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Chapter 120 - Mighty Like God

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 120: Mighty Like God

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “So, it is you. I already thought as much. Since you’ve come, we will settle our new affairs together with the old ones. You didn’t need to die, actually. But now, you have to, together with your five hillbilly friends. Hehe…” the man with a bullet-shaped head grinned and stared at Xiao Luo.

    Guo Jianghu, who was sitting on his throne, raised his voice and demanded, “Bao, who’s that?”

    “Brother Hu, it’s that lucky bastard Manager Geng told us about. The one who won more than two million at our casino,” the man with a bullet-shaped head turned and replied.

    Guo Jianghui took a forceful bite of his popsicle and spoke while chewing, “Ah. It looks like they’re all gathered here!”

    Xiao Luo gazed at Guo Jianghu indifferently and shouted, “These five men belong to me now. All of you, scram as fast as you can!”

    Scram? As fast as you can?!

    Hearing this, the Dragon Gang’s hundred-plus members were astonished. A man armed only with his bare fists was telling hundreds of them to scram. Was he dumb or what?

    Guo Jianghu couldn’t help but laugh so hard that he started coughing. “Are you dreaming, kid? You are telling us to scram all by yourself? Who do you think you are?”

    At this, every member of the Dragon Gang laughed playfully.

    Feng Wuhen and the other four looked awkward. For them, it was oblivious where Xiao Luo’s courage had come from. It was not surprising that he’d thrown down this threat to more than a hundred bulky men, all with weapons in their hands.

    Xiao Luo stared at the gang members expressionlessly, and his black hair fluttered even without the presence of wind. All of a sudden, Xiao Luo’s eyes were engulfed by the cold. His body morphed into a black flash of lightning, and he dashed toward the man with a bullet-shaped head. At the same time, he used his heels to kick up a machete from the ground. It flew in the air and landed accurately into his hands.


    The machete carved out an imposing trajectory. Its edge sliced through the air, emitting a murderous buzz. The entire process took place in the same amount of time as a cycle of breath—as smooth as running water.


    The man with the bullet-shaped head laughed hysterically, but the heads of the other six men, who were standing in line with him, suddenly bounced off their bodies. Like seven rubber balls, they tumbled to the ground. The headless bodies twitched and collapsed. Scalding blood poured from their necks as if they were cracked water pipes. The intense smell of blood abruptly pervaded the colossal warehouse.

    The brutality of this single stroke instantly deterred the crowd!

    The Dragon Gang members who had been laughing were now completely petrified. Terror surged on their faces. They’d never once thought of Xiao Luo as such a fearsome character. Just a moment ago, he’d looked like a harmless lamb. But, the very next second, he’d morphed into a bloodthirsty butcher.

    Feng Wuhen and the other four men’s pupils dilated as their emotions were thrown into a state of indescribable shock. Who among them could have imagined that Xiao Luo would be so brutal? He had hacked down seven men just because he disagreed with them. This was literally a straight-up declaration of war on the Dragon Gang.

    Xiao Luo ignored the six other men who had slumped horrifically to the ground. He lifted his head and looked at Guo Jianghu with provocation.

    “How about now?”

    His fair, clean face was covered with blood. Blood rolled down along the edge of the machete in his hands. When the last drop fell from the tip of the blade, his body emanated an immense murderous aura, and the temperature inside the warehouse plummeted.

    Guo Jianghu abruptly scrambled to his feet without even a tinge of a smile. There was only solemnness on his face.

    He waved his fingers at his underlings with his eyes still fixed on Xiao Luo. He ordered then, “Twenty of you men, go and kill him!”

    Guo Jianghu wasn’t trying to test Xiao Luo, and he truly believed that twenty men were enough to kill Xiao Luo without too much trouble.


    Twenty Dragon Gang members roared and charged at Xiao Luo with their machetes. These weren’t student members of Huaye’s Mixed Martial Arts Club. They were real gangsters who were brave enough to mow down people and kill without mercy. Their combat ability was on an entirely different level.

