Chapter 1075 After interacting with the Water Divine Ability power transported into her body by Qin Yun, Shui Weiwei feels very amazed. Because her cultivation base is somewhat higher than Qin Yun yet the Water Divine Ability power he transferred is very formidable. Qin Yun’s Water Divine Ability power is very gentle, moreover, under his guidance, it has been stored inside Shui Weiwei’s body very obediently. Since Shui Weiwei also has water based martial spirit and has cultivated water attribute power, she has managed to stabilize this formidable Divine Ability power. Qin Yun sent sound transmission to Shui Weiwei : “Weiwei, when you arm wrestle, control this power to restrict your opponent.” Shui Weiwei is extremely happy in her heart, she wants to immediately give this power a try. But Qin Yun did not let her begin, instead let her control the power and operate it within her body. Shui Weiwei began doing as Qin Yun instructed and began to gain more control over the Water Divine Ability power. When the time comes, she will be able to use it more proficiently. After letting go of Shui Weiwei’s hands, Qin Yun pretended to whisper in her ears. It made people think that he is providing guidance. You Feng has been seriously looking at them, she really wants to take away this courageous little girl but she can see that Shui Weiwei is completely firm on following Qin Yun. “Hey, are you two done or not?” that Gao Cai impatiently yelled. “We said one hour, not even half an hour has passed. Why are you so anxious?” Shui Weiwei lightly groaned and said with great confidence. Lu Chaoshuai is also very impatient but he can only bear with it. He doesn’t understand what kind of guiding is needed for something as simple as arm wrestling. He however is completely ignorant of the fact that Qin Yun is an expert in toying with people and he has fallen into Qin Yun’s trap. Once Qin Yun traps someone, he makes sure to make people cry for their mothers and call for their fathers. Many of the spectators are the older generation of new students, they came here with the juniors of their families to help them find a good teacher. They began criticizing Qin Yun and Shui Weiwei one after another. They kept saying that Shui Weiwei is weak and has no chance of winning no matter how many hours an even weaker teacher like Qin Yun guides her and so on. After another half an hour passed, Shui Weiwei has completely mastered the control of the Water Divine Ability power. Then Qin Yun shouted : “We can begin now.” You Feng took out a large square stone, placed it on the ground and said : “We will use this as table for arm wrestling. I will be the referee.” “Gao Cai, you are already 30 years old right? That little girl is only 13, don’t go lose to her!” a young man said with laugh. “How can that be possible?” Gao Cai burst into laughter. Qin Yun is secretly apprehensive. A 30 year old peak Martial Emperor is indeed a very gifted youth. However higher cultivation base doesn’t mean higher strength, some are still pretty weak with high cultivation. Shui Weiwei walked over to the side of the large stone and placed her small hands on the stone. Her right hand is erect and overflowing with faint water energy. “It is water martial spirit.” Gao Cai said with smile : “But you are too weak, you won’t be able to restrain me!” He also placed his hands on the stone. He tried to grab Shui Weiwei’s right palm with his own right palm but discovered that he is being blocked by a layer of water energy barrier. Shui Weiwei’s right palm is now covered in a watery mist. She lightly groaned and said : “Don’t think you can touch my hand, you will only dirty me!” “Wretched girl, don’t be cocky! I will make you cry and call me grandpa in a while!” Gao Cai furiously said. “Begin!” You Feng shouted. As soon as the match began, Gao Cai let out a loud shout and released his formidable power but Shui Weiwei also began channeling Water Divine Ability power into Gao Cai’s body, causing his power to dissipate. Gao Cai kept shouting and trying to release his power again and again but kept getting blocked by Sjuui Weiwei’s power. Every time he produced his powerful flame within his body, it was extinguished by Water Divine Ability power. Finally Gao Cai let out a desperate roar. Seeing this scene, Lu Chaoshuai’s expression became filled with shock. You Feng also realized that it is the result of Qin Yun’s guidance. Everyone saw how nervous Shui Weiwei was before. But now she is dominating Gao Cai. Nobody expected this outcome. Those who were saying that Shui Weiwei had no chance of winning are now feeling very embarrassed. Gao Cai gritted his teeth and in a last ditch effort, tried to release all of his power and put pressure on Shui Weiwei. But yet again his power has been extinguished by the Water Divine Ability power and Shui Weiwei took this chance to vigorously press down Gao Cai’s hand. Bang! Gao Cai’s hand has been vigorously smashed on the stone and produced a burst of muffled noise. “I won.. I won..” Shui Weiwei burst into joyous laughter after winning : “Ha ha ha… teacher Lu Chaoshuai’s student is this kind of trash! A 30 year old peak Martial Emperor could not even defeat a 13 years old little girl like me in arm wrestling!” Many people burst into a commotion and cried out in shock, they all find this situation hard to believe. They were all hoping that Gao Cai would turn the situation around at the last moment. Lu Chaoshuai’s complexion became gloomy. He looked at Gao Cai and asked in low voice : “How did you lose?” “I.. that little girl released a very strong water power that restrained my flame power.” Gao Cai looked at Qin Yun and Shui Weiwei while gritting his teeth in anger. “So it was a method to restrain power.. so that’s how it is..” Lu Chaoshuai looked at Qin Yun, lightly groaned and said : “Don’t be too proud, this is not the result of your guidance! You just took advantage of the situation and used some tricks! Everyone knows that water restrains fire!” Many people nodded in agreement with his words. Qin Yun said with smile : “But I won! Hand over 200 million star coins!” “Hmph.. I will give it to you!” Lu Chaoshuai walked over in great dissatisfaction and transferred 200 million star coins to Qin Yun. Shui Weiwei said : “Now it is proven that teacher Qin is truly very awesome!” Gao Cai has suffered a great blow. Although everyone knows that water restrains flame but now when people are looking at him, their eyes are filled with disdain. “Quickly call Weiwei great aunt!” Qin Yun said with smile. “You…” Gao Cai feels like cursing loudly. “What a great man! Do you want to act shamelessly?” Shui Weiwei said mockingly. Many people find this situation very ridiculous because Gao Cai lost in a very unsightly manner. Gao Cai really wants to just attack because no matter what, he lost a lot of face today. He now thoroughly regrets volunteering to compete against Qin Yun and Shui Weiwei. “Great aunt!” Gao Cai firmly held his fists and loudly shouted. Then he quickly turned and left. He is extremely ashamed to show his face any longer. Everyone burst into laughter looking at this scene. Shui Weiwei is smiling very sweetly, she now adores Qin Yun even more. Lu Chaoshuai looked at You Feng and asked : “Teacher You Feng, won’t your new students compete against teacher Qin’s student?” You Feng knows that Qin Yun has many evil tricks up his sleeves, she doesn’t dare to take any risk here. “Not competing. Teacher Qin is very brilliant. Moreover he is more handsome than you! How about you give up and admit defeat?” You Feng said with sneer : “Your students are truly something! Let’s ignore their shitty cultivation, they are actually blind on top of it! Teacher Qin is more handsome than you by miles! Not only they don’t recognize it, they even want teacher Qin to publicly announce that you are the most handsome! Truly disgusting!” “You Feng! You… alright, great!” Lu Chaoshuai furiously yelled. But he doesn’t dare to act more arrogantly than this with You Feng because she is the Holy Maiden of Nether Sect. Qin Yun is cursing You Feng in his heart because she is actually inciting anger towards him.