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Chapter 440 - He Is About to Lose Control of It!

Medical Master
     Chapter 440 He Is About to Lose Control of It!

    “No.” Fang Qiu was frightened.

    The other three people had already caught up with him. Besides, they were all moving really fast, which posed a greater threat to him while the man got a knife in his hand.

    Now Fang Qiu got an enemy in front of him and other people behind his back.

    He didn’t dare to stop because once he stopped, he would be attacked by the three men behind him.

    But if he didn’t stop, it would be hard for him to duck the knife with his current speed.

    The only way was to move in the air.

    Taking a deep breath, Fang Qiu forcibly mobilized the internal Qi in his body and moved his body in the air. As he moved to the other side, he stretched out and grabbed the man’s fist which was grasping the knife.


    The next moment, Fang Qiu instantly caught the man’s fist and leaned aside to duck the knife while he barged forward.

    It was very smooth.

    When he was about to break through their siege, the man who was held by Fang Qiu suddenly moved fiercely.

    He raised his feet and directly kicked towards Fang Qiu in the air.

    “Bang!” In an instant, there was a loud noise.

    The man kicked strongly on Fang Qiu’s legs and made him turn somersaults in the air.

    Fang Qiu quickly channeled the internal Qi to steady his body.

    “Pow.” There was a loud noise, and Fang Qiu landed on the ground.

    Before Fang Qiu could steady himself, the four men fought together and charged to Fang Qiu immediately.

    “Bam…” The five people got into an incredibly intense battle.

    Under the siege of four masters, Fang Qiu felt great pressure again.

    While the four people were striking him together, Fang Qiu had no choice but to fight.

    For a moment, he used all his hands and feet.

    “Bang, Bang, Bang…” With the support of internal Qi, he collided with the four men.

    After they surrounded Fang Qiu, their moves became more ferocious. They kept striking viciously as if they would love to kill Fang Qiu directly.

    However, the greater the pressure was, the more violent the internal Qi was in Fang Qiu’s body.

    At any other time, the violence of internal Qi would help him in the fight, but not this time.

    With the fury of the internal Qi, the sense of breakthrough was about to burst out.

    The appearance of the shackles and the sudden outbreak of the breakthrough began to tangle the internal Qi in Fang Qiu’s body.

    “Bang!” At this very moment, a strong blow hit right on Fang Qiu’s chest.

    And then three other strong punches followed.

    For a moment, Fang Qiu took four punches in a row. The huge force of the punches instantly threw Fang Qiu away and made him heavily fall to the ground.

    “Oh!” Fang Qiu immediately swallowed as soon as he felt something sweet in his throat so as to press the feeling of spitting out blood.

    Then he got up from the ground right away.

    His face became very gloomy and dark.

    This had gone far beyond what he ever expected.

    Fortunately, the mess of internal Qi caused by the breakthrough just lasted for a while. Fang Qiu suppressed it right away. If things kept going like that, he would be done for.

    The four men charged towards him again, shouting.

    “Kill!” Fang Qiu gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. Not only did he not intend to duck, but he also directly burst out all his power and rushed to the four men.

    The most powerful middle-aged man took the lead, and the other three were in the back.

    Fang Qiu leaped like a cheetah as he was about to strike the middle-aged man. He leaped above them and went to the other three people in the back.

    The three of them confronted him with sneers.

    “Bang!” At the next moment, there was a huge sound.

    As he leaped over their heads, Fang Qiu concentrated all of his internal Qi on his arms and struck the strongest blow without any hesitation.

    The three men thought Fang Qiu was no threat at all because they had been at an advantage.

    However, as they crashed to the punch, their faces changed right away.

    They could clearly feel what powerful energy Fang Qiu carried in his fist. It was so powerful that they could barely resist it!

    At this moment, two of them moved aside to duck the punch.

    One of them could not dodge and had to bite the bullet and bump into Fang Qiu’s punch.

    As a result, the man took the blow directly.

    “Poof..” The huge force caused the man to fly away and spit out blood when he was moving in the air.

    The other two were shocked.

    The middle-aged man turned and immediately counterattacked Fang Qiu, grabbing him by the shoulder.

    Fang Qiu turned and punched him, quickly fending off his attack.

    The two men who were stunned suddenly came to their senses and grasped Fang Qiu at the same time.

    Fang Qiu was startled.

    As he ducked the middle-aged man’s attack, both his shoulders had been caught by the two men.

    Both of them pulled harder and ferociously threw Fang Qiu to the ground as they grabbed his shoulder.

    Fang Qiu couldn’t resist because the middle-aged man struck him again while the two other men were pulling him backward, which could help him duck the middle-aged man’s strike.

    Under the circumstances, Fang Qiu could only let them drag him and directly throw him into the air.

    However, as they were about to throw Fang Qiu, he suddenly reached out to grab one of them by the arm. He twirled his body and moved his feet back, then mercilessly stamped on the man’s arm.



