

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 771: Worthless Nothing Who Sponges Off His Parents

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    Recently, the Xia Family had been in serious trouble and unfortunate events happened to them one after another. First, they faced the financial crisis which could not be solved, followed by the cash flow problems and the exposure of their products failing the security checks which resulted in them having to pay the hefty fine. They then faced the issue of the villagers pressing them for the payment of overdue wages, as well as the cease of the transition project. The Xia Family was mentally and physically exhausted.

    However, it was not that they did not try to come up with a solution. Even Chen Linfang had gone home several times before and tried to ask for some monetary relief, but to no avail. However, her parents were not willing to aid the Xia Family because of the major deficiency in funds.

    The Xia Family was almost gone and they resented Xia Ruya greatly.

    If it weren’t because of the evil that Xia Ruya had done to the Wen Family, the Xia Family wouldn’t have faced their downfall and ended up losing all their funds.

    Xia Haolin grew flustered and said, “Father, we can’t drag the payment of wages any longer. In recent years, the media has been paying lots of attention to the payment of the workers’ wages. This is a societal issue, and our reputation is going to be ruined further if those lowlife citizens continue to blow things up. I received some news yesterday about the top lawyer from Extraordinary Law Firm, Cheng Ziyi. He seems to be very interested in taking up this case to defend those lowlifes. They’ve already sent their people to get in touch with those villagers.”

    “That can’t be! How could Cheng Ziyi be so free? Besides… those shameless lowlife villagers probably can’t afford the legal fees…” Old Mr. Xia was extremely shocked, though he was not nervous at all.

    Xia Haolin said, “Father, I’ve already asked around. This matter is true. Cheng Ziyi is not only interested, but he also plans to defend them for free.”

    Old Mr. Xia lost his composure. Cheng Ziyi… was the ace of the legal industry, and the case would be a piece of cake for him.

    It would truly be over for the Xia Family if they were to get embroiled in a lawsuit…

    Xia Haolin suggested. “Father, why don’t we…”

    A sullen expression formed on Old Mr. Xia’s face and he snapped. “Don’t bother. I won’t agree to it.”

    Xia Haolin moved his lips but had no choice but to shut up and obey Old Mr. Xia. A terrifying tension and silence filled the air.

    Upon sight of the situation, Chen Linfang began grousing. “They always say that you shouldn’t pick wildflowers. You can’t just acknowledge anyone as your daughter, lest you end up with a good-for-nothing who does nothing except sponge off their parents. I’ve never approved of Xia Ruya. If it weren’t because of her… the Xia Family wouldn’t have ended up in such a plight.”

    Old Mr. Xia and Xia Haolin both looked incredibly upset and did not answer her.

    However, Chen Linfang did not stop at that and instead continued to speak in a high-pitched voice at the instant that she was reminded of some of the past events. “Like mother, like daughter. Xia Ruya must have taken after that shameless bitch who came out of nowhere and pretended to suffer from amnesia to seduce Xia Haolin. She even pretended to be noble and innocent…”

    The thought of Xia Haolin wanting to divorce her because of Xia Ruya’s mother made Chen Linfang feel extremely exasperated and upset.

    She flew into a rage at the thought of Xia Ruya, the illegitimate daughter they had, whose looks resembled her mother’s greatly. She wished that she could rip her pretentious face apart.

    Xia Haolin glowered at her and rebuked. “You shut up. No one will think that you’re mute if you don’t speak. Father and I are already annoyed enough.”

    Back when he was young and energetic, he had indeed developed feelings for the kindhearted and pure girl who was nothing like the boorish Chen Linfang. That girl looked extraordinary and she exuded a natural elegance that was not diminished even though she had lost her memory. Besides, she was also far more beautiful than Chen Linfang. Hence, he had been greatly enticed by her, just like he had expected. In fact, he even almost divorced Chen Linfang because of her.

    Most importantly, he felt that she would be of great help to the Xia Family if he were to be able to help her reunite with her family.

    However, he did not expect that she would actually get pregnant and even Chen Linfang had found out about it. As a result, the Chen Family and Xia Family got into a major conflict. The Chen Family was far superior to the Xia Family and Chen Linfang’s father obviously wouldn’t let a mysterious woman from an unknown background ruin his daughter’s marriage. Hence, he gave that woman a sum of money and told her to leave.

    However, he did not expect that she would go ahead and give birth to the child, thus resulting in the existence of Xia Ruya.

    Chen Linfang was angered by Xia Haolin’s bark and screeched. “Was I wrong to have said that? If she came from a respectable family, she wouldn’t have become someone else’s mistress and a homewrecker.”

    Xia Haolin could not help but feel a major headache. Although he had indeed developed feelings for that woman back then, he no longer felt anything for her, especially after so much time had already passed. He could not understand just why Chen Linfang refused to let it go and instead continued to harp on it.

    Knowing that she was right, Chen Linfang continued, “Xia Haolin, if it weren’t because of that bitch’s daughter who harmed the Xia Family, would we have ended up in so much trouble? That hussy gave birth to a jinx who brought bad luck and trouble to the Xia Family. Yet, you shouted at me because of that woman…”

    Xia Haolin was at a loss for words. Although they had been married for years and he too, was well aware of how unreasonable Chen Linfang could be, he was nonetheless shocked by her words.

    “Shut up, that happened ages ago. Yet, you still keep harping on it and bringing it up. Aren’t you sick of it at all?” Old Mr. Xia snapped with an austere expression on his face, clearly on Xia Haolin’s side.

    Although Chen Linfang wanted to vent all her anger, she feared Old Mr. Xia’s authority and hence, shut up immediately and glowered at Xia Haolin indignantly.

    Xia Haolin looked at Old Mr. Xia and said, “Father, do you think that the Wen Family…”

    He paused in his speech and decided not to continue.

    However, Old Mr. Xia knew what he wanted to say. The Xia Family had faced troubles ever since the end of Wen Xinya’s coming-of-age ceremony and the exposure of Xia Ruya’s collusion with Ning Shuqian to plot against the Wen Family!

    Was this a coincidence?

    No, impossible! Various mishaps had been happening to the Xia Family lately, and they found that there were several loopholes after giving it some thought. First, it was the failure to pass the security checks conducted by the Administrative Bureau of Business and Commerce, despite the close relations they had with the Xia Family. There had never been any problems with the quality control screenings throughout the many years of their operations. Yet, it seemed that there was a mastermind controlling the situation this time!

    Could this really be the doing of the Wen Family?

    Old Mr. Xia and Xia Haolin looked at each other while fear consumed them.

    How could the Wen Family possibly let Xia Ruya off so easily even after she had plotted against them!?!