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Chapter 190 - Acquiring the Treasure-hunting Scorpion (1)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 190: Acquiring the Treasure-hunting Scorpion (1)

    Bai Songling’s hands radiated green light with increasing intensity as he magically summoned two green vines to participate in the fight.

    The Blood Fog around Liu Yunfei’s body waxed and waned. Although she was fighting four men, she could still withstand their attacks without breaking a sweat.

    The longer Bai Songling fought her, the more horrified he was by her prowess. It has never occurred to him that Liu Yunfei would still be such a formidable opponent after being injured.

    She had not even started using her Blood Bell and Blood Sword yet.

    Thinking of this, Bai Songling did not dare stay complacent. He began to take her seriously and went all out. The others did the same.

    In that instant, the pressure on Liu Yunfei increased exponentially.

    She used Seduction to entrance the four men.

    Ye Yu had eaten his Medicinal Pill earlier, while Luo Tian and Jun Yichen were unaffected. The only one who fell under Liu Yunfei’s spell was Bai Songling, a Wood Elemental Spiritual Practitioner.

    Unfortunately for her, Bai Songling regained his cognitive abilities swiftly. She failed to force her way out of the barrier they’d formed around her.

    It was those pissants’ fault for wounding her last night. Otherwise, they were no match for her.

    In all these years, Liu Yunfei had never been hurt. She was furious that someone had managed to harm her.

    In her rage, she disregarded her unhealed injury, and promptly used her Blood Bell.

    She needed to finish off these four as soon as possible so that she could take on Ye Jiuge, who was assisting them from the sidelines.

    During her last face-off with Ye Jiuge, she’d felt that Ye Jiuge had nothing on her. She’d never expected Ye Jiuge to keep her true capabilities secret. She’d really underestimated her.

    An eerie jingle rang out from the Blood Bell.

    Bai Songling, Luo Tian, and Ye Yu had heard about this mighty Blood Bell. They sprang backward immediately so that it would not affect them.

    Ye Jiuge also became wary. However, she noticed that the Blood Bell’s influence was weaker than before. It was likely that this was related to Liu Yunfei’s severe injury.

    They should take advantage of her weakened state to kill her. If they did not do it now, they might not get this opportunity again.

    “Everyone, let’s defeat her together!”

    Ye Jiuge wasted no time deciding that she would join their fight.

    The Lighting Snake Magical Whip in her hand made swooshing sounds as it sent continuous Purple Lightning toward Liu Yunfei.

    Bai Songling’s green vines expanded as they wrapped themselves around her, rendering her immobile.

    Jun Yichen’s abdomen vibrated. Then it emitted a creepy sound, and countless Rank One Demonic Beasts, including the Black-headed Snake, slithered toward Liu Yunfei to perform sneak attacks on her.

    Since Luo Tian had a sturdy physique, he threw punches at Liu Yunfei repeatedly.

    Since Liu Yunfei was already hurt, now that they’d combined their forces to attack her together, things became slightly challenging for her.

    For one moment, Liu Yunfei was careless, and Ye Jiuge’s Lightning Snake Magical Whip hit her wrist. The Blood Bell flew out of her hand.

    She opened her mouth and expelled a sharp, red blade in Luo Tian’s direction.

    She had not expected Xiao Hong, Big Mouth, and Black Dictator to already be at his side, guarding him. They swarmed around him, polishing off the Blood Sword.

    Liu Yunfei ran out of tactics. She knew that she could not beat these people.

    She had no desire to carry on fighting, so she wanted to make use of the Protective Blood Fog around her body to escape. However, she discovered that she could not move at all.

    Ye Yu concealed himself in Liu Yunfei’s shadow. At the opportune moment, he used Puppet Strike to control Liu Yunfei’s body.

    Ye Jiuge led Luo Tian and others, and they rushed forward and pinned Liu Yunfei on the ground.

    She sealed all of Liu Yunfei’s crucial acupoints before tying her up firmly with a rope.

    Liu Yunfei’s hair was disheveled, and her entire body was smeared with dirt. She looked terribly bedraggled.

    However, her vicious expression was like a mad woman’s. It was as if she would pounce at any moment and bite them.

    “Even on the verge of death, you still have the nerve to act so impudently. Later, we will make you cry your eyes out.” Ye Jiuge smiled coldly.

