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Chapter 109 - Understood

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 109: “Understood”

    After sending the message, Ning Meng held her phone tightly, waiting for the reply.

    In her mind, she had secretly fantasized about various kinds of “reunion scenarios” with her hubby.

    If both of them shared a secret, could their relationship become more intimate?

    As she was deep in her thoughts, Lin Qingbei walked over to her and saw her grinning to herself like an idiot. He cleared his throat before asking, “Ms. Ning, what are you thinking about right now?”

    Snapping back to reality, Ning Meng looked at him with a stern face. “What?”

    Lin Qingbei handed a song list to her and said, “It’s our turn to choose a song. What genre do you think I should go with?”

    Then, he lowered his head and whispered into her ear. “You looked as though you were in your estrous cycle[1] earlier.”


    Ning Meng glared at him before looking at the song list. Usually in reality shows featuring famous celebrities, the organizer needed to prepare various types of music genres for the participants. That way, they would not perform the same type of songs on stage.

    Thus, if they lost the competition, they could not complain that the organizer had given them a song that was not suitable for the show.

    Lin Qingbei was relatively new in the celebrity scene, and so, due to the lack of seniority, he was the last singer to get to choose his song.

    Subsequently, there was basically no other genres available other than love songs.

    In a competition, singers would usually pick songs that were more difficult to perform or could excite the audience easily so that they could get more votes. Love songs were much more relaxing and slower in stirring up emotions, giving the performer less advantage against the other competitors.

    Nonetheless, this was not an issue for them.

    The song that had given rise to Lin Qingbei’s popularity was a love song—”Wrong Love”. It had a great rhythm that could whisk up the listeners’ emotions really quickly, moving them to tears before the chorus hit. Besides, the song was quite well-known by now, making it very relatable to the audience.

    The TV station had been quite fair in handling this.

    Handing the song list back to Lin Qingbei, Ning Meng turned to the show director and said, “We’ll pick ‘Wrong Love’.”

    The show director nodded. “Alright. Be sure to rehearse with the stage’s bandsmen later. Since everyone has picked the famous and classic songs, we could only allocate small windows of time for each participant. Your slot will be from 7 to 8 pm.”

    Seeing that Lin Qingbei had agreed, the show director stepped out of his resting room.

    Ning Meng was not fond of pleasantries, hence, after the show director had left, she started to toy around with her phone again. She kept checking her phone again and again as if she was waiting for someone’s messages.

    Yet, there were no messages that came in. Well, perhaps he was busy with work… but somehow, she could not help but feel a little lonely.

    Lin Qingbei sat nearby, scribbling something on a piece of paper. “Wrong Love” was indeed a lovely song, however, a bolt of inspiration had struck him recently, prompting him to make some changes to the song.

    After re-writing the song for over 2 hours, Lin Qingbei walked toward Ning Meng and presented the amended song to her.


    Ning Meng looked at the paper, puzzled. “What’s wrong?”

    Lin Qingbei replied in his soothing voice. “I’ve re-written the song. Perhaps you’d like to check to see if it would work?”

    Not even glancing at it Ning Meng replied, “It’ll work.”

    “Are you not going to at least check?”

    Putting a hand in front of him, Ning Meng said, “There’s no need to. I have faith in you. Just remember to inform the bandsmen about it though, alright?”

    Other than being a great singer, Lin Qingbei was also a talented song composer and writer. His talent was even greater than that of Li Haojie’s. Most of the songs that he performed for his album had been written and composed by himself.

    If it was written by him, things would not go wrong. Besides, Ning Meng was not really particularly gifted in songwriting. Thus, she decided to leave it all to him.

    Lin Qingbei was stunned after hearing her words.

    Again. She had full confidence and faith in him again.

    Suddenly, he felt a powerful emotion overflowing in his chest.

    Just as he was about to say something, the girl’s phone vibrated. Ning Meng’s eyes glinted with joy when she saw that it was a message from Huo Beichen: [Understood.]

    After reading this message, Ning Meng’s heart began to throb violently.

    [1] The main reproductive cycle of other species females of non-primate vertebrates. (Editor’s Note : He’s basically telling her she looks like an animal in heat~ XD)