    “Xi-Big Brother, be careful!!!”

    Feng Wuhen broke into a cold sweat watching Xiao Luo. At first, he wanted to shout his name, but feeling that this was inappropriate, he changed to ‘Big Brother’ at the last moment.

    Xiao Luo’s eyes remained indifferent as he stared at the twenty men charging at him. His expression was chilling, like that of a dangerous lone wolf. The next second, he stormed toward them with his machete and raised his arm.

    The first gangster to lead the charge only felt a sharp pain in his left shoulder. When he turned around, he saw that his left arm was entirely severed from his torso. Blood gushed out of the wound. Before he could even scream, he received a massive kick to the chest. The terrifying force spread vigorously outward from the point of contact at the center.


    His ribs broke, and his body was thrown backward with the force of a speeding bullet.

    Three more of his fellow gangsters, who were behind him, unfortunately, received the full force of the impact. They stumbled and rolled on the ground amid a series of bone-breaking clicks, all the while spurting blood. The man whose arm had been chopped off was dead before he hit the floor. His eyes were wide open, and he lay in a pool of blood with everlasting regret.

    The vicious men’s countenance changed at once, and the intensity of their advance was immediately weakened.

    Still, Xiao Luo did not hesitate. He rushed forward like a mountain tiger flying downhill with an intent to kill. As if infected by his aura, the machete in his hands buzzed its declaration of war. A piercing light reflected from the blade and dazzled like never before.

    In a blink of an eye, all twenty men fell. The ground was littered with broken limbs and painted with blood. The scene was as gruesome can be imagined.

    With his body drenched in blood, Xiao Luo stood motionless with the machete in his hands. His long, slender eyes still peered at Guo Jianghu chillingly. His gaze was arrogant and filled with contempt for everything in this world.

    Demon, an absolute demon!

    The Dragon Gang could feel chills originating from their souls. All over their bodies, their hair stood on end. They couldn’t fathom what kind of a person Xiao Luo must be to have killed twenty of their fellow members within five minutes. Adding up the victims from earlier, that brought Xiao Luo’s kill count to twenty-seven.


    Feng Wuhen and the other four were startled, and they gulped down their saliva. They knew that Xiao Luo was strong, but they hadn’t expected him to be this powerful. He was literally the god of war descended to earth. His explosive vigor was straight up grisly.

    “More!” Xiao Luo demanded solemnly of Guo Jianghu with the tip of his blood-coated machete pointed at the ground.

    Killing made his blood boil, and he finally realized that a devil dwelled within him. This was his natural, bloodthirsty instinct. The Constitution of the King of Mercenaries had awakened this nature in him.

    In the face of Xiao Luo’s taunts, the corner of Guo Jianghu’s mouth twitched badly.

    “I will fight you myself!”

    Following a bellowing roar, he grabbed the Nonuple Cycloblade. He charged at Xiao Luo, vowing to cut apart his skull and offer it to his deceased brethren.

    When he was some three to four meters away from Xiao Luo, Guo Jianghu accelerated forward. Without any fancy moves, the massive Nonuple Cycloblade slashed swiftly through the air with a violent intent to kill. He arrived in front of his target in a fraction of a second, prepared to end Xiao Luo’s life with a single blow.

    From beginning to end, Xiao Luo was expressionless, but his murderous aura gradually intensified. His bangs swayed in the wind, stirred up by the moving blade. The moment before Guo Jianghu’s Nonuple Cycloblade came down on his skull, Xiao Luo parried it with his machete.


    The crisp sound of steel on steel rang like a giant bel, and a ghastly force swept across the two colliding blades.


    Xiao Luo’s machete broke into two pieces. He took two steps backward to stabilize himself.

    Guo Jianghu rapidly staggered backward as if he’d been struck by a violent cyclone. He kept going until he was stopped by the other Dragon Gang members. He raised his head and looked at Xiao Luo in awe. Then, he lost his senses, as the arm wielding the blade couldn’t withstand the intense vibration.