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Chapter 119 - Everything is Under Control

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 119: Everything is Under Control

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    After the senior said his piece, he glanced over at the calm and collected campus belle, and added in his heart,

    Qianmo simply smiled without saying anything.

    Boss Lu’s sharp eyes landed on the extra thermos flask in Qianmo’s hand. From just one glance, it was not anything ordinary.

    The subdued, matte-gray material looked like it was of good quality, but that was not the main point.

    The point was the shiny silver falcon logo on the flask.

    Boss Lu’s eyes narrowed.

    “Qianmo, this flask of yours—” At first, she wanted to ask where it had come from. However, when she looked into Qianmo’s calm eyes, Boss Lu thought about the unfortunate Xuanyuan Xu, who had tried to flirt with Qianmo but ended up being scared off instead…

    She swallowed the remainder of her words. Fine, she was a coward and scared that she would be the next in line to be “killed”.

    “This flask is quite good, haha​​…”

    Glancing at the words on the flask, Qianmo’s fingers gently ran over the number on the bottom that no one could see.

    NO.1. This was the flask that he always carried with him. Now, it was hers.

    “Yup, not only does it look good, but it’s also handy.”

    Boss Lu staggered.

    This was not the first time Chen Qianmo had said something with double meanings.

    Boss Lu thought that she had better be careful.

    This last-minute mission not only enabled Qianmo to get her hands on Black but also allowed her to move up two ranks from being the last in her dormitory room.

    She was now ranked second in her room.

    Why not the first and the boss?

    According to the regulations, whoever came out of the mountain first would be the boss. The other two groups were already waiting at the foot of the mountain. Qianmo was supposed to be the boss, but as she was lazy and considered that there would be many issues to settle along with the position, at the last moment when they were leaving the mountain, she sneakily pushed Boss Lu out.

    Boss Lu stared at her and realized she was like a rice ball with sesame filling—pure on the outside, dark inside.

    Mayou ranked last because the senior sisters in the same group as her were assigned to locations much further than Luo Duoduo’s group. By the time they rushed over, Ma Jingtian had notified them through the walkie-talkie to wait in place. Hence, Luo Duoduo arrived at the foot of the mountain much earlier than Mayou.

    Mayou was not bothered by her ranking, but this incident made her form some negative impressions about Luo Duoduo. When Mayou’s group had arrived, they saw Luo Duoduo at the foot of the mountain, covering her heart and claiming that she was sick again.

    The senior brothers in Luo Duoduo’s group also looked displeased. Even without Ma Jingtian’s instructions, they probably would not have brought her up the mountain.

    The ghost-hunting operation had started off being a supernatural sighting but ended abruptly like a farce. As Qianmo had expected, the school wanted to downplay the issue. After finding out that Xuanyuan Xu’s night escapade had a valid reason behind it, they decided to cherish their talents and punish him leniently.

    The following week, after the flag-raising ceremony ended, Xuanyuan Xu stood on the podium to read out his self-reflection. His five-minute speech was expressive and full of emotion. Qianmo stood in line and watched the whole event.

    It felt like she was back in her previous life. At the end of every year, the prison warden would stand at the podium to give a speech, while everybody stood in line and listened.

    However, everything happening now was entirely different from back then.

    Everyone would have done something stupid in their youth. She had corrected her foolish acts from her previous life in this one. Now looking at these silly youths, it actually felt pretty good.

    Ever since she took the initiative to clarify her relationship with Black, Qianmo felt wholly relieved of all worries. Even the military training did not seem so unendurable anymore.

    Military training was still in full swing. Although the instructors were stern and ruthless as usual, the freshmen had stopped complaining, probably because they had grown accustomed to this pace and order. The number of students who had to stay back to fold their quilts again declined every passing day.

    At the start, they were not used to the lifestyle and grumbled that the police school was too strict. Every day, they would be on the verge of breaking away from police management. Yet now, they had slowly adapted to life in the school, and these young people were changing little by little.

    From the first day of military training, everybody had hoped that it would end soon. But when they were really at the end of the training, their feelings were inexplicably complicated. During this military training that was longer than those of ordinary colleges, Qianmo and her schoolmates were baked under the sun with the police caps on their heads and the playing cards in their hands. They gained strength through their sweat and adapted to militarized management, slowly accumulating a sense of honor and glory.

    After the military training ended, the school held an official school opening ceremony, complete with reporting of military training performance, an inspection of the product of their training, as well as reviewing of the troops.

    As Boss Lu was of a suitable height and had performed outstandingly during the training, she was chosen to be the flag bearer. Mayou was also selected as part of the women’s skirted phalanx. She was a little displeased with that, though.

    If it were not for her height disadvantage, Mayou would have wanted to be a flag bearer as well. However, she could barely accept being in the women’s skirted phalanx as she was its leader. She and another girl had to lead the troops forward, and it was of utmost importance to her. As such, she had practiced every night for it.

    Qianmo was arranged to be part of her faculty’s phalanx. Unlike Mayou, Qianmo did not want to be the leader and was placed in an ordinary position. It was also not as eye-catching as Boss Lu, who was the flag bearer.

    Qianmo was the kind of person that if she did not have to stand out, she would be happy to just relax. However, some people were not like that.

    Luo Duoduo was quite annoyed. She was neither chosen to be a flag bearer, nor was she picked to be part of the women’s phalanx. Just like Qianmo, she was simply arranged to march with her faculty’s phalanx. Furthermore, the instructor had placed her next to Qianmo. She had always felt that wherever Qianmo was, everybody else, including her, seemed to pale in comparison.

    But Luo Duoduo still had a glimmer of hope.

    If she really wanted to be in the limelight, nothing would be more noticeable than to speak on behalf of the freshmen. Only one person would be selected amongst all the newcomers.

    Hence, when they were not busy these days, Luo Duoduo would be thinking about it in her heart. She had fairly good grades, and her performance during the military training was also rather outstanding. To top it off, amongst all the reflections written about the military training that everyone handed, hers was the best.

    Finally, a notice was posted on the school’s notice board regarding the selection of the freshman representative. The students were asked to recommend themselves for the job, and each candidate was to submit a 1,000-word speech. After which, the school would look through the submissions to select a suitable applicant.

    When the selection notice was posted, Qianmo was sitting on the bed, thinking about going home during the long holiday.

    After the school opening ceremony, there would be a long vacation. She could go home to spend time with her father and aunt, and she might as well deal with the matter of Ma Jingtian’s cousin too. She could also sell the stocks she held in her hand. It would be even better if Black was on vacation as well. But as far as she knew, his job was rather unusual, and he was busy.

    Mayou and Boss Lu were discussing what to eat for lunch. Opening her eyes, Qianmo noticed that Luo Duoduo was not around. She was in a rare good mood and decided to get up to some mischief.

    “Want a free lunch?” Qianmo hooked her finger, and the two of them gathered around her.

    “Later on, when Number Three comes in, you just need to do this… and this… and then, she will treat us to a free lunch.”