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Chapter 188 - Hunting Down Liu Yunfei (1)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 188: Hunting Down Liu Yunfei (1)

    When Zhang Peng and Ye Jiuge reached the entrance of Lofty Mountains Pavilion, he could not pry any useful information out of her. He could only leave in frustration.

    Ye Jiuge pushed open the pavilion’s unlocked door and walked into the building with light footsteps.

    From the entrance, she spotted Wan Ziyang lying on a bed looking pallid. Bai Songling and the others surrounded him.

    “Eldest Miss, you came.” Ouyang Sen was closest to the door. He was the first person to catch sight of her walking into the room.

    “Where are Hu Lin and Xia Chenfeng?” When Ye Jiuge swept her eyes over the room, she noticed that Hu Lin and Xia Chenfeng were not around.

    “They went to claim their reward,” Ouyang Sen answered.

    “Who is this?” Ye Jiuge looked at the person beside Ouyang Sen.

    A tall, heavily-built man with tanned skin, bright eyes, and short, spiky hair stood beside him.

    He was the Rank Two Alchemist, Xiong Yunhu, who had been so scared out of his wits by the Black Magic Practitioners that he’d insisted on staying in the Medicine Refinery Hall.

    “Greetings, Ye Clan’s Eldest Miss.” Xiong Yunhu grinned, giving them the impression that he was a simple and honest man.

    “Good Afternoon, Alchemist Xiong!” Ye Jiuge nodded at him. This fellow had a tall and sturdy stature; she really could not tell that he was such a coward.

    Contrary to expectations, Xiong Yunhu was quite perceptive. When he saw that Ye Jiuge had something to discuss with Wan Ziyang, he took his leave immediately, saying, “I still have to attend to some matters. I shall not disturb Brother Wan from getting a good rest. We will chat another day.”

    “Alchemist Xiong, take care!” Wan Ziyang nodded.

    “Let me see you off.” Ouyang Sen was very close to Xiong Yunhu, so he offered to accompany him to the door.

    “Alchemist Ouyang, if you have some free time in the future, come and see me. There are many things I wish to speak to you about.” Before Xiong Yunhu walked away, he invited Ouyang Sen over to visit him again. Ouyang Sen agreed readily.

    Ye Jiuge stared at Xiong Yunhu’s figure as he walked further away. She turned to ask Wan Ziyang, “Are you on good terms with him?”

    “I spoke to him for the first time today.” Wan Ziyang shook his head.

    “If you are not close to him, then why would he come to see you for no reason?” Ye Jiuge asked suspiciously.

    “He must have heard that Alchemist Ouyang was here, so he dropped by to see me!” Wan Ziyang answered hesitantly.

    “He is only an acquaintance.” Ouyang Sen quickly distanced himself from Xiong Yunhu.

    He did not want others to perceive him as a coward, like Xiong Yunhu.

    “He is merely a scaredy-cat. If he wants to come here, then let him. There is no need to be so concerned about him.” Bai Songling curled his lip dismissively. After that, he asked Ye Jiuge, “How was your discussion with Great Master Dongfang?”

    “Great Master Dongfang has already mobilized everyone to take down the Bloodthirsty Sect’s Black Magic Practitioners. He will also be personally involved in this case.” Ye Jiuge sat at Wan Ziyang’s bedside.

    “That’s great. A while ago, when you were not around, Gong Honglei almost raised a huge ruckus. Li Zijun tried his best to reason with him and allowed him to take Gong Hongyu’s corpse away. Only then was he able to make him leave.” Bai Songling felt slightly glad.

    If Gong Honglei had also been in attendance today, Ye Jiuge would not have been able to prove her innocence so easily.

    That stubborn fellow maintained that Ye Jiuge was the one who had caused his sister’s death. Every day, he kept shouting about killing her to avenge his sister.

    “Now, everything has been brought to light. Even if he continues to make a fuss, it will be pointless.” Ye Jiuge’s face tightened.

    She did not have a good impression of Gong Honglei.

    Although that fellow’s Cultivation Level was high, he was brainless. It would serve him right being used by someone else as a tool.

    “Later, I will write a letter to the Capital requesting that the emperor issue an imperial edict to announce all this to the world. This will prevent those people, who are still completely in the dark about what’s happened, from spreading unfavorable rumors about you.” Wan Ziyang was truly happy for Ye Jiuge.

    Before this, Ye Yuxuan and the Crown Prince had smeared Ye Jiuge’s name. The fact that everyone knew about it was a massive scandal.

