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Chapter 117 - Big Trouble

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 117: Big Trouble

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “This is slander! Defamation! You will have to accept legal responsibility for this!”

    When the panicked Li Zimeng heard Chen Jianbo’s words, his eyebrows suddenly pressed together. They pointed directly at Chen Jianbo in accusation.

    “Accept legal responsibility? I’ll just laugh then!”

    Chen Jianbo sneered, “Even a well-known celebrity doesn’t dare talk back to our reporters, let alone you guys. We’re the winding vine of public opinion, and it’s extremely easy for us to ruin your reputation. What’s so great about Luo’s workshop? What’s so great about you guys? However…”

    A pair of small eyes indecently scanned Li Zimeng’s tall, slim body up and down. Then, with an equally inappropriate chuckle, Chen Jianbo said, “If the beautiful Miss Li agrees to spend a night with me, perhaps I will let Luo’s Workshop off the hook.”

    “Hahaha!” Everyone else laughed. Mocking a woman brought them great joy.

    “You b*stard!” Li Zimeng ground her teeth in anger and glared at Chen Jianbo in frustration and embarrassment.

    Chen Jianbo paid her no mind and continued to tease her, “If I can conquer a bright and intelligent woman like Miss Li, then that would most definitely be a great event in life. Hehe!”

    Li Zimeng’s body trembled with rage. This scum, Chen Jianbo, was unfit to be a reporter.

    “That’s right!”

    Just then, Xiao Luo suddenly clapped in agreement.

    He then slowly pulled out a voice recorder from his pocket and pressed play. The recorder immediately replayed Chen Jianbo’s words: “I write whatever I want. If I say your bread is poisonous and kills people, then your poisonous bread kills people…”

    The quality of the sound was crystal clear.

    Chen Jianbo’s expression immediately changed as he turned to Xiao Luo with hostility and charged, “You dare to threaten me?”

    Xiao Luo didn’t even respond and handed the voice recorder to Li Zimeng, saying, “Sue him for slandering Luo’s Workshop’s reputation. I’ll let you handle this situation. I just have one small request: that all of Jiangcheng and even Hua Nation must know about this.”

    This task was intended as a challenge for Li Zimeng to see whether she worked for Taste Buds or not. Of course, the main goal was to rehabilitate Luo’s Workshop’s reputation. This was the most urgent task because only a repaired reputation could bring in customers again. Otherwise, the business would forever be damaged.

    “Uh, sure.”

    Li Zimeng was overwhelmed by this honor and nodded as she praised Xiao Luo’s meticulous methods. This voice recording pen, which had captured Chen Jianbo’s threats, would be an essential piece of evidence in court. Even Chen Jianbo would not be able to deny its validity. However, would Chen Jianbo really let them leave here with this pen!?

    As expected, dozens of Chen Jianbo’s friends surrounded them with hostile expressions on their faces. They formed a human wall that blocked off all escape routes.

    Chen Jianbo looked at Xiao Luo grimly and said, “You b*stard. You sure have some guts. I just don’t know if you can handle a beating.” He waved at his friends and said, “Go ahead, my brothers, beat him until he’s groveling on the ground.”

    Before he could finish, Xiao Luo suddenly got up and stepped forward. With the force of a fierce wind, he crashed his shoulder into Chen Jianbo’s chest. A loud thump sounded. As if he had been hit by a moving car, Chen Jianbo flew back as directly as a bullet. He took three men down with him and finally landed on the ground about 3 to 4 yards away.

    This violent attack without any warning stunned everyone.

    Li Zimeng stared, wide-eyed, at the scene in disbelief.

    The few dozen young men who had thrown their fists at Xiao Luo completely froze on the spot. They watched as Chen Jianbo whimpered in pain on the ground and turned their heads back with horror to Xiao Luo. Immediately, they felt cold sweat rolling down their skin. They thought: This guy can throw a man a few yards with just one push. Is he a monster?

