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Chapter 121 - One Man, One Hack

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 121: One Man, One Hack

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    After this single confrontation with Xiao Luo’s blade, Guo Jianghu became intensely aware of his opponent’s prowess. He hadn’t fathomed that such terrifying explosive power was hidden within this scrawny body. However, what gave him slight relief was the fact that Xiao Luo’s machete was broken. Faced with a bladeless Xiao Luo, he was confident that he could hack him to pieces.

    Xiao Luo frowned as he looked at the severed blade in his hands. The broken machete was like a person who had lost his life, deprived of its former glory and capacity for terror. It was nowhere near as good as a dagger of the same length. It had to be thrown away.

    “You little brat. I will take your life now!”

    Guo Jianghu approached Xiao Luo with a sinister grin, imposingly juggling the Nonuple Cycloblade. As its nine rings jingled, the blade’s sharp edge seemed like it could slice apart air.

    Xiao Luo was forced to evade the attacks. The intervals between Guo Jianghu’s offensives were too tight, leaving him no chance to pick up a weapon from the ground.

    The blade’s chilling edge swung a mere spitting distance from Xiao Luo’s throat several times. It was only an inch or two away from coming into contact with his windpipe. Just looking at him, Feng Wuhen and the other four were sweating bullets. They didn’t even dare gasp for breath.

    “Swuush, swuush, swuush!”

    Guo Jianghu’s attacks became even faster. He, who was famous for his rapid blade swings, was exerting his strength to the fullest. Ultimately, Xiao Luo couldn’t evade him and took a blow to the arm. As if he’d been bitten by the fangs of a ferocious beast, the Nonuple Cycloblade tore open a bloody wound in Xiao Luo’s flesh.

    “Nice one, Brother Hu. Now finish him!”

    The morale of the Dragon Gang’s seventy or so remaining members was boosted as they cheered on Guo Jianghu.

    Guo Jianghu savagely licked Xiao Luo’s blood, which stained the Nonuple Cycloblade. Staring at Xiao Luo, he said coldly, “How does that feel? Isn’t my Nonuple Cycloblade powerful?”

    Xiao Luo examined the wound on his arm then turned his head to gaze at his opponent chillingly but did not scowl in the slightest. He uttered not one word and only stared at his enemy indifferent as a silent and deadly beast relishing its prey.

    Being stared at like that by Xiao Luo feel really felt awful. Following a mighty roar, Guo Jianghu’s footsteps thundered wildly. The blood vessels in his forehead bulged as he once again charged at Xiao Luo like a mad bull. The Nonuple Cycloblade, which he was holding above his head, slashed down toward Xiao Luo with enormous momentum.

    The blade was imbued with unparalleled devastation, and it was even capable of inciting a hissing cyclone!


    Guo Jianghu let out another thundering roar. He was eager for Xiao Luo to die this very instant.

    Xiao Luo turned up the corners of his mouth in a gruesome grin, focused his vision, and clapped his hands upward.


    A dull impact sound could be heard throughout the vicinity.

    Guo Jianghu’s eyeballs bulged as he gaped at the scene before him in disbelief. A voice abruptly sounded from deep inside him: “He held the blade with his bare hands!”

    It was unbelievable and implausible. How was such a thing even possible?!

    Likewise, everyone else watching widened their eyes in shock and shook with tremors. Whether they belonged to the Dragon Gang or Feng Wuhen and his group, all jaws in the room dropped. Taking on a blade with bare hands? Was this guy even human?

    “Your knife is impressive! I would like to have it!” Xiao Luo sneered.

    “Have it your foot!” Guo Jianghu roared as he exerted even more strength with his hands, forcing the edge of the blade closer to Xiao Luo’s skull.

    Following a cold snort, Xiao Luo abruptly loosened the blade from his palm. At the same time, he rolled over, promptly reappearing on Guo Jianghu’s left side. Then, using his left leg as the axis, he whirled his right leg and wailed on Guo Jianghu’s abdomen like an iron whip. The surging force swept out like a tsunami.


    Guo Jianghu’s body trembled. His face turned pale, and his body was swept away, shrieking.

