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Chapter 118 - The End of a Piercing Force

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 118: The End of a Piercing Force

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    [Jiangcheng Pier]

    Feng Wuhen hadn’t realized that the Dragon Gang still wasn’t finished with them yet. Even after they’d escaped to the Southeastern district, the gang had sent over more than a hundred men to kill them. Currently, they were hiding in a warehouse beside the pier. If he and his four brothers were trapped into fighting, they would be no match for a hundred men with knives, no matter how strong they were.

    The first floor of the warehouse had already fallen into their enemies’ hands. The group had been forced up to the second-floor rooftop and was protecting the only staircase with their lives.

    Feng Wuhen couldn’t remember how much blood had stained his hands, but he knew that he had killed at least a few dozen gang members along the way. He gripped the bloodied knife in his hand.

    “Who did you call?” he yelled at the leopard head man, Xiao Wu, with a sharp gaze.

    Xiao Wu answered, “Xiao—Xiao Luo.”

    “Sh*t. Why did you call him?”

    “To ask for his help.”

    Feng Wuhen kicked Xiao Wu to the ground and shouted, “How shameless are you to ask for his help?”

    The group had been paid to take down Xiao Luo, but now they were asking for their mark’s help instead. He felt as if his face were on fire with anger and shame.

    “But we can only rely on him now!” Xiao Wu whined with a guilty expression.

    “You dumba*ss. That isn’t asking for help. You’re asking him to come here to die.”

    Feng Wuhen was enraged. There were about a hundred goons with knives, so what could Xiao Luo do? Even if he did show up, could he beat up all hundred enemies? What kind of joke was this? Of course, a single person couldn’t win a fight against a hundred.

    Xiao Wu didn’t speak up anymore but still felt that they only had Xiao Luo to depend on right now. Xiao Luo was really strong. Perhaps he did have a way to save them.

    Just then, the crowd of goons barged into the storage area, knives in hand. They split up into two teams like a well-trained army and surrounded the second floor, which was smaller than 500 square feet.

    Feng Wuhen immediately rooted to the spot, guarding the staircase. Despite being drenched in blood, he stood his ground like a nail pinned down to the ground.

    One man, one blade. He would stand his ground with an immovable spirit!

    Among the crowd of goons was a half-bald man. Dressed in a black outfit, he looked like a fiery god of evil. The others brought over a chair for him to sit on. He took his seat, picked his nose, and said, “Is there even any need to fight back?” After digging around inside his nose, he flicked his finger like he was flicking a cigarette, tossing aside the dirty thing on his finger. “Give up, and I’ll save a clean corpse for you all.”

    The man with the bullet head from earlier stood beside him and stared at Feng Wuhen with great hostility. “Stupid uncultured swine. I’ve already told you that none of you all can escape from Jiangcheng. Now, you know how powerful the Dragon Gang is.”

    “If I’d known that this was going to happen, I would’ve killed you back then.” Feng Wuhen looked at him with hatred and gave him a cold sneer.

    The bullet head man shot back, eerily, “Is that so? It’s too bad you lost your chance, then. It won’t be long before you and your four brothers turn into food for the fishes in the ocean.”

    “That’s hard to say!” Feng Wuhen grinned back.

    “Hah! Your tongue is still sharp, even on the brink of death. Hey kid, do you know who I am?”

    The half-bald man stood up and took a popsicle from one of his men beside him. He bit off a large chunk with his big mouth and strong teeth, and the sound of crunching ice could be heard coming from his mouth.

    “I don’t give a damn who you are, but if you take one more step forward, I’ll end you with a single blow!” Feng Wuhen held up the long knife in his hand and pointed the tip at the half-bald man.

    “You have some guts and are quite bold. You’re like a real man.” The half-bald man swallowed the popsicle in his mouth and pointed at himself with his thumb, then laughed out loud. “Remember this, my name is Guo Jianghu. I am the head of the Dragon Gang’s law enforcement. If you want vengeance after your death, then you can come to find me. Go, send them on their way!”

    “Kill them!”

    After receiving Guo Jianghu’s order, a crowd of about 30 men rushed at Feng Wuhen like a pack of wild dogs.

    “Agh!” Feng Wuhen let out a howl as he leaned to the side and violently kicked out a leg with the force of an entire army. The five men swinging on metal poles pressed ahead. They slid forward with their lower bodies, but their upper bodies seemed to hit an invisible wall that sent them ricocheting backward.

    The metal poles flew out of their hands as the five men’s spines slammed onto the ground, knocking them out almost immediately.

    Feng Wuhen took the opportunity to follow up with another round of attacks and pushed forward mercilessly, hitting someone’s chest. That man’s ribcage was crushed from the impact, and he spat out a mouthful of blood and flew backward.

    “You want my life? Then prepare to come down to hell with me!”

    Feng Wuhen wiped the fresh blood from his face and charged right into the crowd like a mad bull.

    The other four men also guarded the staircase fervently. They refused to let any of the Dragon Gang members crawl up the fence toward the rooftop. All four of them had sustained a lot of injuries, and their clothing was completely battle-worn and bloodstained. Just then, someone slowly crept up along the fence toward Feng Wuhen.

    Xiao Wu immediately warned him, “Be careful, brother Feng!”

    He rushed over, shouting, and pushed down the stealth attacker. At the same time, he took a fresh injury to his back and was gruesomely wounded from his shoulders down to his waist.

    Feng Wuhen went berserk. He picked up the knife and cut down four people to save Xiao Wu from the brink of death. He howled, “Damnit! You go back up and wait. You all can die after I do!”

    Xiao Wu clenched his teeth in pain as he scolded himself for being useless. Still, he listened to Feng Wuhen and returned to the second-floor rooftop.

    Feng Wuhen growled as he charged forward a few yards. The glow of his blade flashed as countless screams ripped through the sky.


    The weakest part of the Dragon Gang’s formation fell with a great many cries. With a rush of adrenaline like when a tiger runs into a crow of sheep, Feng Wuhen twisted and flexed his wrist as the two knives blended seamlessly into a single screen of light. Blood splattered, covering a distance of a few meters, as the gang members continued to fall and get back up to fight.

    A man wielding a massive blade blocked the way. He roared with rage as he thought that he could stop Feng Wuhen.

    Feng Wuhen jeered while turning his hand to stab directly into the man’s throat. He pulled his blade out.


    Fresh, boiling blood spilled out along with the blade. The 400-pound man’s body rotated a full circle before falling to the ground. His lifeblood gushed from his neck like a fountain.

    Guo Jianghu watched as the fierce warriors, Feng Wuhen and his men, neared their end and sneered, “You’re quite strong, kid. I’ll give you a chance since you’re such a man. How about this, you kill all four of your brothers over there then turn yourself over to us. I’ll let you go and even let you live and work under me. How’s that?”

    “Dream on!”

    Feng Wuhen spat on the ground and hissed, “The five of us are brothers. We’ve been through life and death together, so do you really think you can make us turn on each other just like that? Hey, baldy, stop sending your men to their deaths! Don’t you have the guts to fight me yourself?”

    “Your physical strength is quite impressive, but you’re still not good enough to be my opponent.” Guo Jianghu picked his nose and looked at Feng Wuhen with unspeakable scorn.

    “You can tell me whether I’m good enough or not after we fight!” Feng Wuhen howled like a leopard and rushed violently forward at Guo Jianghu.

    He slashed through four or five of Guo Jianghu’s men, who tried to stop him along the way. A loud roar pierced the air while the long knives in his hands traced out intimidating, barbarous curves mid-air before slashing down toward Guo Jianghu’s head.