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Chapter 473 - Power user military commander’s number one agent (Part 5)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 473: Power user military commander’s number one agent (Part 5)

    After that, she felt herself covered in goosebumps and her blood turned ice cold.

    She was found? How was that possible?

    There was someone who leaked her whereabouts?!

    At this time, Luo Zi Jun who was sitting at the shadow organization base was elegantly sipping her coffee. She closed her eyes and her red lips revealed a confident smile.

    The blue circular door slowly opened and Zuo Yu Chen walked in with a dakr expression.

    “What is it, big brother Yu Chen, are you in a bad mood?” Luo Zi Jun raised a brow, revealing a charming look.

    Since she showed her dedication last night, she was mesmerized by this man again. He was so bold in bed, that kind of affectionate.

    Moreover, he had told her everything about Luo Qing Chen’s mission this time.

    It was simply the heavens helping her.

    “You don’t know what you did?” His eyes were ice cold, like it could freeze everyone around him.

    “I……” Luo Zi Jun’s eyes fluttered a bit as she bit her lip and said, “What’s wrong with you!”

    “You think that mister X wouldn’t know that you sent a secret letter to the leader of C Country, Du Jiu Sheng?” Zuo Yu Chen looked at her and said with a cold snort, “Do you know that this is betrayal?”

    “Ping pa.” Luo Zi Jun suddenly stood up and the coffee fell to the floor.

    “I…..” Her face suddenly turned pale and her lips couldn’t help trembling as she looked at Zuo Yu Chen, “Mister X…..knows?”

    “Who do you think mister X is?” Zuo Yu Chen’s face was dark as he said, “I’m afraid that this time…..”

    “No……” Luo Zi Jin had a look of panic as she shook her head and said, “Big brother Yu Chen, I didn’t betray the organization…..I….You have to help me…..I just…..”

    She just wanted Luo Qing Chen to die, she never wanted to betray the organization.

    Rather, she wanted to climb, climb to the peak…..

    “You think mister X will believe your words?” Zuo Yu Chen tightly knit his brows and said, “I can’t avoid being related to this matter, you need to take care of yourself!”

    After saying this, Zuo Yu Chen turned to leave, not intending to stay any longer.

    “No…..” Luo Zi Jun came forward to grab his hand as she said, “You have to help me or I’ll tell mister X that you encouraged me to do everything! You wanted to be first, so you had me harm my big sister!”

    She had a fierce look in her eyes as she said this word for word in front of Zuo Yu Chen.

    In front of her life and honour, love was secondary.

    “You…..” Zuo Yu Chen never thought of this. He had secretly snuck out last night to Luo Zi Jun who had seduced him, but today she had completely changed!

    “There is only one person who can help you now.” Zuo Yu Chen slightly knit his brows as he said, “If she helps you, perhaps you can keep your life.”

    “Who?” Luo Zi Jun’s eyes were a bit surprised, she wanted to clutch at this last straw as she asked this.

    “Your big sister.”


    Ten minutes later, mister X was sitting in front of her with a cigar in his hand. He said in a thick and cold voice, “I heard Yu Chen say that you want to give me your excuse. I’ll give you one minute, say what you want to say.”

    His voice was very cold, not having any warmth at all. It was like this was her final minute on earth.

    No, it wasn’t like that.

    It was that!

    “Mister X, the reason why I secretly sent that letter was because…..I wanted to create a diversion.” She looked up and said those words in a trembling voice.