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Chapter 120 - Perform Well

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 120: Perform Well

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    When Luo Duoduo returned after a while, her face was brighter than usual.

    Mayou exchanged a look with Boss Lu, and they made a firm decision to follow the instructions of Half-immortal Chen Qianmo.

    Mayou cleared her throat. “Boss, how about we go to the second canteen for stir-fry? Hah, I’m having a strong craving for it.”

    Luo Duoduo was stunned.

    Luo Duoduo went over and threw her arm around Mayou’s shoulders as she said, “Mayou, let’s eat at the first canteen. It’s so near us. Besides, don’t you usually dine there?”

    The school had a total of three canteens. Normally, they would eat at the nearest one. Although the other two cafeterias had their own specialties, they rarely went there.

    Mayou sighed.

    “I’m getting sick of it after always eating there. Although the first canteen has delicious soup stewed in Earthenware pot and halal barbecue skewers, it’s the end of the month, and I’m almost broke! My family hasn’t sent me living expenses… To avoid making myself feel bad when I see the good food but can’t afford it, let’s detour to the second canteen. Just as well, we’ll pass by the notice board and can check out if there’re any new notices.”

    When Luo Duoduo heard her mentioning the notice board, she grew agitated. “Mayou, are you someone who can’t even afford to eat?”

    Mayou looked down and wiped away a tear on her face that was not even there.

    “My family has difficulties. When my father was young, he joined the triad, which caused him to be fired by the factory. Ever since then, he kept being laid off and unemployed. My mom doesn’t do anything at home. She would only give me a little pocket money every month, which is basically only enough for eating.”

    “I’ll treat all of you to lunch. My family just sent me living expenses, and I’m not going home on the first of October either. I have enough money.” To be able to go on stage to be the freshman representative, Luo Duoduo was giving it her all.

    Boss Lu high-fived Mayou.

    It was all going according to Qianmo’s plan.

    Qianmo looked at Luo Duoduo with a smile so faint that it did not seem like one. These few days, she had discovered many interesting things about her.

    Realizing that Qianmo was looking at her, Luo Duoduo subconsciously lowered her head and asked, “Is there something wrong with me? Why do you keep staring at me.”

    Qianmo stood up and walked over to her. She tilted Luo Duoduo’s chin up with one hand and said, “You interest me a lot.”

    Luo Duoduo was startled. “What are you trying to do!”

    Qianmo rubbed Luo Duoduo’s delicate face with her hands. Her ambiguous action gave Luo Duoduo goosebumps.

    “You are very interesting.”

    After she said that, she looked up, and her eyes swept over Boss Lu and Mayou one by one.

    “The few of you are all pretty interesting.”

    If Qianmo was just an ordinary girl who could not read microexpressions, she might have been confused by what her eyes saw and believed that her roommates were three ordinary people.

    One belonged to a family that reared sea cucumbers in Q City. The second was a Scorpio with a one-track mind focused on eating and who was from a moderately affluent family that had just gotten out of poverty. Another was learning to be a green tea bitch and was always worried that others would do better than her, and the last of them was a tomboy who claimed to be from a military family.

    However, these were all just appearances on the surface and not accurate.

    Qianmo had come back this lifetime with a rebirth cheat sheet. As for her roommates …

    None of them were easy to deal with. Exactly what their antecedent was, it was something that Qianmo would have to dig up.

    Mayou huddled with Boss Lu as they shuddered.

    “What’s wrong with Number Two… Could she have developed excessive male hormones after going through too much military training and started to think that she’s a man with a dick? When the lights are out at night, will she pounce on us and… do that?!”

    Boss Lu replied seriously, “Then, between me and her, who do you think is more of a ‘dominant’?”

    Mayou gave it some serious thought and said, “Although based on the appearance you seem more like a dominant, I think Number Two is firm mentally and overall fits the description much better. Furthermore, she has the looks of a submissive, but that’s just on the surface.”

    The two of them scrutinized Qianmo earnestly. Luo Duoduo, whom Qianmo was taking liberties with, finally snapped out of her daze and glared at her other two roommates in disdain.

    “What do you two fujoshis know? Dominant and submissive are used for for gay men. That’s not what they’re called for lesbians. If Chen Qianmo were in the lesbian circle, she would be a standard strong T for Tomboy.”

    Fine, T then. But why the word ‘strong’ before that?

    The amount of knowledge that Mayou had picked up from boys’ love novels was insufficient, so she asked shamelessly, “Number Two looks more feminine than Boss, right?”

    When the four women in the room went out, only Qianmo looked the most like a woman. She had a petite oval face, big eyes, long eyelashes, and was curvaceous to boot.

    “Being a T is not based on appearance but rather on how masculine the person’s temperament is. True lesbians would not want to have too many male characteristics.”

    Boss Lu stroked her chin and pondered for a long time before asking, “Then why do I see many Ts rejecting their female organs and doing things such as deliberately smoking, refusing to go to the women’s toilet, and even having a strong disgust for their breasts to the point that they usually bind them up?”

    Mayou drew a sharp breath.

    Boss Lu laughed mischievously and explained, “When I was in school, all I thought about was playing, so I entered the circle… and then realized that I’m not interested in women.”

    She just looked more gender-neutral, but there was no issue with her sexual orientation.

    Qianmo stuck her head in from outside the door and said, “Most of what Boss Lu mentioned was gender-identity disorder, and… some of them don’t know whether they like men or women. In order to fulfill their desire to stand out from others, they try to seem cool by forcing themselves to infiltrate into the lesbian circle and pretend to be lesbian.”

    Luo Duoduo’s expression changed for a moment, but it soon returned to her usual self…

    The emotions in Mayou’s eyes also flickered for a moment, but she quickly reined them in. Qianmo, however, took in both their reactions.

    Naturally, this meal was not so simple as to just con Luo Duoduo into treating. Qianmo wanted to observe her roommates’ reactions from this incident. And after doing so, the vague speculations she had in her heart became clearer.

    At noon, Qianmo cheated Luo Duoduo of a feast. Hearing that somebody was treating her, Mayou was like a reincarnated starving ghost. She ate ten of the expensive halal skewers in a row. Not to mention, these skewers were much bigger than those in regular barbecue stalls. Each one here was equivalent to quite a few skewers at a regular stall.

    Luo Duoduo kept pouting. “Mayou, can your family not afford to eat meat?”

    Wiping her mouth, Mayou replied, “We have our own problems back home. Sigh, let me order more; it’s not enough.”

    “I want some too!”

    Qianmo placed her bowl and gracefully seconded, “Me too.”

    She realized that free food did taste better than that she paid for.

    Luo Duoduo gritted her teeth.

    A few days later, when Qianmo received the notice, Luo Duoduo blew up, and so did Qianmo.

    “Why is it me (her)?!” They both yelled in unison.

    The instructor, who was put in charge of notifying her, smiled as he said to Qianmo, “We read your speech, and it is more in line with the requirements. After a detailed review by the school, they decided to leave this year’s freshman representative speech to you. Perform well!”

    Luo Duoduo ground her teeth.

    Qianmo was utterly baffled. She certainly did not know what was going on, and she did trick Luo Duoduo for a treat on purpose. But she had definitely not submitted a speech…?