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Chapter 122 - Decision to Eradicate All Evil

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 122: Decision to Eradicate All Evil

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    “A worm, you say?”

    Twice, Xiao Luo sneered, “Uh-huh. Interesting.”

    At that very moment, Feng Wuhen expended all his remaining strength to hurl the machete in his hands at Xiao Luo. He shouted, “Big Brother!”

    Xiao Luo’s benevolence, might, and imposing disposition had caused him to yield willingly. The cry, ‘Big Brother,’ came from the bottom of his heart.

    The machete twirled in the air toward Xiao Luo. Xiao Luo, who was twiddling around with Guo Jianghu, steadied his face as he channeled all his might into his right leg. He had already acquired the football ability, so he acted at the precise moment when the tip of the machete pointed toward Guo Jianghu to punt the blade’s handle with his right foot. Forceful energy surged outward.


    The machete instantly morphed into one of those flying swords seen in fantasy worlds. It sliced its way through space like a gleaming lightning bolt, advancing toward Guo Jianghu with intent to kill.

    It moved too fast, so fast there was no reaction time!

    Guo Jianghu subconsciously dodged it to the side. At the same time, Xiao Luo flung away the corpse of the gangster in his hands and dashed toward Guo Jianghu like a gust of wild wind. Then, he backflipped into the air and used his foot to deliver terrifying tsunami-like power.

    This was a sure kill!

    Guo Jianghu’s expression changed immediately. At this critical moment of life and death, he promptly dragged the confidant beside him in front of his body to absorb the blow from Xiao Luo’s feet in his place.


    The strike came from the tip of Xiao Luo’s feet. His murderous impulse, in addition to his body weight, caused the gangster’s chest cavity to collapse inwards. Syrupy blood flowed from the dent as the man’s body flew outwards like a cannonball and smashed relentlessly into Guo Jianghu.

    Guo Jianghu shrieked as he was sent flying. His blood splattered, and he whammed heavily onto the ground some four or five yards away.

    “Bee, boo, bee, boo, bee, boo!”

    Here and now, the piercing sirens of police vehicles screamed outside the warehouse. The cops had finally arrived.

    A dignified voice rang out from a loudspeaker: “Everyone inside, listen up! Stop fighting, lay down your weapons, and surrender. Come out with both hands in the air!”

    Gu Qianlin?!

    Xiao Luo frowned. He really bumped into her whenever he went.

    Someone ran to the door and glanced outside only to see some twenty police cars blocking all the entrances. The Dragon Gang members who were out on patrol were arrested by the cops for the first time. Many of them were pressed to the ground like they were being preyed on by starving tigers. They were handcuffed before they could even react.

    Subsequently, three explosion-proof police cars with pulsating lights rammed into the warehouse. Additionally, three special police task forces with approximately two dozen fully armed members also majestically appeared. Snipers conquered the commanding high ground. All of them were poised with ammunition loaded. They were prepared to rush in and wipe out everything.

    “Brother Hu, t-the cops have surrounded us!” someone reported while helping up Guo Jianghu, the corner of whose mouth was bleeding, and his face was pale.

    As if to instantly affirm his words, outside the warehouse, Gu Qianlin once again shouted through the loudspeaker, “You are already surrounded. Do not attempt any futile resistance. I’m giving you three minutes to decide. If you still refuse to get out and surrender after three minutes, believe me, you don’t want to know what happens next.”

    Hearing her, the eyelids of the Dragon Gang members twitched. Anyone could discern the killing intent in her words. The cops must have heard the gunshots just now and speculated that the people inside weren’t just fighting with blades but also with guns. Otherwise, this certainly would not have happened.

    “Brother Hu, what should we do now? Should we fight our way out?” gasped one of the Dragon Gang members in terror.

    Guo Jianghu used his palm to fan his face then roasted the guy, saying, “What the f*ck is wrong with your brain? They have guns, you know, guns! If you show your head, they’ll go pew-pew on you, so how are we supposed to fight our way out?” After some thought, he finally made a decision. “Let’s put down our weapons.”

    Hearing this, the seventy-plus remaining Dragon Gang members looked at each other, then placed down their weapons.

    “Didn’t you say that you would never be afraid of the cops? So, you’re going to surrender now, huh?” Xiao Luo smiled playfully.

    The corners of Guo Jianghu’s mouth twitched. The remark was a slap in his face indeed.

    He glared at Xiao Luo and said viciously, “Don’t be too full of yourself, little brat. Just wait. I’ll dig up every bit of information about you. All the women you know—I’ll rape’em then kill’em. And your guy friends—I’ll cripple them all. As for you, kid, I will toss you into living hell!”

    His abhorrence for Xiao Luo was unequaled.

    Initially, Xiao Luo had wanted to let him live, but now, sparing him meant sowing seeds of future trouble for himself. At that instant, he remembered his own sister, Xiao Ruyi; her husband, Tang Ren; and, of course, Zhang Dashan. If these three were to get hurt because of him, he would never forgive himself.

    His only choice was to eradicate the problem at its root!

    “You won’t have the chance to do that,” Xiao Luo answered faintly.

    “No chance? What a joke. Do you think I’ll be locked up for a long time? Let me tell you, I’ll be out in less than half a month. And when that day arrives, it will become the death anniversary of each and every one of your acquaintances. Let’s go, my brothers!”

    Guo Jianghu chuckled. He waved his hands, led out his fellow gang members, and strolled out of the warehouse. They were like a team that had won a triumphant victory, bolstered by an unparalleled sense of pride.

    They walked to the outside with their hands in the air. Guo Jianghu put on an innocent look and shouted to the cops opposite him: “Sirs, I surrender. I didn’t kill anyone. I’m only passing by, and I don’t know anyone here.”

    In front of the cops, he was rather well-behaved and toned down much of his usual arrogance.

    Xiao Luo’s expression was as cold as frost. This game wasn’t over. The life-harvesting sickle was being slowly lifted.

    He turned his head and asked Feng Wuhen, “Do you guys know how to swim?”

    “Yeah, we often played in the river when we were young. Water doesn’t scare us, no matter how deep or fast. If we dive in, then we can let them think that we’ve drowned,” Xiaowu replied.

    “Now, that’ll make things a lot easier!”

    Xiao Luo nodded, saying, “I don’t feel like sparing any of these people from the Dragon Gang. So as not to land yourselves behind bars, go now. Jump into the sea from the window on the second floor. Wait for me on the rooftop of Block #96 at Gong Village.”

    What? Did he want to kill all of them?

    In front of the cops?

    Feng Wuhen felt that Xiao Luo was crazy, so he immediately raised an objection, “Brother Xiao, let’s go together. Don’t get your head blown off at the spur of the moment.”

    “Stop talking and just do as I say!” Xiao Luo rebuked.

    The five of them zipped their lips immediately. Without another word, they ran up to the second floor and leaped into the sea. They dropped from the window like dumplings being thrown into a pot. Sure enough, they were really good at swimming, and their movements were surprisingly unnoticeable as they moved away in the water.

    “Brother Xiao, come back alive!” Feng Wuhen turned around and exhorted before leaving.

    His eyes were red. Xiao Luo could be considered the father of their second lives. He would never forget the great kindness that he had shown him tonight.

    “Alright,” Xiao Luo replied in a seemingly absentminded voice. It was so soft that it was literally insignificant.

    Feng Wuhen took a deep breath and leaped out from the window. At the same time, he happened to see Xiao Luo picking up Guo Jianghu’s pistol from the ground.

    His heart quivered. What was he trying to do?

    After jumping into the icy seawater, Feng Wuhen’s worry for Xiao Luo reached its zenith.