Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 99 - Young Master Lu = Hades Lu

Chapter 99: Young Master Lu = Hades Lu EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation “Xingzhi, let’s go.” Jiang Yao tugged Lu Xingzhi’s arm gently. “Better not miss the train.” Jiang Yao gradually regained her composure. She had some speculations from the rather somber conversation between the old woman and the madman. She supposed that the madman had a very loving wife in the past, but his mother broke them off and his wife then ran away either by herself or with another man. After that, this man became crazy and stayed at the train station all day long, as if waiting for the woman to return. Seeing that Jiang Yao had calmed down, Lu Xingzhi walked back to her side and hugged her shoulder tenderly. “Are you alright? You must’ve been very scared just now.” Jiang Yao nodded. “A little, but I’m fine now. Let’s go.” Lu Xingzhi glanced coldly at the madman again and was about to walk away with Jiang Yao, but, unexpectedly, Jiang Yao’s voice attracted the madman’s attention. The madman froze for a short while before he went chaotic again and started running towards Jiang Yao. “My dear, you’re back! Darling, do you forgive me already? Darling, let’s go home, shall we? Please, my dear, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.” This time, Jiang Yao was so scared by the madman’s sudden movement that she quickly dashed through the gate. Lu Xingzhi swiftly blocked the gate with his body. Finally, a management staff member of the station rushed over and broke out in cold sweat as he saw Lu Xingzhi standing like a statue with his gloomy face and mumbled, “D*mn, out of so many people, why did the madman choose to provoke Young Master Lu?” Although Lu Xingzhi knew the staff member, he didn’t show any warm welcome. “Hurry and take that madman away! Don’t let me see him at this station ever again!” The staff member quickly nodded and apologized to the outraged Lu Xingzhi. He then turned around and commanded the security guards to kick the madman and the old woman out of the station. The madman was still struggling hard to free himself from the guards’ clutches and shouted at Jiang Yao’s direction. The old woman finally noticed Jiang Yao in the midst of the commotion. However, the old woman’s face was wearing an expression that Jiang Yao couldn’t interpret. She locked her turbid eyes at her, or more precisely, she was glaring at her. The glare was so intimidating that Jiang Yao recoiled and shivered in shock, and then tugged Lu Xingzhi for comfort. The conductor finally realized that the person who was ambushed was from the Lu family in the county. He quickly followed his superior officer to apologize and escort them to the train. Jiang Yao took the window seat. She began when she looked between Lu Xingzhi’s gloomy and annoyed expression and the anxious staff member, “Don’t worry, it’s just an accident. I’m fine too, and we won’t complain about you. Anyway, the station is always very crowded and you have many women, children, and old people here. What if the madman comes back and hurts them?” “Yes, yes! Young Mistress Lu, you’re right.” The staff member nodded and said, “We’ll assign our staff to guard the gate, we’re terribly sorry for the incident. It’s our negligence, we’re very sorry.” “The train is about to depart, you may go now.” The two staff members were still standing and looking at Lu Xingzhi. Obviously, they were waiting for Lu Xingzhi’s remarks. Jiang Yao nudged him a little and whispered, “Say something.” Lu Xingzhi immediately pressed Jiang Yao back to her seat and then glanced at the two frightened men and mumbled a low hum. Jiang Yao threw a curious sideways glance at him, but the two staff members hurriedly left as if they received a pardon. Looking at the backs of the two men running away as if they had escaped from a trap, Jiang Yao squinted at Lu Xingzhi, who still seemed annoyed, and whispered, “Why do I feel that the way they looked at you was as if they were looking at Hades? Their faces were so pale.”