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Chapter 112 - Let’s Sing!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 112: Let’s Sing!

    Su Tiantian had indeed done all of these things on purpose.

    She did not have anything else to do for the rest of the day anyway and there was no rush. Might as well practice a few more times so that she could feel more confident on stage the next day. At the same time, she could provoke Ning Meng and let Lin Qingbei know what the consequences were if they were not close acquaintances!

    She had just finished singing one round and she slowly sat on the side and drank the water that her manager had brought over. The staff on the side asked, “Teacher Su, when can we practice the next round?”

    One song was only seven minutes long. Even if she sang two more times, it would only be for half an hour. There would still be time if she let Lin Qingbei have his rehearsal at 9:30 pm.

    Su Tiantian could only faintly smile when she heard this, but she did not answer the question. Her manager then replied, “I think everyone is tired. We’ve helped to order some food for the musicians, they should arrive in about five minutes. Let’s eat first and then decide.”

    The musicians who had been tired from quite some time ago were delighted when they heard this. The staff quietly looked toward the backstage. He could not say anything against Su Tiantian who was still smiling. Su Tiantian was someone he could not offend in any way. She was, after all, quite a big shot.

    The staff could only nod.

    When the staff left, the manager whispered, “Youngsters nowadays are so impatient. What’s wrong with waiting for just a while more? There’s no rush, Sis Tiantian. Once the food arrives, I will only give out half first. Once they’ve finished the food, we would have dragged it on for another hour. It’s a guarantee that they will have to wait until dawn!”

    Su Tiantian tried to hide the joy in her eyes.

    Suddenly, the backstage began to bustle with noise. A woman’s voice could be heard. “Hi, how’s everybody! I’m Lin Qingbei’s agent. Come, Bei Bei greets all of you!”


    It was a quiet night and the musicians were resting. The noise from backstage could be heard clearly, and one of the staff was trying to negotiate with her. “Miss Ning, why did you start a live stream?”

    Ning Meng replied bluntly, “Why? We’re waiting anyway for our turn, might as well start a live stream!”

    “But… but our program has to be kept a secret!”

    “Did the contract say that we’re not allowed to gather votes through a live stream?”

    “… no, this is not mentioned.”

    “I will strictly adhere to the contract in keeping secrets. Don’t worry, I won’t reveal the songs of our distinguished guests.”


    “That’s right, we’re recording ‘Throne of Songs’.”

    “You’re asking why so late at night? That’s because we have a dedicated singer before us who has been practicing for the last two hours! So, we’ve been pushed to wait!”

    “Who has delayed Bei Bei? I cannot tell you, it’s a secret! Well, I guess this is not considered oppression, it is perfectly normal. We totally understand and are willing to wait.”

    “Bei Bei has to protect his voice, so, I will be talking to you tonight.”

    “That’s right, we’re just at the aisle backstage. Oh? Now that you’ve mentioned it, you’re right! Why is there not a hint of music at all from the front?”

    Ning Meng turned toward the staff and gave a look of mock surprise. “They’ve finished singing? I thought you said that they wanted to sing four or five more times?”

    The staff could not say that they were waiting for the food to arrive and could only reply, “They’re resting at the moment. The teacher is drinking some water.”

    Su Tiantian who was on stage was rendered speechless. She could never have thought that Ning Meng would be so confrontational!

    She brooded over the situation. If she was to leave now, the fans would notice the peculiarity. The manager furrowed his brows and asked, “What should we do now?”

    ‘What should we do?’

    Su Tiantian suppressed her evil thoughts and grit her teeth, shouting out, “Get prepared, let’s sing!”