My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 93 - Just Who Was Tormenting Whom? (1)

Chapter 93: Just Who Was Tormenting Whom? (1) Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio Gu Yu gripped the steering wheel tightly as his frown deepened. His eyes revealed his inner turmoil for a moment before his grip loosened, his eyes shutting in exhaustion. After approximately half a minute, he opened his eyes again, found his phone, and made a call. – His assistant drove in a taxi by the beachside for a long while before he finally located Xu Weilai. She was crouching by the side of the road, with her face buried in her hands. Huge droplets of tears streamed down from between her fingers. She was clearly crying out in desolation, and yet not a single sound left her mouth. As he watched her, he suddenly recalled the saying, “the greatest sorrow is silence…” The snowfall had gotten heavier as more snowflakes landed in her hair. He had no idea how long she’d been there for, but her whole body was covered in a layer of white snow. Just looking at her was enough to make him shiver! He sighed inwardly and lowered his cap, ensuring it covered most of his face before he rolled the window down. He deliberately deepened his voice as he said to Xu Weilai, “Miss, do you need a taxi?” The assistant stole a glance from the rearview mirror. From the moment Xu Weilai entered the taxi, she had stopped crying. But her eyes remained dim and hopeless. Her demeanor at that point was even more worrisome than when she had been crying moments before. However, in that instant, he was merely playing the role of a taxi driver who was unacquainted with her, and whatever words of consolation he had for her couldn’t be voiced. The roads were empty at night, and the traffic was smooth. They reached the downtown area very quickly. As they passed by a 24-hour convenience store, Xu Weilai’s voice suddenly rang out hoarsely, “Sir, could you please stop here for a moment? I would like to buy a bottle of water from the convenience store.” She had been crying for so long. It was only natural that she’d feel thirsty, and the assistant didn’t hesitate as he stopped the car by the side of the road. “Thank you. Please wait for a while.” Xu Weilai opened the car door and got off. She headed into the convenience store but soon after, reemerged very quickly. In her hand was a bottle of water. Once she was back in the car, she opened the bottle but did not drink from it. Instead, she took out a strip of medication from her bag and deftly pushed out a pill. She popped it into her mouth, took a gulp of water, and swallowed the pill whole! The assistant could tell from her nimble actions that she had done that many times before, and at that moment, his heart broke for her. She hadn’t been thirsty at all! She needed the water to take her contraceptive pill, and her familiarity with the process said it all. He knew that taking such medication, in the long run, would result in detrimental side-effects. It had proved how seriously she took Mr. Gu’s words all the time. As for how he knew that Xu Weilai was taking contraceptive pills… He was the one who had purchased them and subsequently, sent them to the apartment under the instruction of Mr. Gu. After Mr. Gu returned from Germany after getting married, he had received a call from Grandpa Gu the moment he landed. That very night, he rushed back to the apartment in rage, and the next morning, he had given his assistant that very piece of instruction upon entering the office. He recalled that when he hesitantly asked his boss for the reason, his boss’ expression had turned icy with disdain. He replied that he wouldn’t allow such a woman to be the mother of his child! But… If Mr. Gu detested Xu Weilai that much, why did he attend the family gathering? And why would he have called his assistant to pick her up, worried about her being out alone in the middle of the night? He obviously cared about Xu Weilai, yet he was unwilling to openly make his feelings known. Mr. Gu was becoming increasingly unreadable to him! – Xu Shuai had been feeling restless for the past week and felt that he needed something to do. As a result, he decided to buy over A-PUB, and just like that, he became their new boss. Just as he was looking around his new place, his capable right-hand man, Wu Er, suddenly rushed over, leaned in his ear, and whispered, “Boss, bad news! Mr. Gu…”