    The Nonuple Cycloblade detached from his hands. Seizing the opportunity, Xiao Luo snatched it and waved it a few times in the air. Whether due to its weight or grip, the blade felt just right. Xiao Luo couldn’t resist shouting, “It’s a good weapon indeed!”

    Guo Jianghu’s abdomen was in agonizing pain. He felt as if a power drill were digging into his stomach. He was in so much pain that his expression was as distorted as can be.

    He yelled to his underlings, who were startled, “Motherf*ckers, are you guys daydreaming or what?! Go chop him apart!”

    He was well aware of the fact that he wasn’t a match for Xiao Luo. It was like sorcery that Xiao Luo was able to defeat him with his bare hands. Now, even his Nonuple Cycloblade was in his enemy’s hands. If this didn’t constitute off-the-charts combat power, what did? If he were to charge at him alone again, he would definitely be suicidal.

    The Dragon Gang’s remaining seventy members fell into a brief silence, exchanging glances. Then, they charged Xiao Luo like a tidal surge, shouting.

    But no matter how many lambs there were, how could they possibly rival a vicious wolf with a mouth full of sharp teeth?

    Xiao Luo cracked his neck and leaped at them with a cold-blooded smile. He waved his blade at the sight of anyone, combining both extreme speed and strength. Nobody could even come close to him. Blood splattered everywhere. Severed limbs were flying all around. This was a one-sided massacre.

    Feng Wuhen and the faces of his four companions were full of shock and horror. They had never seen anyone with such formidable moves. For one to go against a hundred, what kind of vigor, might, and bravery must one possess?!

    “So, such bullsh*t actually exists in this world. Hu-huh, hu-hu-huh…”

    Guo Jianghu revealed a maniacal smile. Amidst his hysterical display, there was also immense terror and a tremendous sense of disbelief. He grabbed a pistol from one of the gangsters beside him. This pistol was meant for emergencies. He’d never intended to use it except as a last resort because gun possession in China carries very serious consequences.

    But now…

    He loaded the chamber, switched off the safety, lifted the pistol, and aimed. Xiao Luo was maniacally slaughtering his Dragon Gang members, and Guo Jianghu pulled the trigger without hesitation.


    The unloaded bullet whistled toward Xiao Luo in the hopes of putting an end to this terror. It moved so fast that no one could see its trajectory.

    Seemingly aware of it, Xiao Luo lifted the blade without even turning his body.


    The bullet collided with the Nonuple Cycloblade blocking Xiao Luo’s chest. The powerful impact made Xiao Luo’s arm go numb. No longer able to grip its handle, the Nonuple Cycloblade whirled out at high speed. It sliced open one of the Dragon Gang member’s throats with a “splurt,” then cut into one of the warehouse’s wooden pillars. Part of the blade, which was exposed to air, vibrated intensely and gave off a buzzing noise.

    When the gunshot rang out, the gangsters who were pouncing on Xiao Luo like hyenas were scared witless. Realizing that it was their boss, Guo Jianghu, shooting at Xiao Luo, they all took cover to avoid taking a hit from accidental friendly fire.

    When one of them was preparing to retreat, a giant hand silently approached him. All five fingers spread before grabbing the man’s neck and lifting him into the air.


    The bullet originally destined for Xiao Luo struck this man in his back. The pistol’s penetrative power was clearly not strong enough to clear a human body, so Xiao Luo was safe and sound.

    “F*ck!” Guo Jianghu cursed loudly.

    Both shots had failed to destroy Xiao Luo. Instead, he had murdered his own men, which made him feel both aggrieved and infuriated.

    “So, you have a gun. Aren’t you afraid that the cops will invite you over for some…tea?” Xiao Luo asked chillingly while positioning the Dragon Gang member’s corpse to use as a human shield.

    At the same time, without blinking, he gestured with his eyes to Feng Wuhen.

    “The Dragon Gang is never afraid of the cops! You scum, if I don’t kill you today, I’ll call myself a worm instead of a tiger!” Guo Jianghu roared with swollen red eyes.