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Chapter 107 - Direct Confrontation

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 107: Direct Confrontation

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    It was not a huge hallway—only big enough to allow 3 to 4 people to walk side by side. Su Tiantian’s manager and personal assistant were walking by her sides, blocking the entire path.

    Given the situation, Ning Meng could not ignore them even if she wanted to.

    Su Tiantian frowned when she saw who was in front of her. Her personal assistant did not know who Ning Meng was, and when he saw the staff ID she wore on her neck, he raised his voice at her. “Hey, what are you looking at? Stop blocking the path. Move aside!”

    Su Tiantian was the main attraction in this latest season of the show, so, naturally, the TV station was giving her special treatments and managing the show to be centered around her.

    It wasn’t just the staff, even the other idols and celebrities needed to step aside when they saw her.

    However, this was Ning Meng, and quite frankly, Ning Meng did not know what “humility” was.

    She mocked up a surprised face and exclaimed, “Oh, I’m sorry? So, I did not know that you can only move sideways? What are you? Crabs?”

    Hearing her hostile words, the assistant frowned. “Watch your mouth. Which department are you from? Do you still want your job?”

    Ning Meng chuckled, “Oh, now you’re threatening to fire someone? Do you think you’re the HR of this TV station? Who do you think you’re talking to? Gosh, you’re so obnoxious. We shouldn’t have given you the right to breathe. Now you think you’re the planet itself, wanting to hoard all the oxygen for yourself!”

    Just as the assistant was about to retort, Su Tiantian pulled him aside.

    Su Tiantian plastered on a friendly smile. “Meng Meng, it’s our fault. How about this, we’ll move aside and you go first?”

    Ning Meng raised an eyebrow. “Su Tiantian, you remind me of a fairy tale every time I see you. You’re like the witch in that candy house. How revolting!”

    Su Tiantian’s smile froze up in an instant.

    After she had finished roasting her foes, Ning Meng walked on forcefully. A strong aura whirled around her as she walked by, forcing everyone to step aside.

    After Ning Meng had left, the personal assistant jumped furiously. “Sis Tiantian, so that was the infamous Ms. Ning?! What a bitch!”

    Letting out a sigh, Su Tiantian closed her eyes and said, “Let it go. It’s nothing, really. She was actually going easy on you.”

    The other staff began to gossip.

    “So the rumors online were true after all? Su Tiantian was a Cinderella, bullied by this rich kid since young at home?”

    “What an obnoxious woman! Poor Tiantian, her childhood must have been rough.”


    Hearing this, a glimpse of cunningness flashed in Su Tiantian’s eyes.

    Suddenly, a woman with a heavy make-up walked toward them. Seeing her, an idea popped up in Su Tiantian’s head.


    After entering the rest area, Ning Meng finally found Lin Qingbei’s resting room. Right when she was about to knock the door, Ning Meng heard an ear-piercing screech from behind her.

    “Ning Meng! Stop right there!!”

    When Ning Meng turned around, she saw a woman with dark eyeshadow make-up and a full set of Chanel fashion walking toward her furiously. Her Hermès designer bag was swaying violently, reacting to every stomped step on the ground.

    The woman demanded furiously, “What are you doing here?!”

    Ning Meng pouted, “Nun of yer biz!”

    Who was this lunatic?

    Just as she was about to walk into Lin Qingbei’s room, the woman grabbed her hand. It was odd—this time, half of the heavy-make-up lady’s rage had subsided.

    “Wait. What does ‘nun of yer biz’ mean?”

    Ning Meng chuckled. “It’s a famous internet meme. If you don’t know about it, can’t you check online?”

    The woman paused for a moment before taking out her phone to use the Baidu search engine.

    Then, she raised her phone in front of Ning Meng and yelled, “No! There’s no result about that meme at all! You lied!”


    No. That could not be… oh!

    This world was the “Novel World”. It was different from her world. The celebrities and online memes were mostly different from the ones in her world.

    In other words, the meme “Nun of yer biz” did not exist in this world!

    Wait… then, why was it that last night, he…

    The woman, not knowing what was going on in Ning Meng’s mind, started yelling again, “Ning Meng! I know you’re here for my Haojie! Su Tiantian told me everything! How dare you come and seduce my man! Don’t you have any shame??”