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Chapter 117 - Instructor, Have Some Mea

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 117: Instructor, Have Some Meat

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    “Who would want to love and kill him!” Feng Yi was angry. “Bunch of idiots!”

    Jian Qi could not help herself seeing them so happily messing around and interrupted, “Is there lunch at the canteen?”

    “How could Boss eat without you!” Lightning smiled. “Shall we go together after we have changed?”

    Jian Qi ignored his teasing and nodded.

    Lightning looked at the irritated Feng Yi and laughed. ” Are you going to just stand here and stare or go and get change so you can eat with your goddess later?”

    Feng Yi glared at him, turned around and left.

    They went to the canteen together afterward.

    Since Jian Qi rescued the hostages and was punished together with them, she considered them to have a revolutionary friendship.

    Men would try to protect weak and gentle women; but they would respect and salute tough women.

    Jian Qi’s performance the day before had been witnessed by everyone.

    If they did like Jian Qi from before because of her looks, now with Tang Jinyu involved, they loved her even more now!

    Ever since the incident yesterday, everyone was even more fond of her presence and they really liked her from the bottom of their hearts.

    They even treated her like one of their comrades!

    They all actually knew that this woman would be one of their comrades sooner or later, and they would probably be life and death ‘brothers’.

    People at the canteen were surprised to see a beautiful face even though they could not tell whether it was a man or woman.

    Not everyone knew about what happened yesterday. Hence people were curious about this beautiful person that had appeared among the elites.

    Crocodile introduced her openly to the people there, “Everyone, this is Big Sister Qi.”

    “Big Sister Qi!”

    They did not understand why but they all greeted her willingly and happily.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    She felt like she had just joined a mob.

    Some of them sat down while Feng Yi and the others went to get food.

    Just as they were about to eat, Tang Jinyu walked through the doors, Lightning waved at him, “Boss, over here!”

    Tang Jinyu went to get his food and then walked toward them. Lightning immediately moved to the side and made space for him to sit.

    Jian Qi glanced at Tang Jinyu and smiled. “Instructor, have some meat.”

    Jian Qi then picked up a piece of rib and dropped it onto Tang Jinyu’s plate.

    Tang Jinyu took a quick glance at everybody, he did not say a word and kept eating.

    Everyone was being a busybody as they looked on, gesturing to and eyeing each other earnestly.

    “Big Sister Qi is good at teasing our boss.” Crocodile gestured.

    “That is why we should all learn from her!” Lightning calmly looked at everyone.

    “Didn’t you all realize that Boss ate that piece of rib?”

    “I remember that he doesn’t eat anything people put in his plate. In fact, Big Sister Qi was using that chopstick to eat!”

    “Never thought that our Boss would be this kind of boss?”

    Everyone looked over at Tang Jinyu. Before they could tune down their emotions, Tang Jinyu raised his head and his gaze swept through everyone with a murderous intent.

    “It seems like you are all way too relaxed!” Tang Jinyu smiled coldly.

    Everyone’s faces fell. They immediately lowered their heads and focused on eating.

    “Training for this afternoon is over. We shall continue again tonight!”

    Everyone. “…”

    Jian Qi raised her head and asked, “You guys were making gestures just now. What were you guys trying to say?”

    Everyone. “…”