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Chapter 191 - Acquiring the Treasure-hunting Scorpion (2)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 191: Acquiring the Treasure-hunting Scorpion (2)

    Although the Treasure-hunting Scorpion was enlightened, it still did not fully understand Ye Jiuge’s words.

    Because of Liu Yunfei, it hated all humans. It also scorned their fawning. It flicked its stinger, wanting to smack away the two seemingly fragrant pills.

    But before the Treasure-hunting Scorpion could react, the female scorpion hiding behind it suddenly scurried out and swallowed a Spiritual Beast Pill.

    “Squeak, squeak, squeak!” the Treasure-hunting Scorpion whined in anger. “How can you eat something that offered by humans? They are bad news!”

    “Squeak, squeak, squeak!” the female scorpion sounded equally angry and fierce. It had strikingly improved from its earlier weak and delicate condition. “Are you out of your mind? You can’t even recognize a good item! Your old woman would have died if I hadn’t eaten it.”

    Despite its injuries, it was still fiery when angry.

    The Treasure-hunting Scorpion’s stance softened immediately. Cooing at its female, it offered the remaining Spiritual Beast Pill and squeaked softly, “If it is good for you, then you should eat more.”

    “Squeak, squeak!” the female scorpion had wanted to keep it for her male.

    But it felt weak. If it did not nourish itself soon, there was a good chance that it would not grow old with its male. Hence, it swallowed the remaining Spiritual Beast Pill without hesitation.

    “As expected, their marital relationship is solid!” Ye Jiuge sighed wistfully.

    “Eldest Miss, did you understand their conversation?” Ye Yu looked at Ye Jiuge oddly. He hadn’t heard that Eldest Miss possessed this ability.

    Ye Jiuge was startled for a moment. Only then did she realize that she could understand what the two Scorpions were saying.

    She’d never had this ability before.

    “Come to think of seems like you understood Xiao Hong last time, too.” Jun Yichen gave Ye Jiuge a probing, deep look.

    Although the blood-clad Miao people could communicate with Legendary Venomous Insects, they could only glean a vague understanding of what the insects wanted to convey. They could not listen to or speak to the insects.

    “Really?” Ye Jiuge thought about it for a while, then realized it was true.

    Earlier, she had commented that Xiao Hong was pregnant because of its engorged stomach. She’d then received an angry protest from Xiao Hong that it was male.

    But the message she felt that time had not been so clear, so she had not taken it to heart.

    But this time, after eating the Spiritual Beast Pills, the female scorpion’s injuries had started healing so quickly that the process was visible to the naked eye. In no time, the wounds had fully healed.

    Seeing that the Spiritual Beast Pill was beneficial to its female, the Treasure-hunting Scorpion swiftly turned to Ye Jiuge and pleaded, “You are a good person. I beg you: please, take us in. I can search for treasures and also infiltrate and assassinate. I am very capable. If you can give my female that pill every day, I am willing to work for you.”

    This time, Ye Jiuge could perceive the Treasure-hunting Scorpion talking to her very clearly. Heavens!

    Since when had she learned how to speak to beasts? She didn’t even know that she had this ability.

    Ye Jiuge thought back carefully. It all seemed to have started after the Black Fat Rat had swallowed her blood essence.

    Could it be, that after swallowing her blood essence, the Black Fat Rat had done something without her knowing?

    The Treasure-hunting Scorpion saw that Ye Jiuge did not reply for a long time and thought that it had asked for too much. It quickly lessened its demands, speaking gingerly, “Well, one pill a day does seem a little too much. How about one pill a month?”

    But Ye Jiuge wasn’t paying attention to the Treasure-hunting Scorpion.

    She was still engrossed and reeling from the shock that the Black Fat Rat had secretly done something to her.

    Zi Shang had once warned her to be careful of the Black Fat Rat, strictly telling her never to feed it with her blood essence.

    Now, she’d messed up big time. How was she supposed to answer to Zi Shang?

    But with so many people present, she could not drag out the Black Fat Rat and interrogate it.

    The Treasure-hunting Scorpion watched Ye Jiuge’s expression with trepidation.

    Her expression changed from doubtful and suspicious to frustrated, then finally murderous. Its little heart pounded nervously. It quickly added, “Alright! Forget about the pill, then. I’ll work for you as long as you do not bully my female!” After that, it emphasized: “My female suffered a miscarriage because of the evil woman. She is very weak now, so she can’t be tormented or stressed. If you kill her, I will not continue living either.”

    The Treasure-hunting Scorpion’s poisonous stinger stood straight and high, reflecting its determination.

    The female scorpion, which had been sitting quietly by the side, was suddenly reminded of the scorpling it had lost. The fury and hatred it felt turned its shell a deep brown.

    It had mated with the Treasure-hunting Scorpion for many years and failed to produce any offspring.

    The evil woman had wanted another Treasure-hunting Scorpion, so she had fed them a lot of drugs to incite their heat and make them copulate.

    After many tries, the female had finally gotten pregnant.

    But the evil woman had tested the scorpling inside the female with a potion and found that it was only an ordinary scorpion. So, the evil woman had forced a miscarriage.

    It hated that evil woman, but it was powerless to fight against her—that evil woman was simply too powerful.

    But now, the evil woman had been killed by these humans. This meant that these humans were stronger than the evil woman.

    Most importantly, the fair-skinned and devastatingly beautiful girl who looked like a frail lotus was very kind.

    The female scorpoin could tell because the girl had not prevented it from swallowing those two wonderful pills just now. The female scorpion decided to follow the frail lotus girl and live with her. It turned to the Treasure-hunting Scorpion and said, “Tell her that you are willing to enter into a contract with her.”

    “Why?” The Treasure-hunting Scorpion was stunned.

    Its female was very stubborn. Even when the evil woman had tortured it, the female had the grit to dig down and resist. It had refused to allow the male to create a contract with the evil woman. So, why was the female agreeing to a deal so quickly now?

    “She is a good person.” The female scorpion was helpless, too. But it felt that, besides creating a contract, the frail lotus girl would not be swayed.

    “Alright!” The Treasure-hunting Scorpion had always listened to its female’s words. It turned to Ye Jiuge, wanting to offer her a contract.

    By this time, Ye Jiuge had come out of her shocked stupor due to the Black Fat Rat’s having played such a trick on her.

    She overheard the Treasure-hunting Scorpion couple’s conversation and allayed their fears immediately, “I don’t need a contract with you. If you wish to follow me, you’re welcome to do so! In future, if you find a Master you wish to follow or decide on other plans, just let me know beforehand.”

    With Zi Shang absent, Ye Jiuge would not dare enter into a contract with other Unusual Beasts so haphazardly.

    More importantly, with the Black Fat Rat around, the Treasure-hunting Scorpion’s abilities weren’t so desirable to her.

    The Treasure-hunting Scorpion couple were shocked into silence. After being abused by Liu Yunfei for so long, they couldn’t dare imagine that there such a good person existed.

    “I still have some things to do. Both of you can rest in my bag for now, and we will talk about the rest later,” Ye Jiuge told the husband and wife. She opened the bag she carried with her.

    The Black Fat Rat, who was lying in a corner, shifted in its sleep and continued its slumber.

    The Treasure-hunting Scorpion couple wisely chose the spot furthest away from the Black Fat Rat and quietly started hibernating.

    Jun Yichen and Luo Tian had been observing Ye Jiuge’s conversation with the two Scorpions. When they realized that Ye Jiuge’s was fluent in beast-speak, a complicated expression appeared on their faces.