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Chapter 119 - Why Did He Come?

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 119: Why Did He Come?

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    Feng Wuhen was like a wild beast, and Guo Jianghu dared not underestimate him. He grabbed a Nonuple Cycloblade from one of the Dragon Gang’s members beside him and charged at Feng Wuhen. Nine iron rings were looped at the back of the blade. They gave off the crisp sound of crackling metal whenever the weapon swayed, while a tremor-inducing light shone out from its frosty tip.


    The weapons collided mid-air, emitting the deafening screech of metal on metal. The colossal force surged along with their blades toward their wrists, propelling them both four or five steps apart.

    Guo Jianghu’s Nonuple Cycloblade was an armament made of stainless steel with extremely high tenacity. The blade in Feng Wuhen’s hands was a regular one, and he had snatched it from a member of the Dragon Gang. After it collided with the Nonuple Cycloblade, a distinct fissure appeared on the edge of the sword.

    “You got me enraged, ya know?!”

    Guo Jianghu’s slightly squinted eyes flickered. His countenance intensified as he charged at Feng Wuhen. The tip of his feet tapped the ground, launching his body with a swirling motion. He exerted his right arm, and the Nonuple Cycloblade shrieked forward. It rode a boisterous wind, zooming straight toward Feng Wuhen’s neck at a fearsome speed.


    There was a thunderous roar as the two blades once again collided accompanied by a violent outpour of fiery sparks.

    With his first attack parried, Guo Jianghu proceeded with his second and third strikes. The speed at which he waved his knife was unparalleled, and the afterimage of the blade’s motions formed an eerie, razor-sharp curtain before his very eyes.

    Feng Wuhen was stronger than Guo Jianghu but was not so deft with a blade. This forced him to adopt a passive defensive state.

    “Clang, clang, clang!”

    Sparks continued to fly from the blades’ point of contact. Within the span of a few breaths, the two exchanged more than 20 blows. Speed is strength, so Feng Wuhen was forced to take on Guo Jianghu’s attacks. The skin between his thumb and forefinger was torn, and blood oozed out. His arms were paralyzed, and he staggered backward more than five steps.

    “Now, you know you’re unqualified to face me!”

    Gu Jianghu approached his victim with a sinister grin, further escalating the interval of his attacks. Feng Wuhen was unable to block all of them. The attacks that he failed to counter left wounds on his body. In a fraction of a second, Feng Wuhen became a bloody man whose entire body was covered with horrific injuries. Subsequently, he landed a kick on Feng Wuhen’s chest.


    Feng Wuhen was thrown backward like a broken kite and slammed heavily to the ground some three to four yards away.

    “Brother Feng!”

    Xiaowu and rest dashed over. They helped up Feng Wuhen, who was drenched in blood, with worry written all over their faces.

    Although supported, Feng Wuhen could barely maintain his balance, and he even had one knee on the ground. He was in excruciating pain. Blood and saliva dripped from the corners of his mouth.

    “Well, I thought that you could slaughter another 20 to 30 people. Who’d have guessed that you’d be all crying and little doing? Fight with me? You are way too…tender,” Guo Jianghu snorted with his head lifted in pride. The Nonuple Cycloblade rested on his shoulder.

    Feng Wuhen wanted to respond. However, when he opened his mouth, blood surged uncontrollably from his throat, and he ended up spitting out a mouthful on the ground.

    The Dragon Gang’s regular members had exhausted much of his energy, and he was already wounded in the first place. Otherwise, Feng Wuhen was confident that he could have taken on Guo Jianghu. No matter how fast Guo Jianghu swung his blade, no matter how dazzling his battle experience, Feng Wuhen was absolutely sure that if he’d been given a fair shot, he could have taken this man down.


    Xiaowu and the other three roared and charged at Guo Jianghu. They would not allow anyone else to humiliate Feng Wuhen.

    But they were little more than arrows at the end of their flight. Their stamina was now expended to the extreme. After they charged forward, they received severe injuries and were thrown back by Guo Jianghu.

    “Incompetent trash. I don’t even want to waste my saliva on you.”

    Guo Jianghu tossed the Nonuple Cycloblade to his underling, turned over, and returned to his seat. He once again took a popsicle from the ice bucket and tasted it. He waved his hand and ordered casually, “Go. Chop off their limbs, toss them into the sea, and let them die alone!”

    Dozens of Dragon Gang members closed in around them like wolves and tigers.

    Feng Wuhen and the other four quivered. Everyone was gritting their teeth as they used the last of their strength, gasping on their blades on the floor. Once, they’d aspired to make a name for themselves in this very place. Who could have known that things would end this way?

    Pathetic, miserable, hateful!

    Why had this happened?

    Why hadn’t they been able to find decent jobs? They’d been in the city for more than a month, and they’d lived in the streets the whole time, tasting the bitterness of the world. Despite everything, they’d still nurtured hope in their hearts and looked forward to a brighter future. But, in the end, the future they were yearning for had never arrived. Only death awaited them now.

    At that moment, they suddenly remembered their prey, who was at the brink of death having been hunted down. Now, their roles had reversed. There were no longer the hunters but the hunted with no way out.

    “F*ck. It-it’s shouldn’t end like this…” Feng Wuhen flashed a sad smile.

    One of them gritted his teeth and growled, “Why aren’t the cops here yet?”

    Feng Wuhen rebuked him, “Have all those dramas you watched gone to waste? The cops always arrive after the bloodbath has ended.”

    After hearing him, everyone lowered their heads wistfully. There was no way someone would save them now.

    “You cursed hillbillies. I’ll send you to the afterlife myself. Hehehe…”

    The man with the bullet-shaped head was in front of them. He flashed a sinister grin as he came forward with a blade. He wanted to exorcise all the humiliation he had suffered in one go. Every time he remembered that day when Feng Wuhen had slapped him in the face, he was overwhelmed by feelings of hatred that itched him to his gums.

    Just then, a silhouette descended from the sky. Or, more precisely, jumped down from the second floor of the warehouse. The figure entered with a blast and landed silently in the middle of the five besieged men and the dozens of aggressors from the Dragon Gang.

    The Dragon Gang’s hundred members and Guo Jianghu were all startled. They thought: Where the f*ck did this guy come from?

    Feng Wuhen and the rest, likewise, were stunned. Although the man’s back was facing them, they quickly recognized who he was. It was Xiao Luo.

    Why is he here?

    Why has he come?

    Why did he dare to come?!

    Mixed emotions surged in Feng Wuhen’s heart. After the feeling of shock receded, his eyes went red. They’d caused Xiao Luo trouble, and not only had this boy not sought revenge, but he’d returned good for evil. He’d paid for their meal before. Now, he was rushing to their aid, about to take on more than a hundred members of the Dragon Gang. And it was all thanks to a mere phone call.

    Touched beyond words, Feng Wuhen felt unspeakable shame and unparalleled warmth…

    This was the first time that a man who stood seven-feet tall felt the urge to cry.

    Xiao Luo stood still as a pine tree. His bangs gently swayed on his forehead in the breeze. His face was fair and clean, and his eyebrows were raised rebelliously. His eyes were deep and chilling, and his entire person exuded an evil yet charming quality.

    In front of him stood the Dragon Gang. After they regained their senses, they glared at him menacingly.

    “It’s him! The cops found us because he rescued a girl from us. Then he got Brother Baldy and the rest of them arrested, too,” piped up a terrified man with chubby cheeks.

    If Xiao Luo still remembered the past, he would surely recognize this man as one of the gang members who had overseen the begging children.