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Chapter 76 - Report to the Police

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 76: Report to the Police

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    Su Cha prosecuted Qiu Yu to scare her. To be frank, Su Cha had other intentions and had no patience to deal with Qiu Yu.

    If she did not educate Qiu Yu, who scolded her without reason, would she not be letting society down?

    When the police learned about the matter through the phone, it caused a bit of a headache. Nonetheless, they sent out two police officers immediately to investigate.

    It was not that the police were willing to intervene in such situations. The police were worried that if they did not intervene promptly, the situation would escalate, and then there would be unimaginable consequences. After all, young people are often impulsive, and the police did not want to handle any tragic incidents.

    Moreover, the messages found in the WeChat screenshot had definitely crossed the line.

    The girl who made the police report spoke calmly and clearly. Her unique voice left a deep impression on the policemen.

    When the police met Su Cha, they were dumbfounded by her beauty.

    After they regained their senses, they got some information clarified from her before bringing Su Cha and Qiu Yu for a mediation.

    When Qiu Yu received a call from the police, she was stunned.

    An average person would panic when they receive a call from the police. After all, they had not broken the law, and the average person has a natural sense of defensiveness towards the police.

    At that moment, Qiu Yu was at the hospital with Zhai Yao who was recovering from his leg injuries.

    Sang Shishi and another male friend were also present at the hospital.

    The way that Zhai Yao injured his leg was strange. Zhai Yao said that as he was too angry and distracted with Su Cha’s incident, he had fallen down while walking.

    He must have been too embarrassed to admit that he had been beaten up by Su Cha.

    After Qiu Yu answered the call from the police, she started stuttering. When she hung up, Sang Shishi glanced over with a doubtful face, “Xiao Yu, what’s wrong?”

    Qiu Yu exclaimed in disbelief, “Su Cha, that crazy bitch, she actually reported to the police? She actually lodged a report with the police!”

    Sang Shishi was stunned into silence. Zhai Yao could not believe what had happened, “A police report, what did she lodge a report for?”

    The other man who was also in the ward looked over and frowned.

    Qiu Yu did not dare to tell the truth, her eyes wandered around while she said, “Just…I went to ask her about the things you guys told me about. She said that I was defaming her and said that she would sue me. So, I told her she’s mad…”

    “Why did you ask her about that?”

    Zhai Yao flew into a thundering rage, he was more worked up than Qiu Yu, “We had no proof, why did you ask her about it? Now, she has a hold upon us.”

    Qiu Yu started to panic, her slender eyes glared at Zhai Yao, “Wasn’t it what you guys told me? How could I have known? She has done such a shameless thing, so what if I told her about it?”

    Sang Shishi turned as pale as a ghost.

    She exchanged glances with Zhai Yao. They knew in their hearts that they had no evidence to prove that, and it was all made up.

    Zhai Yao was mad that Su Cha had beaten him up. He wanted to spread rumors about her so that her reputation in Yonggu Town would be tarnished.

    That woman had actually participated in the “Dreams In Progress” competition and was even promoted. Sang Shishi had learned about this as she was also participating in this competition. However, she was at the back of the queue. After checking the results for the day, she was stunned to the ground when she saw Su Cha.

    She gritted her teeth as she monitored Su Cha’s popularity and video. It was apparent that Su Cha’s performance had gained a lot of attention. On the other hand, Sang Shishi did not even know if she would pass the judging round…

    Of course, Sang Shishi was unhappy about that, and she vented to Qiu Yu. Zhai Yao did not stop her, and he added some groundless claims which Qiu Yu accepted as the ‘truth’.

    But, no one would have guessed that Qiu Yu would confront Su Cha!