Chapter 192: The Real Mastermind Jun Yichen was about to speak when he was interrupted by Ye Jiuge. “It’s useless to ask me. I don’t know how I learned beast-speak, so I can’t tell you.” Before Zi Shang reappeared, Ye Jiuge did not want to reveal the Black Fat Rat’s uniqueness. A small frown appeared on Jun Yichen’s face. He wasn’t satisfied with Ye Jiuge’s reply. Fluency in beast-speak was a much needed and essential skill for the Blood-clad Miao people. If he could learn it, he could return home immediately to take revenge for the clan leader. Luo Tian placed a hand on his Little Master’s shoulders, shaking his head to stop him from asking anything more. Everyone was entitled to their own secrets. They did not have the right to force an answer. Furthermore, the secret belonged to Ye Jiuge. Jun Yichen bit his lower lip hard. He knew it wasn’t right, but he wanted revenge so badly. Ye Yu noticed that the atmosphere was tensing, so he quickly spoke up: “Beast-speak or not, we should talk about it later. Why don’t we see what Liu Yunfei keeps in her Magical Bottomless Bag?” He forcefully wiped away the imprint on Liu Yunfei’s Magical Bottomless Bag and dumped out the contents. The first thing that fell out was a thick stack of beautiful human skins. Gong Hongyu’s skin was there too. Besides that, there were 18 bottles of thick, red blood and 15 jade boxes. Inside the jade boxes were lumps of bloody flesh. These were the Spiritual Roots obtained from recently murdered Spiritual Practitioners. But they did not find the Blood Pearl that Jun Yichen had mentioned. Ye Yu went through the rest of the items and still did not find anything resembling the Blood Pearl. He was not sure whether he had missed something, so he looked up at Jun Yichen and asked, “Could you have misremembered?” “Impossible. As a core disciple, Liu Yunfei would have had been given a Blood Pearl for sure. Unless she had given the Blood Pearl to someone else.” Of this, Jun Yichen was very confident. “Could the Blood Pearl have been passed on to someone else?” Bai Songling thought that this was strange. “Of course. The Blood Pearl enhances the battle abilities of the person who consumes it. Howver, the consequences of consuming it are terrible too. “Based on Liu Yunfei’s domineering personality, she probably felt that she would never need it. So, it’s likely that she gave her Blood Pearl to someone who needed it more.” Although this was Jun Yichen’s conjuncture, he felt like it was probably what had happened. Bai Songling and Ye Yu both agreed with Jun Yichen. But Ye Jiuge had her doubts. For some reason, she felt that they were missing an important piece of the puzzle, a crucial lead. And this lead was so vital that it could affect the entire situation. But what exactly was the missing puzzle piece? Ye Jiuge felt the onset of a headache. She could not think of what was missing. Suddenly, Jun Yichen’s expression changed. “It’s not good. Wan Ziyang’s Legendary Venomous Insect has been killed.” “Ziyang’s Legendary Venomous Insect has been killed? How did that happen?” Bai Songling couldn’t believe the news. Wan Ziyang had been doing fine in Medicine Refinery Hall. What could have gone wrong? “Do you think I would joke about such matters?” Jun Yichen’s expression was dark. Before Wan Ziyang’s Legendary Venomous Insect had hatched, it had been controlled by his blood essence. Now that it was dead, he’d also suffered a considerable backlash. “Little Master did not lie. Wan Ziyang’s Legendary Venomous Insect is dead,” Luo Tian gravely supported Jun Yichen’s claim. As soon as he announced that, Xiao Hong, Big Mouth, and Black Dictator flew around their heads restlessly. They circled non-stop. It was obvious that they were agitated and spooked. “Could it be that Su Junqing realized that his tricks had been exposed? Then, out of desperation, he tried to harm Wan Ziyang?” The more Bai Songling thought about it, the more he felt that this was probable. He turned to Ye Jiuge in haste. “Should we go back and check things out?” Among the group, he was the one who had the closest relationship with Wan Ziyang. Hearing