Chapter 1152 Lend A Knife? Gu Dongyang walked into Ling Lan’s living room with a dark face. In the living room, Luo Lang and Xie Yi were having an intense chess match. Li Yingjie sat at the side, spectating while giving his opinions on their moves. Luo Lang and Xie Yi weren’t affected by his constant blabbering. They just totally disregarded Li Yingjie’s existence. When Li Yingjie noticed their dismissive attitude, he groaned in frustration. Ling Lan wasn’t in the living room. When Gu Dongyang entered the living room, Xie Yi and Luo Lang quickly stopped what they were doing. The calm and indifferent Luo Lang suddenly turned excited as though a freezing spell was lifted from his expression. He smiled brightly and said, “Boss is still in the virtual world.” To gain more intel about the situation in Soldier City, Gu Dongyang went to contact his old friends in the military. Ling Lan, on the other hand, went into the virtual world and used her tiny hacker, Little Four, to source for more clues. Xie Yi looked at Gu Dongyang’s expression and raised his eyebrows. “Did you get rejected?” Gu Dongyang took off his military cap and threw it on the coffee table. He plopped on the sofa and replied angrily, “Those f**king bastards didn’t even want to meet me.” He felt that he had treated his friends of the past sincerely, but none of them treated him the same way. All of them said that they were busy and rejected him coldly. He was furious. “They’re not simple people.” Xie Yi felt that it was normal to be rejected. Any relationship required time and effort to maintain. No matter how good your relationship was in the past, it would deteriorate over ten years if it wasn’t maintained properly. Moreover, Gu Dongyang was chased out of Planet General as an outcast. Who would be willing to risk their future to befriend an outcast like him? If there was really someone who would take the risk, he must treasure that person. “But, I still managed to get some clues. Someone in the military secretly told me that the situation is against us. Someone from the Disciplinary and Investigation Committee found evidence that our regiment commander had killed people without mercy.” This was another reason why Gu Dongyang was frustrated. Xie Yi frowned. “The Disciplinary and Investigation Committee? Why are they still finding trouble with us? Do you know who the person is?” Gu Dongyang shook his head. “He’s not sure too. The information was restricted by the higher authorities. They probably want to catch us off guard.” Luo Lang’s gaze turned cold. He frowned and asked, “Brother Gu, is your friend close to you? Have you always been in contact with him? Is he reliable?” Gu Dongyang replied, “I left the military in the past because I offended someone with a powerful background to help another soldier. He is the soldier I helped.” “He coincidentally saw me while he was on a mission. He wanted to repay me so he came to look for me. When he knew what I was there for, he told me tactfully that I should be prepared for what will happen.” Gu Dongyang thought about what happened carefully. “I think he’s reliable.” “Just like what you say, don’t believe everything you see.” A cold voice sounded in the room. The four people stood up hurriedly. “Regiment Commander!” Ling Lan walked out of her room and signaled for them to sit down. After Gu Dongyang sat down, he asked, “Regiment commander, did you find any evidence in the virtual world?” The other people looked at Boss intently as they waited for an answer. “Yes. There are people pulling a cheap trick but it might not be the intention of the Disciplinary and Investigation Committee,” Ling Lan replied calmly. Gu Dongyang, Luo Lang, and Xie Yi were enlightened, only Li Yingjie remained confused. Damn it, what was Boss trying to say? He understood her words but didn’t know what the hidden meaning behind her words was. Please talk properly for me, Boss! “We just gave them a slap on the face so the Disciplinary and Investigation Committee won’t jump out now to offend us. However, someone pushed a pile of evidence against me to the Disciplinary and Investigation Committee so they had no choice but to take the case,” Ling Lan replied.