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Chapter 78 - A Countermeasure

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 78: A Countermeasure

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    “No, I did not send that WeChat…”

    In the beginning, Qiu Yu wanted to protest. However, the experienced police officer quickly dealt with her, “If you do not want to tell the truth, please hand over your mobile phone to us. We will check your WeChat log, and compare it with the screenshots that Miss Su had sent us. You cannot argue that someone else had logged in to your WeChat, right? We can find out which device made the login.”

    Qiu Yu’s face stiffened. She glanced in the room – Li Dongfeng, Zhai Yao, and the rest were all inside. After all, the police were here, and it would be inconvenient for them to be present. Hence, Qiu Yu went out to speak with the police.

    She gritted her teeth, “I just asked her out of curiosity. After all, you do not know her character, right?”

    Su Cha smiled softly, “So, are you trying to spread rumors about me in front of the policemen? What’s wrong with my character? Even if my character is flawed, I did not break the law. But what did you say I did?”

    Qiu Yu: “…”

    How could she share the trivial, insignificant matters? Other than those matters, the rest were mere speculations without evidence. If she talked about those, it would be giving Su Cha a hold upon her, again.

    Su Cha became impatient after seeing Qiu Yu silent for a long time.

    She had wanted to stay home to revise her homework.

    From the time the police appeared at her house till now, the incident involving Qiu Yu had taken up an hour of her time.

    Su Cha checked her mobile phone for some time before interrupting with a smile, “Police Uncle, you don’t have to interrogate her anymore. I believe that Sister Qiu Yu did not do that intentionally, you can just ask her to apologize to me.”

    Upon hearing Su Cha’s words, Qiu Yu froze momentarily.

    After a while, Qiu Yu came to her senses. Although she was unhappy about having to apologize to Su Cha, she knew that the police would mediate until an apology is made. Moreover, it would hurt her reputation if anyone found out that she had a police case.

    Although she was reluctant, Qiu Yu said, “Yes…I am in the wrong. Sorry.”

    Her apology lacked sincerity, and the police noticed it. The policemen glanced at Su Cha awkwardly as Su Cha replied, “I got it, I believe you did not do it intentionally.”

    She smiled sweetly and purely.

    The two police officers were taken aback. As they could not do anything about this, they spoke a few words to Su Cha and chastised Qiu Yu for a while before leaving.

    Soon, only Su Cha and Qiu Yu were left outside the ward.

    Seeing that the policemen had left, Qiu Yu immediately turned hostile, “Are you crazy? You called the police over such a matter?”

    As soon as she finished speaking, Su Cha’s smile slowly vanished.

    Su Cha threw her a soft glance. That look sent chills down Qiu Yu’s spine, it felt as if she had fallen into an ice cave.

    Then, Su Cha suddenly pushed the door open and entered the ward.

    Her entrance gave Sang Shishi and Zhai Yao a huge shock.

    Upon seeing Su Cha, the duo’s face changed. Li Dongfeng, who was seated at the side, frowned and said, “What are you doing in here?”

    Qiu Yu belatedly followed Su Cha inside, “What are you doing in here? Are you trying to ask Zhai Yao for forgiveness? I’m telling you, Zhai Yao is dating Sang Shishi now. Don’t you dare think about it! If you still want some face, don’t make a scene here!”

    As soon as she finished, Su Cha could be seen glancing around the room. The ends of her lips curved upwards into a small smile.

    Then, she turned back around before pushing Qiu Yu aside. Su Cha closed the doors of the ward from inside before locking it with a click!