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Chapter 111 - Your Statement is Illogical

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 111: Your Statement is Illogical

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    “Still not sorted yet?”

    Ning Meng was just about to enquire about things when another man’s voice came from behind them, asking first.

    She turned and saw Zhen Shanmei accompanying a man as they stood with the staff. He had quite a charming look and spoke at a moderate speed. He wore a pair of glasses, giving out a hipster vibe. Zhen Shanmei was looking at him, overflowing with happiness.

    It was obvious that this man was her fiancé, Li Haojie.

    Li Haojie had quite a large influence in the industry, so the staff did not dare to retaliate. “Teacher Su has sung twice more but she’s not done yet.”

    Li Haojie nodded his head in approval. “She does have high standards for herself.”

    As a few people were gathered around, Lin Qingbei stepped forward to greet them. “Teacher Li.”

    Li Haojie let out a subtle but proud ‘Hmm’.

    Zhen Shanmei noticed Ning Meng and asked in surprise, “Why have you not left?”

    As she said this, she stood in front of Li Haojie to obstruct Ning Meng’s line of sight.


    Ning Meng pursed her lips. “Why haven’t you left as well? Have you not had your rehearsal?”

    Zhen Shanmei’s lips twitched. “How could that be? Our Haojie has the most influence, of course, we were the first to have a rehearsal! However, he wanted to wait for Su Tiantian, so I am accompanying him.”

    After she said this, she became curious. “Didn’t Su Tiantian mention that she had not been singing on stage for quite some time so she allowed everyone else to have their rehearsals first? That way, she could have more time to practice?”

    A moment of realization dawned on Ning Meng.

    ‘No wonder Su Tiantian could use so much time! She did all of this on purpose!’

    She calmed down, chuckled, and exclaimed out loud, “Some people would feel uncomfortable if they had not done anything despicable the whole day. Since this was your intention, why did you not switch with Lin Qingbei? Are you trying to oppress the newbies?”

    Before the staff could say anything, Li Haojie exclaimed, “Tiantian was trying to practice to perfection! She was willing to wait the whole afternoon for her turn, why can’t you do the same?”

    Ning Meng raised her brow. “I’m talking about her, why are you the one who’s triggered?”

    Li Haojie laughed coldly. “I cannot stand people spreading rumors. I know who you are. You’re Miss Ning Meng, right? The one who keeps bullying Tiantian.”


    Right as she was about to speak out, Zhen Shanmei anxiously cut in. “Why would Ning Meng bully or be jealous of Su Tiantian?”

    Li Haojie was stunned upon hearing this.

    Zhen Shanmei, trying to erase the doubts continued, “She’s prettier than Su Tiantian and has a better family environment than Su Tiantian. Why would she envy Su Tiantian? Your statement is illogical!”



    Ning Meng felt as though she was being silly, like a little child!

    Li Haojie had raised his hand to point toward her, yet, he could not say anything to retort against her. So, he turned and left. Zhen Shanwei became blank and trailed after him from behind. “Haojie, what’s wrong?”


    After they had both left, the backstage area turned quiet once again. It was almost 9 pm and Ning Meng’s stomach began to growl with hunger.

    She looked toward the staff. “Could you try to ask Su Tiantian if she is willing to let us practice?”

    The staff was trembling in fear because Ning Meng had caused such an intense environment, so, he quickly went to the performance stage. After a while, he came back. “Teacher Tiantian has said that she wants to practice two more times and asked for you to wait a bit more. She will come and compensate later.”

    Of course Ning Meng, being Ning Meng, decided to cause more havoc. “So, you don’t want to finish up your practice? Sure!”