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Chapter 113 - I’m Like Your Phone~

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 113: I’m Like Your Phone~

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    Su Tiantian wanted to dazzle the viewers, so she chose a song of high difficulty.

    She also had to make sure she did not become too emotional due to the big crowd, so she brought the pitch down a few notches. However, after she had finished singing the song, she felt a burning tinge in her throat.

    When she had finished singing that round, she could hear a voice coming from backstage. “The song has finished so I can turn on the microphone again. While the song is being sung, I must turn off the microphone due to the confidentiality clause, you guys understand, right?”


    Su Tiantian regretted it a little bit. She had thought that Ning Meng would make a scene by charging on stage and offend the program crew. At least, that way, it would have looked as though she was the one being bullied. Yet, she had used this tactic instead! Su Tiantian breathed in deeply. At this point, it was bustling outside again.

    “The food has arrived! We have not eaten since 1 pm. I’m so hungry so I’ve ordered a few crayfish.”

    A whiff of fragrance accompanied her singing. All the staff were hungry and swallowed their saliva. It was like having instant noodles on the train, only, the fragrance of the crayfish was even more enticing! The manager and the rest of the staff quickly ate some during their break. Su Tiantian could not eat any as an artist needed to keep their figure attractive. She would look bloated if she ate food this late in the night.

    To control her weight, she had lost her appetite quite early in her career, but to smell this fragrance, her mouth could not resist secreting saliva. Suddenly, Ning Meng’s voice rang from outside.

    “It’s been ten minutes, why have you not started?”


    All the musicians took their places and started the music, but Su Tiantian’s saliva was filling her mouth!


    Feeling awkward and embarrassed, she wanted to find a place to dig a hole and bury herself.

    She held on and sang till the end, but could hear a voice saying, “This is just the second round. There are three more rounds to go! Let’s continue waiting~”


    After reluctantly singing all five rounds, Su Tiantian did not dare to do anything despicable anymore and left immediately. Ning Meng’s lips twitched as she stared at the vexatious figure leaving the place.

    Lin Qingbei was highly efficient. He gave his edited score to the musicians and only had to rehearse twice. They could all wrap it up by 11.30 pm. Ning Meng drove home and had a warm bath, finally able to relax as she lay on her comfortable bed. She looked at her phone and noticed that Huo Beichen had sent her a text on WeChat half an hour ago.

    [I’m coming back tomorrow.]


    Ning Meng felt free when he was not at home! Feeling dejected, she replied.


    Huo Beichen: [Not welcoming me?]

    Ning Meng quickly regained her senses and continued her business online: [Naw, what’s wrong, hubby? I’m like your phone. Hoping that you would not rake up debts and hoping that you would not stop using this line. I’m always at your service!]

    Huo Beichen: […sleep early.]

    Ning Meng replied with a GIF: [Goodnight.jpg]

    It was a female rabbit hugging a carrot to sleep.

    Huo Beichen paused for a while and texted Qi Shan: [Give me some emoticons.]

    Qi Shan: [?]


    Su Tiantian could not sleep well that night. She kept dreaming about having a mouthful of saliva while singing and felt anxious. The next morning, her manager came by.

    “Teacher Tiantian, time to get up. We’re going for the recording in a while.”

    “Yes, I know.”

    The moment these words left her lips, she was stunned. She had lost her voice!