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Chapter 77 - In The Hospital

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 77: In The Hospital

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    Since Su Cha had mentioned that she would sue her, this madwoman would definitely do so.

    After yesterday, Sang Shishi and Zhai Yao both believed that Su Cha would dare to do any crazy thing.

    They looked nervous. A boy said impatiently, “Why should you fear Su Cha? If you don’t know how to deal with her, I can find people to take good care of it. Zhai Yao, she has cheated on you, dumped you, and forced you to give her money. Don’t you want her to pay?”

    The boy was called Li Dongfeng. He was a faithful brother of Zhai Yao. They were both sophomores in the same college.

    His grades were poor and so he just loafed around.

    He did not like Su Cha in the first place because he thought that Zhai Yao belonged to Sang Shishi. Su Cha only met him later and was the third party. He also secretly admired Sang Shishi.

    He was a little unhappy about Zhai Yao’s breakup with Su Cha, but he then thought that Sang Shishi might be happy with Zhai Yao in this way.

    In Li Dongfeng’s own opinion, he was selfless and great. However, he was just a douchebag in other people’s eyes.

    Knowing Su Cha had cheated on Zhai Yao, he stood on his brother’s side and hated her bitterly. He wanted to take it out for him right away.

    Zhai Yao was shocked by his words and stopped him at once, “Don’t…”

    He pretended to be sad as if his feelings had been hurt, “I have to let her go after she told me everything. Merry meet, merry part. Let’s not make a scene of it. After all, I loved her so much…” Zhai Yao was clear that if he dared to touch Su Cha, the intimidating man behind her and even Lian Chi would not let him off.

    She dared to break his leg yesterday. What if she was enraged and stabbed him?

    Zhai Yao cherished his life and did not want to pick a fight with a lunatic.

    His pity and affectionate appearance even won the sympathy of Qiu Yu, who had been a little harsh to him just now.

    But a grudging look flashed on Sang Shishi’s face.

    “Merry meet, merry part? Didn’t you hear Qiu Yu say that she is going to call the police to arrest her?!”

    Li Dongfeng said harshly. He wanted to take out a cigarette to smoke but stopped at the sight of Sang Shishi, “Alright, we’ll wait for her. Let’s see what she can do.”

    But Zhai Yao felt worried.

    Police would probably come here. He did not know what Su Cha planned to do next…


    Su Cha brought the police soon after.

    It was just a little clinic nearby with no CCTV. They could not afford to go to the central hospital which would cost hundreds of bucks each day.

    It was convenient for Su Cha.

    Qiu Yu saw Su Cha come in with the police. She showed envy first and then got disturbed at the police’s questioning.

    Su Cha smiled at Qiu Yu after she saw her.

    But the smile scared Qiu Yu.

    Qiu Yu was not pretty, but she was good at dressing up and putting on makeup to barely make her a five. She had always been jealous of Su Cha. Every time she discussed Su Cha with Sang Shishi, she felt good to mock her, pretty as she was, she was an idiot and push-over.

    But now seeing the police coming here with Su Cha, Qiu Yu thought to herself that maybe she had done wrong.