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Chapter 106 - She’s Still Her

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 106: She’s Still Her

    Ning Meng was stunned.

    Huo Beichen, as she remembered him, was a really old-fashioned man. Since when did he start to use memes like “Nun of yer biz”?

    Ning Meng: [Was your phone hacked?]

    Huo Beichen: [No.]


    Ning Meng could feel that seethingly cold aura seeping out from the screen of her phone. This man… he must be pouting because she had only talked to the puppy boy, ignoring him!

    Ning Meng hurriedly replied: [No, no! How can it be none of my business~ I can’t sleep if you don’t sleep.]

    Huo Beichen: [?]

    Ning Meng: [Because my heart resides in yours, hubby~]

    Then, for quite a long time, the phone showed that he was typing his message.

    After waiting for quite some time, the message was still not sent.

    Ning Meng started to get worried.

    Could it be that her kiss-assery earlier was not potent enough?

    Meanwhile, at the hotel.

    Huo Beichen was quietly staring at the “How can it be none of my business~” on his phone.

    She knew… she knew…!!

    She knew what “Nun of yer biz” meant.

    A while later, he put a hand on his face.

    He could feel that his eyes were tearing up, and yet, he could not hold in the smile that was spreading across his face.


    It took 30 minutes for Huo Beichen to be able to regain his composure.

    He looked at his phone again and typed in his reply: [Sweet dreams.]



    No reply. Perhaps the girl was already fast asleep.

    He scrolled up to look at her lame sweet-nothings. The corner of his sexy lips tipped up into a smile while the corner of his eyes turned red.


    And so, he had trouble falling asleep.

    It was one of the majestic Huo Beichen’s longest nights. He sat on his sofa as thousands of thoughts ran through his mind.

    A few hours later, the morning kicked in.

    His phone vibrated.

    Huo Beichen, who had not slept a wink at all, suddenly felt a rush of energy in his spine. He quickly picked up his phone.

    It was Ning Meng’s message: [Good morning, hubby~]

    Huo Beichen: [Good morning. Did you sleep well?]

    Ning Meng: [Of course. I slept like a baby~ because you were visiting me in my dream.]

    A warm smile covered Huo Beichen’s cold face.

    Still as lame as always.

    He felt a massive sense of relief after seeing this message. He had been worried for nothing.

    After a long night’s sleep, she was still herself.

    She had not gone missing… She had not disappeared.


    Having fulfilled her duty to pacify her hubby first thing in the morning, Ning Meng lazily kicked off her blanket to wake up.

    After washing her face, Ning Meng walked to her canvas, preparing to continue on with her drawing. Suddenly, she received a call from Lin Qingbei’s manager.

    “Ms. Ning, today, Lin Qingbei needs to head to the TV station to film some segments and pick the song he will be using in the show.”

    Ning Meng replied while setting up her canvas, “Okay. Go ahead then.”

    No matter how much of a c*nt Su Tiantian was, she could not do anything drastic in the public’s eyes.

    The manager stuttered nervously, “But… I… it’s my wife… her water broke and she’s in labor… I…”


    Ning Meng understood what the crisis was now.

    “Then go to the hospital. Family comes first. You don’t have to keep watch over Lin Qingbei for now.”

    “But this is Qingbei’s first time participating in a reality TV show. There are so many veterans participating alongside him too. I fear that if anything goes wrong, without anyone by his side, he might not be able to handle it.”

    Lin Qingbei was just an idol under the employment of Lemon Entertainment. If something went wrong, he would need someone to make important decisions for him—PR, legal issues, and etc. Sure, he still had his personal assistant by his side, however, if there was a need to negotiate with the TV station’s authorities, the personal assistant could not step out of his bounds to do the talking.

    Seeing that she had nothing better to do anyway, Ning Meng comforted him. “Okay. Don’t worry, I’ll go.”

    “Oh, I thank you on behalf of my wife, Ms. Ning!”


    Hence, Ning Meng drove straight to the TV station. After waving her ID at the entrance, she walked straight toward the participants’ rest area to find Lin Qingbei.

    The show would begin soon. The stage would be broadcasted live nationwide while the organizers ran an online poll for the participants.

    There were 7 veterans sitting in their own VIP resting rooms while the show director was holding a meeting to decide the songs that were to be played the next day.

    Ning Meng was unable to find Lin Qingbei right away and unfortunately, she saw Su Tiantian first. As she was walking toward the resting area, the door was suddenly opened and Su Tiantian walked out, escorted by a group of people.