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Chapter 117 - You Are Interested In Me

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 117: You Are Interested In Me

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    “How could a black dog get into the jungle? Sigh, did you actually see those ‘Good Brothers’?” Xuanyuan Xu realized he was humiliated by the pretty girl, so he sat on the floor and tried to stir the pot.

    Qianmo would not be frightened by him, though. She was as calm as ever. Ma Jingtian, however, was so angry that he smacked that punk’s head.

    “You are still talking nonsense after I beat you up? Apparently, it’s not enough.”

    Xuanyuan Xu smirked and stood up. He looked at Qianmo with the light from the students’ torchlight and took in a deep breath when he saw her.

    “Hi! How do you do, School Belle?”

    He changed his previous attitude immediately, stretched out his hand, and limped over on his sprained foot. He, too, had seen the posts on the forum—unknown how he managed to do it.

    Others couldn’t go on the internet during training, but he could!

    He even went online before he went to eat satays when he was pretending to be ill.

    Qianmo was not affected, and she even looked at him with smiley eyes.

    Her reaction had shocked the people present. The school belle was always aloof. She seldom reacted to people, so why would she smile at this punk?

    Qianmo didn’t notice Xuanyuan Xu’s face when he was digging the pit. Now that she did, she immediately recognized him after they were introduced properly.

    This punk…

    The warden.

    In her previous life, this punk was transferred over when Qianmo was almost done with her sentence. It was nearly ten years later from the current point of time.

    This guy wasn’t so carefree in the previous life. He was always solemn, did things by the book, and wouldn’t be bribed. He did a great job managing the prison.

    This guy had already told her his name when he was digging the pit, but Qianmo didn’t think of him then. After all, he was totally different from his previous life, as if they were not the same person at all.

    Qianmo’s gaze landed on his face. This guy was still very energetic now, and his cute incisors could be seen when he smiled. In her previous life, he had a scar on his face near his left eye, which made him appear quite cool.

    The women prison’s guards were all female, only the warden being male. He would patrol the prison occasionally, which would drive the female inmates crazy. They would return to their cells with all sorts of imagination, most of them dirty, of course.

    After all, their days were dull, and they couldn’t meet a single male; hence, even a male pig would look good to them. Furthermore, this guy was fair looking, and although he was disfigured, he still looked rather cool. Therefore, every night after he came to patrol or appeared for their activities, one could hear the women screaming after the lights were turned off in the prison.

    ‘Ah… Xuxu… you are so handsome!’

    ‘Xu! I want to give birth to your child.’

    When their physical needs had failed to be resolved, this guy became the top beau in the brains of these desperate women.

    The ones who would moan openly were never those weak inmates. Sometimes, they would even have the leaders of rival groups take on each other in moaning. They would compete to see who could get creative with their moans. They would then answer each other’s moans as if they were singing in a duet.

    At first, Qianmo was embarrassed and uncomfortable with their activities, but she was able to hear them calmly at the end. She could even comment whose moans were more realistic and whose were fake.

    Qianmo couldn’t help but smile when she remembered this part of her history. She looked at Xuanyuan Xu in front of her, who was still a silly teenager at the moment. Her gaze showed a tinge of interest.

    Nonetheless, Xuanyuan Xu didn’t know what Qianmo was thinking in her head. He only felt the school belle’s gaze on him was rather scorching.

    The new school belle had a huge reputation in the academy, even though she herself had no idea about it.

    Although the academy had stated clearly that no romantic relationships were allowed between students, the male recruits had already started to bet secretly as they hoped the school belle would fall for a fellow student. The seniors were more mature, so no betting rumors were heard. However, nobody knew what they were actually thinking.

    Therefore, Xuanyuan Xu was ecstatic to see the school belle looking at him with a smile. He made himself stand up straight despite his sprained ankle and combed through his inch-long hair with his hand.

    “Hi, don’t be so obsessed with me; I am just a legend. School Belle, although I know my dashing looks have caused dozens of young ladies to go crazy about me, I am also someone who appreciates real beauty. Since the academy has banned dating, we shall just exchange our QQ number.”

    Qianmo’s eyes twitched. It was really difficult to imagine this guy becoming a serious, solemn guy in the future. It felt almost like a split personality.

    It looked like the rumors were real.

    The warden was once a promising young man. But nobody knew what mistake he had made that resulted in him being transferred to their prison.

    The female prisoners would make up all sorts of background stories about him. They could even connect the scar on his face with the stories, e.g. he was disfigured during a fight with his colleague over a woman. Or a woman had marred him when he failed to reciprocate her love for him. The stories they cooked up for him were enough to write ten books of a million words each in the bossy CEO genre.

    In short, this guy had provided a lot of fun for Qianmo during her prison stay. It was a sort of entertainment for her to listen to her cellmates spinning stories about the warden (even dirty stories sometimes). It was similar to listening to storytelling.

    Xuanyuan Xu was even more excited to see the school belle smile quietly. He put one hand on a tree and deliberately gazed deeply to the side, pretending to be suave.

    “Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Xuanyuan Xu, twenty years old. I come from a family of archaeologists. I love literature and horticulture…”

    He was so shameless that their senior Ma Jingtian couldn’t take it and slapped his head.

    “What kind of literature do you love? Must be ‘The Plum in the Golden Vase’, huh?”

    “Senior, why are you looking down on me? Do I look like those who only read ‘The Plum in the Golden Vase’? Don’t I read ‘Stories to Enlighten the World’ too?”

    Fine. None of them were classics anyway.

    “Junior, what’s your QQ number? We young people should often communicate with each other. We can chat about literature, and I can even recommend you my favorite book!”

    Qianmo almost believed him if not for his playful expression.

    “You are interested in me?” Qianmo was feeling naughty as she deliberately raised her voice.

    She ignored the surprised looks from the others when she said that, just gazing into the forest.

    According to her understanding of Black, he wouldn’t leave before he verified that she and her schoolmates had left the mountains safely. So, she made sure he could hear that clearly with her volume.

    The unlucky kid Xuanyuan had no idea that the school belle was setting a trap for him. He thought he had hit the jackpot and quickly answered sensually, “A hibiscus is no match for a beauty who has her full makeup on; one can smell her perfume and hear her jewelry tinkles when the breeze blows onto the boat. You know…”

    He gave her flirty looks as he said that. He purposely recited a few phrases of poetry to highlight that he was different from the uncouth men in the academy.

    The night breeze was making the leaves rustle. Qianmo retrieved her gaze and smiled naughtily.

    “However, someone said I would have a hard life. If a man who’s not the best in the world gets together with me, he will be unlucky.” The best man in the world naturally had to be Black.

    Qianmo didn’t forget to illustrate how much Black meant to her in her heart even when she was teasing Xuanyuan.

    She could bet Black had definitely seen this scene as he was watching them silently in the dark.