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Chapter 105 - Nun of Yer Biz

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 105: “Nun of Yer Biz”

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    Just as Su Ye was about to continue on with his report, he heard a loud thud on the other side of the phone.

    “Boss? Boss? Are you there?”

    There was no response from Huo Beichen.

    Su Ye did not dare to hang up. He waited for over a minute before some noises could be heard from the phone. It sounded as though the phone was being picked up.

    As he was about to open his mouth, Huo Beichen’s voice could be heard. “So, she has been A-type all this while?”


    Su Ye had never heard of anyone having their blood type change throughout their lives.

    His mouth twitching, Su Ye pulled himself together and replied, “The missus has been an A-type since birth. Perhaps she had some kind of misunderstanding about how blood-type works?”

    Misunderstanding? Or perhaps…

    Several lines of nerves were showing on Huo Beichen’s hand as he gripped his phone tightly.

    Suddenly, he ordered. “Bring the missus to get a full-package health check.”

    Su Ye, although not understanding what was running through his boss’ mind, complied. “Yes, sir.”

    Huo Beichen suppressed the overwhelming emotions that were rocking his mind and asked, “Are those bodyguards still with her?”

    Su Ye replied, “Yes, sir. They have been secretly protecting the missus since day one of your marriage.”

    “Add two more bodyguards. Make sure that no harm comes her way.”

    “… yes, sir.”

    After pondering for a brief moment, Huo Beichen opened his mouth once again, “Always keep me updated on the missus’ whereabouts.”


    Actually, when they had still been newlyweds, the boss had already assigned bodyguards to report every single move of the missus—from her daily shopping, skincare visits, to all her dates with various men.

    It did not take long before Huo Beichen had lost all interest in her daily life.

    It had been years since he had shown any interest and yet now, he had begun to show interest in the missus again?

    Su Ye, feeling glad for his boss and the missus, replied, “Yes, sir.”

    After hanging up the phone, Huo Beichen was still standing still, as though frozen in place in front of the massive window in his presidential suite. Looking at the window, he could see his own reflection—a tall, slender, handsome man. He could almost see himself back then… his younger self, all those years ago…

    While he was deep in thought, Qi Shan knocked and entered the room.

    “Boss, here are a few documents that we need you to sign.”

    Huo Beichen pulled himself together, took the documents, and signed the papers.

    Suddenly, he ordered, “Rush up with the project’s progress. We’ll leave for home the day after tomorrow.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    After Qi Shan left, Huo Beichen sat on the sofa quietly. He shut his eyelids for a brief moment before looking at his computer again. No one could understand just how he felt at the moment—it was like a storm mixed with various conflicted feelings and emotions.


    Be patient, Huo Beichen.

    Yes. He had waited for all these years, now, he only needed to wait for just another 2 days. He could do it.

    Suddenly, his phone vibrated.

    It was Ning Meng’s WeChat message: [Hubby, are you asleep?]


    After logging off, Ning Meng stared at her computer, letting out a sigh of lament.

    No. She should wish the boy success. “God” had finally joined an E-sports club and before long, he would rise up to be that fabled E-sports God.

    The puppy boy sent her a Wechat message: [Sis, the club’s rules determined that I must hand over my phone so I can focus on my training. In other words, I’ll disappear for some time. After I’ve finally earned myself some free time and have gotten back my phone, I’ll contact you. Okay?]

    Ning Meng: [Okay. All the best.]

    After putting down her phone and switching off her computer, Ning Meng realized something was off.

    She was so surprised by the puppy boy’s departure that she had not bid her goodbyes to her husband, Huo Beichen.

    Therefore, she sent a WeChat message to him.

    It might take some time for him to reply, so Ning Meng decided to take a bath while waiting for it.

    After a warm, soothing bath, Ning Meng took her time to do some skincare. An hour later, Ning Meng walked out of her bath and lay down on her bed.

    Raising her phone, she could see a reply from Huo Beichen.

    [Nun of yer biz.]


    “None of your business… so, is he angry right now?”