    If an imperial notice weren’t plastered everywhere in the kingdom to clear Ye Jiuge’s name, even if she were acquitted in Medicine Refinery City, their efforts would be in vain.

    “This is not an urgent matter. Give me your hand.” Ye Jiuge reached out to check Wan Ziyang’s pulse.

    She discovered that his injury was quite serious. Although he had already consumed Medicinal Pills that could heal his wounds, the remaining poison in his five viscera and six bowels was still present. She could imagine how intense the fighting had been last night.

    Ye Jiuge retracted her hand. She knitted her brow. “Didn’t I tell you to be wary of Liu Yunfei? How did you still manage to get hurt?”

    “Her Blood Bell was too powerful. Even if we outnumbered her, we could not stop her from leaving. However, we also managed to injure her.” Wan Ziyang did not tell her that he was hurt because he had saved Li Zijun, who had almost been killed for being too careless.

    “Little Mute, give Brother Wan a Legendary Venomous Insect.” Ye Jiuge felt that the reason Wan Ziyang was at a disadvantage was that he did not have a Legendary Venomous Insect to neutralize the poison in his body.

    Wan Ziyang could not help but show a delighted expression on his usually composed face. He said in a deep voice, “Thank you.”

    Earlier, Bai Songling had been showing off his parasite, Big Mouth, non-stop and flaunting how powerful the insect was.

    As soon as it opened its large mouth, it sucked up all of the poison released by the Black Magic Practitioner.

    Listening to Bai Songling made him envious. Still, he was too embarrassed to request one from Ye Jiuge.

    “There is no need to thank me. Everyone has been given a Legendary Venomous Insect. Of course, I will not exclude you,” Ye Jiuge said generously.

    In any case, she had already gifted them to Ye Yu and Bai Songling. There was no harm in giving one to Wan Ziyang.

    “This one is good.” Jun Yichen did not ask Wan Ziyang for a drop of blood. He chose the largest Legendary Venomous Insect for him at once.

    Wan Ziyang looked at the Legendary Venomous Insect resting on his arm. He was delighted.

    He did not believe that the Legendary Venomous Insect he was going to nurture would be worse than Bai Songling’s.

    “Little Mute, you are biased,” Bai Songling complained immediately. “Did you not tell me that these Legendary Venomous Insect choose their owners voluntarily? When it comes to Wan Ziyang, why was he able to pick the one he desired?”

    “Wan Ziyang is a man of character, so these Legendary Venomous Insects are willing to serve him. Naturally, I chose the strongest one for him,” Jun Yichen said assertively.

    “What do you mean? Are you telling me that I am a dishonorable man?” Bai Songling became angry. He rolled up his sleeves, prepared to fight Little Mute.

    “That’s enough. Stop quarreling. Let’s focus on important matters.” Luo Tian deescalated their fight. He said with a serious face, “Last night, Liu Yunfei was wounded. I think that it is the right time to take her down now. Otherwise, when her injury fully recovers, it will be very challenging for us.”

    “But the problem is that we have no idea where to find her!” Ye Yu said, stumped.

    “I know where she is.” Luo Tian smiled slyly.

    As it turned out, when Xiao Hong had captured the Treasure-hunting Scorpion, he’d secretly instructed Xiao Hong to leave a tracker on its body.

    Regardless of the Treasure-hunting Scorpion’s whereabouts, Xiao Hong could discover its location.

    “Xiao Hong is a pretty good insect!” Bai Songling gave it a thumbs up.

    “That’s right.” Luo Tian was proud of it.

    “There is no time to lose. Let’s head out now!” Ye Yu said, itching to get on with it.

    Ye Jiuge expressed her agreement.

    Since Liu Yunfei was the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s Main Disciple, if they could defeat her, they could inflict heavy losses on the Bloodthirsty Sect.

    “Ziyang, you should rest well so that you can recover quickly. Wait for our victorious return.” Bai Songling clapped Wan Ziyang on the shoulder. He waved his hand in a spirited manner as he said, “Let’s go!”

    Luo Tian summoned Xiao Hong and used his mind to command it to track down the Treasure-hunting Scorpion.

    Xiao Hong flew in a circle inside the room. After it had determined the direction, it flapped its wings and fluttered away.

    As soon as Ye Jiuge left the Lofty Mountains Pavilion, she immediately sensed countless eyes staring at them in the darkness.

    She turned her head to look at the exceptionally quiet Medicine Refinery Hall. Suddenly, a feeling of restlessness arose in her heart.

    She had a premonition that something unpredictable was about to happen.