My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 94 - Just Who Was Tormenting Whom? (2)

Chapter 94: Just Who Was Tormenting Whom? (2) Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio Xu Shuai leaned closer to hear what Wu Er had to say. Apparently, upon arrival, Gu Yu had gone into the private room and ordered a lot of alcohol. He had then forbidden anyone from entering to interrupt him! Some servers heard smashing sounds from the room, and when they had knocked on the door, they were greeted with the noise of a wine glass crashing against the same door. Nobody dared to knock again after that. Gu Yu had locked himself inside the private room for more than two hours, and the servers were worried that something bad would happen. They were clueless about how to handle the situation, and hence, they decided to raise the issue directly to Xu Shuai. Xu Shuai furrowed his brows, and without a second thought, he strode towards the private room. On his way there, beautiful women greeted him one after the other; he took no notice of any of them. When he finally reached the door of the private room that Gu Yu was in, he took the keys from Wu Er and opened the door without hesitation. He took two steps forward and was met with a wine bottle that was being flung in his direction. Fortunately, Xu Shuai’s reflexes were fast enough, and he dodged in time for the bottle to miss him. In an instant, the wine bottle was smashed against the wall as it broke into smithereens, becoming shards of broken glass that were strewn across the floor. Xu Shuai glanced at the mess and turned to look at Gu Yu, who had collapsed on the couch. Xu Shuai massaged his temples in consternation. What on earth had gotten into Gu Yu? Why was he making such a huge mess and smashing things? He took a deep breath, wanting to calm himself down. Instead, he felt the stench of alcohol from the room hitting his nose hard. He looked at the side table beside Gu Yu and found a mess consisting of empty bottles. How much exactly did he drink? Xu Shuai felt his chest tighten and his head throb. He strode forwards and stood in front of Gu Yu, staring at him. With the tip of his shoe, he nudged Gu Yu’s leg, and asked without any semblance of tact, “Is this because of Xu Weilai again?” Although the words were those of a question, his tone resembled that of a firm statement. In this world, Xu Weilai was the only person apart from another particular individual in the past who could elicit such a response from him! Xu Shuai couldn’t tell if Gu Yu had heard him or not. Gu Yu didn’t open his eyes. All he did was tip his head as he poured the remaining bottle of wine he was holding into his mouth. Xu Shuai shook his head. His heart ached for his friend as he admonished, “Wine is meant to be slowly savored. The way you’re chugging it like water is an insult to my fine wine! Even though you’re my buddy, I’m going to charge you three times the cost to cover the damages!” Gu Yu ignored him completely. He was immersed in his own world, and everything around him was simply invisible. Xu Shuai’s threat was meant to evoke a reaction out of Gu Yu. When he saw that Gu Yu didn’t react to his taunts, he rubbed his nose and sat on the couch with him. He sensed the pain hiding in Gu Yu’s eyes, and sighed along with him. “Yu, to be honest, I seriously have no idea how your brain works. If you still had any feelings for Xu Weilai, you’d have considered getting back together with her by now. On the other hand, if you truly didn’t feel anything for her, you wouldn’t be losing control of yourself time and time again after she returned.” Xu Shuai paused for a moment, his voice deepening as he continued, “While being married to Xu Weilai, are you really tormenting her? Or is she the one tormenting you?” Three years! It had been three years! Other than drowning himself in alcohol for a month after Xu Weilai departed overseas after their broken engagement, Gu Yu had never been affected by Xu Weilai again. After Su Ziqian appeared by his side, he had pampered her ceaselessly and doted on her so much that it left onlookers speechless. In fact, in certain ways, the affection he had showered her with was more than the amount he had shown Xu Weilai. Within a short period of time, Su Ziqian had been awarded a first-class ticket to the upper echelons of society and was currently a world-class star. He had assumed that Xu Weilai was nothing more than a woman of the past in Gu Yu’s life. Never did he imagine that even until now, Gu Yu was unable to let her go. A shocking thought suddenly occurred to him as he spoke again, “Yu, please don’t tell me… that you’re in love with Xu Weilai!”