    “Do you fellows want to help him?” Xiao Luo grinned as he asked the few dozen young men.

    Those on whom his gaze fell all shook their heads and backed down in fear.

    Xiao Luo then commanded in a cold voice, “Make way!”

    The group of young men shivered slightly, and they all moved out of the way because Xiao Luo had utterly overwhelmed them.

    It wasn’t until Xiao Luo had already walked some distance away that Li Zimeng finally dragged herself back to reality. She looked around the field at the young men, who were utterly dumbfounded, and quickly followed Xiao Luo. Because she was running fast in heels, she almost tripped and fell.

    As for that poor guy, Chen Jianbo, he still couldn’t get up from the ground. The pain in his chest was sharp and severe as if all his organs had moved around inside him. Muffled sounds of pain came out of his throat while his entire body remained in a state of spasm.


    Li Zimeng followed behind Xiao Luo’s right side like a secretary. She studied him, this boss who was around the same age as her. The man was calm and easygoing, and a natural aura of confidence surrounded him. Recalling the situation earlier, she felt like she was dreaming. If he could knock Chen Jianbo down with just one violent push and stun a group of a few dozen young men, how strong must he be!?

    Xiao Luo suddenly stopped and turned around.

    Li Zimeng almost ran into him but stopped herself just in time. She quickly took a few steps back to maintain her distance from Xiao Luo.

    “Miss Li, you can go back first. I still have some business to take care of,” Xiao Luo said.

    “Okay!” Li Zimeng nodded.

    Xiao Luo added, “Start preparing the court files to sue Chen Jianbo tomorrow. We have the tape from the recording pen, which I’m sure will land Chen Jianbo in prison for a few years.”

    Li Zimeng nodded slowly and said, “I’m sure he will. This is him digging his own grave.”

    “That’s it, then. I’ll see you tomorrow!”

    Xiao Luo turned around and left with a smile on his face. He didn’t really have any business. He just didn’t want to bother Li Zimeng. Additionally, he didn’t want her to find out that he lived in an industrial area. As for this last point, that was just his own chauvinist pride acting up again.

    Li Zimeng stood there and watched him leave. It wasn’t until his silhouette completely disappeared that she walked back to her own car.

    Strong, smart, courteous, but also merciless when necessary!

    These were the impressions that Xiao Luo had made on her. These impressions gave him a special kind of charm that made someone like her, who had various experiences working with different types of people, feel a sort of attraction toward him.


    Xiao Luo wanted to call a cab to take him back when his cellphone suddenly rang. The call was from an unknown number.

    “Hi. Who is this?”

    A desperate and anxious voice came from the other side of the phone: “Are you brother Xiao Luo? I am Feng Wuhen, brother Feng’s young brother, Xiao Wu. The Dragon Gang has ordered around 200 men to kill us, and you’re the only person we know in Jiangcheng. Can you help us?”

    Feng Wuhen?

    Xiao Luo frowned and took a minute to recollect who Feng Wuhen was. Then, an image of five large silhouettes appeared in his head.

    “Why don’t you guys call the cops?”

    “We did, but the JC still isn’t here yet. We’ll probably all be dead by the time they get here.”

    Xiao Luo asked in a deep voice, “Where are you right now?”

    “Near Jiangcheng Pier.”

    “Sit tight. I’ll be there in a moment.”

    Xiao Luo hung up the phone, quickly called a cab, and made his way to Jiangcheng Pier.

    He felt an inexplicable familiarity with Feng Wuhen and his brothers. Perhaps it was because they were all from rural areas. Or, maybe it was because Feng Wuhen was not good at backing down, and the brothers’ burning desire to start a big business touched Xiao Luo’s heart. This was precisely why he’d left his contact information for them at the restaurant—in the hopes that he could help them out in the future. He just hadn’t expected them to run into trouble so fast. Big trouble, at that.