    “Pah! All you lowlifes have dared to use such underhanded tricks on me. I will flay you alive and rip your tendons apart. After that, I will use your remains to create the most inferior Blood Slaves, so that I can feed you to the dogs…”

    Halfway through Liu Yunfei’s frenzied cursing, Ye Jiuge gave her a tight slap.

    She still wanted to continue her swearing. However, as soon as she opened her mouth, Ye Jiuge smacked her face. She had a bloody nose and a swollen face. She could not even part her lips.

    “Let me warn you: I have quite a temper. You better not provoke me.”

    Ye Jiuge towered over her. She gazed at Liu Yunfei unfeelingly, like looking at an ant.

    “The Patriarch will definitely not let you get away with this.” Liu Yunfei’s eyes burned with rancor.

    Then, blood suddenly spilled from the corner of her lips. She died—just like that.

    Her tender, beautiful fair skin instantly turned grey.

    Her corpse was as stiff as a rock. Her Blood Bell also lost its Spiritual Power.

    “She is really dead.” Ye Yu placed his hand under Liu Yunfei’s nose, and his tone was full of disbelief.

    At first, he’d thought that they would need at least one prolonged fight to take down Liu Yunfei. He’d never expected her to die so easily.

    Ye Jiuge had also not foreseen killing Liu Yunfei so effortlessly.

    She furrowed her brow and said to Jun Yichen, “Little Mute, I remember that you once mentioned to me that Main Disciples like her possess something called the ‘Blood Pearl’?”

    “Yes. I do not know why she did not use it.” Jun Yichen was immensely surprised by this.

    “Ye Yu, search Liu Yunfei’s body and see if she has anything else on her,” Bai Songling told Ye Yu.

    “You are more experienced in performing autopsies!” Ye Yu did not budge.

    “Although I am a veteran when it comes to postmortem examinations, you are more closely acquainted with her. You must be more familiar with her body than me,” Bai Songling said with a straight face.

    Immediately, Ye Yu looked as if a fly had flown into his mouth. He felt uncomfortable.

    He thought: Know her intimately my foot! More like being harassed by her all the time.

    However, he was too lazy to argue with Bai Songling. He crouched down cooperatively and checked Liu Yunfei’s body carefully from head to toe.

    Other than some accessories, she was only carrying a Magical Bottomless Satchel. Two scorpions hid in her sleeves, trembling with fear.

    One of them was the purple Treasure-hunting Scorpion, which Ye Jiuge had caught earlier, and the other was a scorpion as small as a baby’s fist.

    Its shell was light brown and completely covered with scars inflicted by a knife.

    Some of the scars were darker in color. They must have been there for a long time.

    Others were still extremely fresh; it was likely that they were recent.

    This brown scorpion seemed very meek. It cowered behind the purple Treasure-hunting Scorpion.

    The purple Treasure-hunting Scorpion tried its best to protect the brown scorpion. Its long tail was raised, with its stinger poised for attack. It was telling the humans that if they dared to lay a finger on them, it would fight at all costs.

    “What is going on?” Ye Yu was completely puzzled.

    “This smaller scorpion must be the Treasure-hunting Scorpion’s mate. Liu Yunfei must have used her to control the Treasure-hunting Scorpion.”

    Jun Yichen had been raising Legendary Venomous Insects since birth. He knew these Unusual Beasts like the back of his hand. He immediately provided them with an explanation.

    As it turned out, Treasure-hunting Scorpions were extremely devoted to their partners. As soon as one met its mate, it would remain faithful until death.

    To coerce the Treasure-hunting Scorpion into using its power, some ruthless individuals would torment its female.

    Judging from this female scorpion’s scars, Liu Yunfei must have abused her often.

    “That witch is really evil. She did not even spare a scorpion,” Ye Yu expressed his revulsion for Liu Yunfei.

    As soon as he thought of how her Seduction had manipulated his own mind in the past, causing him to flirt with her, he became extremely nauseated.

    “Tsk tsk. Any male who knows how to treasure his wife deserves respect,” Ye Jiuge said, moved by the scorpion’s fidelity.

    After that, she took out two Spiritual Beast Pills and gave them to the Treasure-hunting Scorpion. “You are a natural-born Unusual Beast. Even if I release you and your wife now, it will be tough for you to evade capture again in the future. Therefore, I suggest that you choose to serve under a good master!”