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Chapter 80 - A Time Bomb

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 80: A Time Bomb

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    As Su Cha tightly grabbed onto Qiu Yu, she noticed Li Dongfeng was standing up. Su Cha released one hand and picked up the thermos flask that was placed on the table. With a “bang”, she smashed the flask against Li Dongfeng.

    Li Dongfeng fell to the ground instantly, and the room was utterly silent.

    Qiu Yu stopped struggling.

    Zhai Yao who was on the other hospital bed, together with Sang Shishi who was beside him, shivered in fear. The two of them stared at Su Cha with fearful eyes, as if they had seen a demon.

    Su Cha turned around and questioned the two, “Qiu Yu said it was you guys who started the rumor? Zhai Yao, have I asked you for compensation for my wasted youth?”

    After she called them, Zhai Yao immediately replied, “No…of course not!”

    At the moment, he could not move his leg. If Su Cha threw a punch his way, he would lose half his life.

    Su Cha noticed Sang Shishi, who was hiding in a corner with her mobile phone, she was trying to call the police secretly. Su Cha smiled softly, “You think I came here unprepared? I’m here just to teach you a lesson today, so I was light-handed with all of you. If I am arrested, I would only be locked up for a few days. After my release, do you think I would do something as simple as just beat you up?”

    She smiled softly after she finished saying those absolutely terrifying words. Her smile sent shivers down their spines.

    Sang Shishi’s wrist flicked, and her phone fell to the ground.

    Qiu Yu shivered after hearing Su Cha’s words. She wanted to retaliate, but she was held down by Su Cha. After seeing Su Cha mercilessly hit Li Dongfeng unconscious, Qiu Yu wanted to scream.

    Suddenly, Su Cha lowered her head. As she got closer, Qiu Yu felt a scream stuck in her throat. Just as she was about to call out, she was slapped in her face with a loud smack.

    She was slapped on her other cheek. Her face was red after being slapped on both cheeks, and it did not look good.

    Qiu Yu burst out in tears.

    “What are you crying for? You were so bold when you said those words on WeChat.”

    Su Cha spoke in a laidback voice, “If you do it again, I will pull your tongue out. You idled around all day and even delayed my revision time. If I score poorly in the exams, will you compensate me for that?”

    Although it seemed like she was complaining, every word she said made the group shiver in fear.

    Zhai Yao thought hard about what could have triggered Su Cha to act this way, and what made her turn into someone so scary.

    Is she schizophrenic?

    Su Cha suddenly turned back and threw Zhai Yao a glance, her fierce eyes made his soul tremble. It was as if he was facing a ferocious beast, and he could not breathe.

    Then, Su Cha left without turning back.

    Her back view gave off a strong, oppressive aura that made it hard for one to breathe.

    After Su Cha left, the ward was dead silent.

    Li Dongfeng laid on the ground, Qiu Yu was sobbing in a corner, Zhai Yao and Sang Shishi’s faces were as white as a sheet. The two of them exchanged glances, and Sang Shishi shuddered, “She’s crazy. Zhai Yao, we cannot mess with a lunatic…”

    Zhai Yao was worried, he recalled how merciless Su Cha was when she beat him. He lowered his head and gritted, “Shishi, we have to endure this silently. It’s not just her, someone is backing her up…”

    Sang Shishi was puzzled, “She has someone backing her up? Who? Do you know him?”

    Zhai Yao shook his head, he could not talk about Lian Chi. Otherwise, he would be in serious trouble.

    He sighed, “This is not an easy matter to discuss…”

    Initially, Zhai Yao regarded Lian Chi as the timebomb.

    Now, Zhai Yao believed that Su Cha had become the real timebomb…