    When he was about to fall to the ground, Fang Qiu fiercely trod on the other man’s shoulder.

    There was no doubt that the man’s shoulder bones were broken into pieces by the move.

    “Ooh!” Fang Qiu was also injured when he fell to the ground, spitting blood.

    Even so, Fang Qiu did not dare to be careless.

    He swallowed hard to press the blood down, then immediately got up and directly kicked the chest of the man whose shoulder bones were shattered.

    “Ka-chow!” There was another crunch.

    The man’s chest bones were also broken.

    Being kicked to fly out a few meters, the man was spurting blood from his mouth. His face was extremely pale. He didn’t even have the strength to prop himself up, let alone getting up from the ground.

    In the blink of an eye, although Fang Qiu was also injured, two of the four men were seriously injured and lost the strength to fight.

    “One more!” Wiping the bloodstains from his mouth, Fang Qiu turned to the last seventh-class Martial Superior with two meridians.

    As for the middle-aged man, Fang Qiu found that no matter how much strength he used, the man could always suppress him and was also much faster than him, which meant that Fang Qiu was no match for him in the current situation.

    He couldn’t defeat the middle-aged man unless he became a fourth-class Martial Superior.

    Apparently, that was impossible.

    Although he did have the ability to break through, he would be digging his own grave if he made a breakthrough in this situation.

    “Swish.” The middle-aged man rushed to Fang Qiu, carrying an invincible force and punching towards him.

    He seemed to get the hang of the fight, so he didn’t use his wrestling skills this time.

    Because Fang Qiu was too agile, he would duck his moves easily if he used the wrestling skills. Therefore, he clenched his fist, trying to fight Fang Qiu with his bare hands.

    However, Fang Qiu also wanted to see whether he could take the blow of a seventh-class Martial Superior with three meridians.

    Soon, their punches met in the air.

    “Pow!” They crashed to each other.

    The internal Qi burst out as they collided and even caused sparks in the air.

    After the punch, the middle-aged man stood still, staring at Fang Qiu in shock.

    He didn’t expect that Fang Qiu would possess such incredible power that he could even resist his attack.

    Fang Qiu was even more shocked.

    The moment they collided with each other, the man’s horrible force was like the fierce tidal wave, making him stagger backward.

    Fang Qiu had already got an internal injury. The massive power of the man rushed to Fang Qiu, bringing him a more serious injury!

    Shocked by the power of Fang Qiu, the middle-aged man hesitated a little.

    At this moment, the left seventh-class Martial Superior with two meridians tried to avail himself of this opportunity. He mercilessly struck towards Fang Qiu while Fang Qiu was seriously injured.

    This time, Fang Qiu didn’t duck.

    “Pow.” The man fiercely punched on Fang Qiu’s chest.

    Meanwhile, Fang Qiu seized the man by the wrist, and then kicked him with his right foot. As all his internal Qi burst out, Fang Qiu heavily kicked on the man’s belly.

    The man was kicked to the air.

    Then, Fang Qiu suddenly pulled his right hand grasping the man’s wrist.

    “Swish!” With huge strength, the man was held down and hit the ground heavily.

    Fang Qiu stomped furiously.

    “Poof…” The last seventh-class Martial Superior with two meridians spurted blood from his mouth.

    He looked as if his eyes were about to pop out.

    “Go to hell!” Fang Qiu growled. He then kicked on the man’s belly and threw him away.

    Fang Qiu then placed his hand on his belly and turned to the middle-aged man.

    Fang Qiu felt that the internal Qi in his body was accumulated to the limit. The feeling of breakthrough was about to explode, which made Fang Qiu feel that if he let go of the suppression, he would be able to reach the fifth-class Martial Superior directly.

    Certainly, if he wanted to make this breakthrough, he would need to have two Heaven Treasures in his hand or one powerful Heaven Treasure which was ranked really high on the list.

    “I’m going to lose control of it.” As he looked at the middle-aged man, Fang Qiu was anxious.

    He knew he wasn’t able to defeat him now.

    The middle-aged man was the best partner for him to practice.

    However, he could barely suppress the feeling of a breakthrough now. Besides, he was seriously injured in the battle. If he kept fighting the man like this, things might not be going well.

    “Ha-ha…” Although the other three fighters were heavily injured, the middle-aged man did not worry about it at all as if he weren’t their fellow. Instead, he started to sneer at Fang Qiu after he took a glance at the three men.

    Obviously, he wanted to kill Fang Qiu and the other three so as to take over the Earth Bead.

    Seeing that, Fang Qiu smiled too.

    Although he didn’t understand Mongolian, the middle-aged man’s intention was rather clear.

    Well, in that case, he believed he didn’t have to suppress anymore.

    As he shook his head and sneered, Fang Qiu channeled overwhelming power in his body.

    He directly entered the Guru Realm, bursting out the horrible force.