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Chapter 79 - Not Learning The Lesson Unless They Were Hur

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 79: Not Learning The Lesson Unless They Were Hurt

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    “Someone get her out!”

    Zhai Yao was shocked by Su Cha’s action. Were it not for his wounded leg, he would jump up.

    Sang Shishi recalled the scene of Su Cha beating Zhai Yao yesterday and her pretty face lost color.

    Qiu Yu shrieked as Su Cha suddenly jerked her, “How dare you drag me so violently? Do you wanna die?”

    She was then slapped on the face by Su Cha. Pat!

    The girl was quick and explosive in moves, which left Qiu Yu no time to react. Since Su Cha was also very powerful, the slap had knocked her off balance.

    Qiu Yu stumbled and almost fell on the floor before she grasped the rail of the sickbed and recovered her balance.

    She felt a burning pain on her face and was at a loss while she managed to stand up.

    The slap also terrified Zhai Yao and Sang Shishi. They could not help feeling desperate.

    They recalled Su Cha’s words yesterday and regretted it immediately.

    “I will kill you!”

    Li Dongfeng who was standing by the sides immediately growled. He glared at Su Cha and ran to catch her. But Su Cha was very flexible and dodged away before Li Dongfeng could reach her. At the same time, Sang Shishi screamed, “Dongfeng, run!”

    But it was too late. Li Dongfeng raised his head and saw Su Cha carrying something to smash his head.


    After hearing a loud noise, Li Dongfeng fell onto the floor.

    There was a thermos in Su Cha’s hands, the one that Sang Shishi had asked Qiu Yu to bring to the ward. It was made of stainless steel and was a little heavy with the porridge left by Zhai Yao. Its lid cracked and opened. Porridge flowed out and washed Li Dongfeng’s head.

    He felt dizzy and saw flashes of golden light. Vaguely he saw a person was standing in front of him with a poker face. He wiped his face and found it covered with porridge. Li Dongeng was dumb.

    Zhai Yao’s hands were shaking. Sang Shishi was choked with fear.

    Different from yesterday, Su Cha just looked at them without any expressions. Her indifferent face suggested that what she had done was nothing special, although she did not look like a person who would beat people.

    Qiu Yu came to her senses and looked at Su Cha with red eyes, “I will kill you, Su Cha!!”

    She ran to her while screaming. Her hands tried to catch Su Cha, but unsurprisingly, she failed. Su Cha grasped her hair and easily bent her over between the sickbeds. Then she pressed Qiu Yu’s jaws so fast that her face was twisted.

    She said coldly like a devil from hell, “When you typed, you used every nasty word. Do you know that there is a consequence to it?”

    She did not withhold her strength. Qiu Yu could still breathe, but she felt acute pain in her face. How could she not feel it when someone was tugging her skin?

    Qiu Yu’s hands kept thumping the air, but she could not get rid of Su Cha. She heard Su Cha’s words, but she did not understand what she had done wrong.

    She kept struggling.

    Su Cha was happy to say it. She had learned it from her last life that some people just would not listen to reasoning.

    Only when they were physically hurt, they would finally learn the lesson.