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Chapter 75 - Slander

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 75: Slander

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    Wu He must have kept thinking about it as she texted Su Cha to say congrats right away.

    Su Cha’s WeChat account was registered with her phone number. While replying to Wu He’s message, she unfriended all contacts on WeChat.

    She had not added anyone except Zhai Yao and his friends including Sang Shishi in the first place.

    They were a small group that Su Cha was forced to connect with because of Zhai Yao. Now she must delete them quickly.

    But before Su Cha could delete a friend of Sang Shishi, she received a message.

    Qiu Yu: You are such a bitch, Su Cha. You’ve cheated on Zhai Yao. How dare you ask Zhai Yao for compensation? You hadn’t even kissed Zhai Yao since you two got together. Perhaps you have fucked too often with the street loafers and got pregnant, so now you want Zhai Yao to pay for it?

    After Su Cha saw her words, she squeezed her eyes and her face turned cold.

    She looked at the message and suddenly laughed.

    Her laugh was bright and gorgeous as if thousands of flowers had blossomed at the same time.

    She typed slowly: Looks like you know a lot. Shall we find some time to talk in person?

    Qiu Yu: Nobody wants to meet you. It’s a shame that we had known trash like you!

    Su Cha: Well, if you say so, I will have to take a screenshot and report it to the police. You know I can sue you for slander, don’t you?

    Qiu Yu: What’s your problem?

    She seemed to have panicked.

    Qiu Yu: Did I say anything untrue?

    However dumb she was, Qiu Yu knew that slander had become a crime nowadays.

    And since there had been many online mass violence cases, the government had enacted legislation on internet languages. It might be useless to report to the police about slander, as it did not involve violence, but once the court got involved, things would be totally different. Slander was a crime. A person who committed severe slander would be sent to prison.

    Qiu Yu must have got the story from Zhai Yao.

    What nice words could Zhai Yao have possibly said about her?

    He had twisted his debt that he owed Su Cha into compensation that she asked him for. He might as well say any nasty words.

    Qiu Yu was one of them. It was predictable that Sang Shishi and Zhai Yao had embellished the whole story.

    The old Su Cha might flush with agitation and cry, not knowing how to deal with them while the rumor passed around wildly.

    They have done enough in the past.

    And now?

    From the minute Qiu Yu typed those words, she can never simply get away with it.

    Su Cha: Apologize or I’ll call the police and appeal to the court. I’ve made a small fortune to pay for the prosecution fee. You don’t have to worry about that. If you don’t know what you’ve done, and how many years you would be sent to prison for it, go to read the legal provision.

    Qiu Yu: You are insane!

    Qiu Yu became angry out of embarrassment. Surely she did not believe Su Cha. After she sent this message, she deleted her.

    Su Cha curled her lips coldly and took a screenshot of their chat logs. Then she called the police.

    It might not be effective, but the police had to take care of this kind of civil dispute. They would send a man over to ask Qiu Yu to apologize to Su Cha.

    The chat logs would prove that she had been spreading the rumor that Su Cha had never done it, which made it slander, and the police would mediate between them.