that he was in trouble, Bai Songling wanted to fly back to Medicine Refinery Hall to rescue him immediately. “Let’s go. We will go back now,” Ye Jiuge ordered. It wasn’t convenient to bring Liu Yunfei’s body back with them, so Ye Yu found a spot to hide her corpse. Ye Jiuge kept the Magical Bottomless Bag. Once they finished their preparations, they set off in the direction of Medicine Refinery City. There was quite a distance between the mountain valley and Medicine Refinery City. Despite their speed, they were still unable to arrive before the gate curfew. It was already dusk. The setting sun cast its light upon the tightly shut city gates to reflect a yellow hue. Ye Jiuge and the rest crouched atop a small hill located a short distance from Medicine Refinery City, peering at the city. For some reason, when she looked at the tightly shut gates, her heart couldn’t stop pounding. She did not dare get close. “What happened, Eldest Miss?” Bai Songling looked at Ye Jiuge in confusion. He did not understand why she refused to enter the city. Although the gates were shut tight, sneaking in wasn’t a problem. All they had to do was find an isolated part of the wall and jump over. “Somehow, I get the feeling that something isn’t right. Going into Medicine Refinery City now isn’t the right move.” Ye Jiuge shook her head. She did not know how to explain her feeling, but her gut told her not to go in. “What if I infiltrated the city to check things out?” Ye Yu offered. It was already nightfall, and the city’s walls were covered in shadows. If he were careful, it wouldn’t be a problem for him. “Alright. But you be careful.” Ye Jiuge nodded in agreement. Ye Yu slunk off like a cat. Keeping to the shadows, he crept closer to the city walls. Ye Jiuge and the rest were watching Ye Yu with bated breath. Seeing that he had succeeded in his attempt to infiltrate the city, they finally breathed a sigh of relief. The sun gradually disappeared, taking away the light’s last remnants. Suddenly, the city gates were flung open. Two troops of soldiers, armed with magical weapons to scour for Sorcerers, appeared and charged the two hills on either side of the city. The gates slowly shut behind them, and the security at the top of the wall appeared to be even tighter. Torches were lit along the top of the wall, making the surrounding area very visible, and platoons of armed soldiers were on patrol. Ye Jiuge even saw many Spiritual Practitioners among them. They were patrolling as well. It was as if Medicine Refinery City were about to face an invasion. “What exactly happened in Medicine Refinery City?” Even Bai Songling, too, felt that something was amiss. Even when the Sorcerers were running amuck, Medicine Refinery City had never been on such tight security. “I don’t know about the Lei Kingdom’s customs. But in the Blood-clad tribe, something like this would occur happen if the clan leader had been assassinated,” said Luo Tian in a staccato voice. Ye Jiuge had a sudden epiphany. She finally realized what the missing puzzle piece was. “The Bloodthirsty Sect’s aim has always been Great Master Dongfang. Can it be that something has happened to him?” “It can’t be!” Bai Songling couldn’t believe what she’d said. “As powerful as the Bloodthirsty Sect’s Sorcerers are, they couldn’t possibly touch Great Master Dongfang in Medicine Refinery Hall, could they?” If they were that skilled, the people in Medicine Refinery Hall would have been killed long ago. “No. I’m pretty sure that something has happened to Great Master Dongfang. There must be something we missed at Medicine Refinery Hall.” Ye Jiuge wracked her brain, but she still couldn’t make heads or tails of the situation. While she was thinking about it, the Treasure-hunting Scorpion’s voice rang out from within Ye Jiuge’s bag: “Master, while we were with Liu Yunfei, I overheard her grumbling about a Sorcerer named Xiong. She said that he destroyed half of her human skins, and even snatched away the Blood Pearl given to her by the Bloodthirsty Patriarch. She even said that she would complain about him to the Bloodthirsty Patriarch.”