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Chapter 118 - I’ve Been Outstanding Since Young

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 118: I’ve Been Outstanding Since Young

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    “Junior Campus Belle, it’s like this. I’ve been outstanding since young. Yup.” Xuanyuan Xu nodded to emphasize what he was saying, his face completely serious.

    As matters stood, he could longer conceal his excellence.

    The two male seniors standing by the side looked at each other, and Ma Jingtian flexed his fingers as he mumbled, “Why do I want to beat this kid up so much?” It was an inexplicable urge.

    The other male senior and the tomboy, Boss Lu, nodded simultaneously.

    Everyone wanted to beat him up.

    Qianmo remained smiling as she said, “Whoever dares to call my name out loud three times when walking at night will run into a ghost. Aren’t you afraid?”

    It was a horrifying topic to be talking about at night, what more on this mountain shrouded in darkness. It was indeed spine-chilling.

    Xuanyuan Xu believed that he had been to more tombs than other people had masturbated, so he would definitely not be afraid of just this.

    He puffed out his chest and raised his chin proudly.

    “Campus Belle, I’m not scared. The Xuanyuan family’s children are all strong virgin males full of Yang energy. As a matter of fact, I will call your name a few times right now—Hey, Seniors, don’t look at me with so much envy and jealousy.”

    They didn’t know if they were envious and jealous, but they knew for certain that they were infuriated till they were left grinding their teeth.

    The two seniors felt like this brat deserved a good spanking, and they really wanted to beat him up together again.

    Xuanyuan Xu took a deep breath and put his hands around his mouth to form a trumpet as he shouted with all his strength.

    “Chen Qianmo! Chen Qianmo! Chen ~ Qian ~ Mo~!!!”

    He even dragged out the syllables of her name when he called it the third time.

    After shouting, he was so pleased with himself and proudly showed off to Qianmo.

    “Junior, look, there is no such thing as running into a ghost Us police school students must not believe all this nonsense. Our motherland should be our only faith, and the uniform that we’re wearing is—”

    Before he finished talking, he felt something in the air. It sliced through the air and hit him on the back of his neck with a thud.

    He felt a chill at the back of his neck. Then, it felt numb, and finally, the pain came.

    A small stone that came flying out of nowhere happened to hit his neck.

    It was not that painful, but it was definitely scary.

    Right after he shouted her name, this happened. Of course, he would be afraid. Xuanyuan Xu warily glanced left and right, his hands poised to attack.

    “Seniors, your joke has gone too far!”

    Standing at the side, Ma Jingtian and the other senior did not know what was going on. Boss Lu, who had watched this scene unfold, said, “The seniors and I are standing so far away from you; what huge joke are you going on about? Hey, it’s going a bit too far to do something like this at night.”

    Everyone simply thought that he was putting on a show to amuse them. Only Qianmo gave a faint smile as she looked in the direction of the forest.

    She knew Black would not have left. He would definitely send her back to school safely.

    Seeing that the two seniors were indeed standing very far, Xuanyuan Xu’s face turned pale as he looked up at the tree while touching his neck.

    If it wasn’t his seniors, could it be a wild fruit from the tree?

    Xuanyuan Xu felt a chill at the spot he was hit and was petrified.

    Qianmo teased him from the side, “Do you want to try shouting my name a few more times?”

    Despite being spooked, Xuanyuan Xu was unwilling to appear weak. He pointed at the two seniors and Boss Lu and instructed, “All of you go there and stand with her!”

    The seniors actually cooperated and obediently went over to stand where he had requested.

    Looking left and right, Xuanyuan Xu determined that the valley was indeed quiet. He then murmured indignantly, “It’s just shouting. I’m from an archaeological family and have successfully overcome all kinds of storms and strong waves thrown my way previously. Why would my boat capsize now in this small, stinky ditch?”

    Before he could even get the last word out, something flew over. This time, the target was even more precise, and the thing hit his mouth!

    It was his fault for calling Black’s goddess a stinky ditch. Obviously, Black would seal his mouth shut. He was not someone to be trifled with.

    Xuanyuan Xu had caught sight of something that seemed to flash past in the darkness. When he focused and tried to take a closer look, it was already too late.

    The thing had flown over and hit him precisely on his mouth!

    This situation turned hilarious as Xuanyuan Xu jumped a mile high and climbed onto the tree. Hugging the tree trunk, he yelled, “Where are you, evil spirits!? Quickly show yourselves! Let me warn you, though, I’m formidable! I’m the descendant of the Yellow Emperor, who is the head of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors. I won’t go down easily. Ah!”

    And then, it grew quiet.

    Once again, another stone had flown through the air and hit this kid exactly on his umm… buttock?!

    Hence, everyone watched as this brat, who had caused so much havoc since he started school, covered his buttocks with his hands and ran down the mountain like a wisp of smoke, muttering as he sprinted, “If the school hadn’t confiscated my tools, I would take you on right now! Wait till I get my black donkey hooves…”

    Qianmo shook her head. She had worried for nothing.

    She had expected him to be scared out of his wits. After all, the joke Black had played on him was quite ghostly. Yet, it turned out that he was actually very daring. He was not afraid at all and was still provoking the “ghost”.

    Both seniors standing by the side saw it clearly this time. It was indeed horrifying to witness such a scene at night. Looking at each other, they seemed to be asking, ‘did you see where the stone came from?’

    Simultaneously, they both shook their heads.

    “May I know which senior or fellow unit is training here tonight?” Ma Jingtian boldly shouted into the air.

    Although they were all staunch supporters of materialism and did not believe in ghosts and gods, witnessing such a scene in the middle of the night was still petrifying, to say the least.

    There was dead silence, as if the person felt it was beneath him to reply.

    Seeing this, Qianmo laughed inwardly. Occasionally, her Black could be very revengeful. Like… now?

    Black must have remembered that Ma Jingtian had bullied her and was, therefore, unwilling to reply to him.

    Qianmo knew that if she continued to remain silent, she might be known as the supernatural campus belle in the future. Frankly speaking, she did not even want to be a campus belle, let alone adding the word ‘supernatural’ before her title.

    Hence, she cleared her throat and said to the woods, “Brother next door, thank you for silently protecting us.”

    The moment she said this, a choral response rang out from all directions, “You’re welcome!”

    Qianmo was genuinely shocked.

    So… Just now, when she took advantage of Black and tried to hug this fresh-meat… Could everyone have seen it?

    No wonder Black had pushed her away!

    The other three had no idea about Qianmo’s complicated and shameful thoughts. When they heard the resounding vigorous voices, they felt immensely relieved.

    Although they were all very excited as their legendary next-door neighbors were training and they really wanted to see what they looked like, the trio knew that they would not reveal themselves so easily when carrying out a mission. Thus, they could only suppress their curiosity and not make a huge fuss about it so as to not embarrass their school.

    With this mindset, the group headed down the mountain. As they were descending, Boss Lu asked Qianmo, “Hey, do you think the rumors are true that our next-door neighbors are really taller than 180 cm but not more than 185 cm? That all of them are handsome with superb skills, and superheroes that can single-handedly fight off five people? After graduating, we should find a partner like this and keep them at home, not doing anything except stare at his face. That would be so nice.”

    One of the seniors was displeased by her fantasy.

    “Junior, you went too far. Our police academy has more men than women, and girls are already scarce resources. Instead of finding a partner within the school, you would rush to find one outside?” The senior felt that her thinking was not in line with the spirit of the police academy.