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Chapter 121 - The Man’s wife is Still the Man’s Wife

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 121: The Man’s wife is Still the Man’s Wife

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    Snidely, Luo Duoduo said to Qianmo, “I didn’t expect our campus belle to be so scheming. Acting like you don’t care on the surface, but your body is sincere.”

    Qianmo put on a fake smile and said, “You flatter me. Though, it is not comparable to how you act like you care on the surface but have an honest body.”

    Luo Duoduo’s expression froze. “What do you mean?”

    Qianmo reached out and flicked Luo Duoduo’s forehead.

    “Silly girl, your public image has long been ruined.”

    At this moment, only Luo Duoduo and Qianmo were in the room. Luo Duoduo did not know that just half an hour ago, Qianmo had stopped Mayou in the corridor and flicked her in the same manner and said the exact same words.

    Such a masterful trick could actually be used on many people without any problem.

    Leaving a stunned Luo Duoduo behind, Qianmo flitted away.

    Left alone in the dormitory room, Luo Duoduo became more uneasy the more she thought about it. Could it be that Chen Qianmo had really noticed something?

    Unable to remain calm, Luo Duoduo decided to take the opportunity of being alone in the room. Feeling around inside her pillow, she fished out a mobile phone.

    At the same time, Mayou was also holding the mobile phone that she had secretly kept and hiding in an empty corner. Almost in synchrony, she and Luo Duoduo, who was in the room, dialed a number.

    No one knew whom the two girls—who had been conned by Qianmo—had called. After the call went through, both of them anxiously spoke in a similar tone to the person on the other side of the phone.

    “Mentor, I seem to have been found out—Erm, how was I found out? There’s a Half-immortal Chen in my room…”

    “Dad, I seem to have been found out—How was I discovered? There’s a b*tch who’s very difficult to deal with in my room…”

    With just one sentence, she could dupe two people at the same time. Such was Qianmo’s capability.

    After living together under the same roof for more than a month, even though the few of them thought that there was no flaw in their disguises, they still could not escape Qianmo’s eyes.

    She was like a wind, you could neither touch it nor see it, but it remained in control all the time. People could not feel the fluctuations in her emotions, so she could effortlessly resolve the problems that were thrown her way, without even batting an eyelid.

    Now, Qianmo was like a small whirlwind, headed straight for the building where the student union was located and where a meeting was ongoing.

    Sha Muyu had not even adjourned the meeting when he looked up and saw Qianmo standing at the door of the meeting room. He was so shocked that the muscles around his anus tightened.

    “If there’s nothing else, we will end the meeting here.” After Sha Muyu finished talking, he slinked towards the back door with his tail between his legs. He did not have the courage to walk out through the front door, where his future Second Sister-in-law was standing.

    “Stop right there.”

    As she uttered those three words, though her voice was not loud, it clearly entered the ears of everyone in the room. The next moment, everyone saw that the President, who was usually full of smiles and liked messing with people, behaved like a mouse that had seen a cat as his leg comically paused in mid-air, and he dared not leave.

    Sha Muyu’s strong desire to survive made him stop in his escape. Calming himself down, he pretended that nothing had happened as he walked towards Qianmo.

    Midway, he asked, “Classmate, are you looking for this President for something?”

    With his back facing the other people in the room, he used his eyes to frantically plead with Qianmo.

    Understanding his plight, Qianmo did not make things difficult for him. Cooperatively, she said, “I have some things to consult you about, President. Is it a convenient time?”

    The gossipy souls of all the student union members in the room instantly lit up like a raging fire. One by one, they started to organize the documents (two pieces of paper) or bent down and pretended to tie their shoelaces—Oops, no shoelaces. They then hurried to polish their leather shoes. Either way, they were not going to leave.

    The campus belle was looking for the President.

    Vice-president Wang Xiaoyao stood up at this moment. As if finding the situation not chaotic enough, he walked over to Sha Muyu’s side and said to Qianmo, “If you have any questions, you can also ask me.”

    Immediately, everyone’s eyes brightened in unison.

    In a split second, they started imagining a poignant love triangle story with a few hundred thousand words.

    It would be a big mistake to think that the inner world of police school students was not rich. In fact, it was as bountiful as their usual packed training schedule and plenty of homework. It was how they diverted their libido.

    “Thank you, Senior Brother, but I only want to talk to him alone. Is that okay?” Qianmo ignored the commotion that she had caused. Right now, not hitting Sha Muyu then and there was the most benevolent she could be towards him.

    The gossipy souls of everybody in the room nodded wildly, as if they had grasped the crux of the whole affair.

    “Junior sister, please follow me to my private office,” Sha Muyu said and made an inviting hand gesture. Just when everyone thought that the Vice-president was going to be kicked out and be dejected as his couplehood was stolen and the campus belle not taking a fancy to him, he opened his mouth.

    Leaning against the door frame and with one hand in his pocket, Wang Xiaoyao lazily said to Qianmo, “Let’s go home together during the holiday?”

    Behind him, sharp intakes of breaths could be heard.

    Before Qianmo could reply, Sha Muyu panicked and stood in front of Qianmo, fearing that ‘Mr. Wang from next door’, aka Wang Xiaoyao, would lust after his future Second Sister-in-law.

    “She naturally has someone to bring her, and both of you are not going the same way.”

    “Oh?” Wang Xiaoyao stroked his chin. Sha Muyu knew that this guy had a lot of tricks up his sleeves, so he had to act first.

    “But I’m going in the same direction as you. We can go home together.” Little Sha decided to personally watch over this ‘Mr. Wang from next door’. He was determined not to let him taint his future Second Sister-in-law. Hence, he had to sacrifice himself at times like this.

    Behind him, a chorus of “oohs” rang out again.

    “Let’s go, let’s go. We can just ignore him. He snores and grinds his teeth when he sleeps. He’s a terrible cookie. Let’s speak alone.” Afraid that ‘Mr. Wang from next door’ would cause trouble again, Sha Muyu hurriedly led Qianmo to his office.

    Staring at their backs as they left, Wang Xiaoyao narrowed his eyes.

    The door of the Student Union President’s office had good soundproofing. Hence, outsiders were not able to hear anything coming from the inside.

    Leaning against the door, Sha Muyu felt weak, helpless, and pitiful. The woman before him was a fiend.

    “Second, Second Sister-in-law, we’re all people with status. We can talk things out nicely.” Sha Muyu used his hands to cover his front, afraid that Qianmo would castrate him the next second.

    “If you’re honest, I’ll be harsh. If you’re not honest, I’ll be even harsher. Start talking, what’s going on with the freshman representative speech?”

    Qianmo had charged over to settle this matter.

    Sha Muyu’s eyes darted around, intending to deny it to his death.

    “I have to deal with a multitude of work every day. I’m so busy. Besides, this kind of thing is not under my responsibility. Second Sister-in-law, you were selected to be the student representative to give a speech? Congratulations… Um!”

    The coldness radiating from Qianmo’s body made Sha Muyu unable to continue lying. In his heart, he decided to go for broke for the sake of his Second Brother. At most, he would receive a beating.

    “Don’t want to talk? That’s fine.” Seeing that there was a phone on the table, Qianmo went straight to it and dialed a number.

    “I’m going to tell Black that you wrote me a love letter and that you’re using your authority as the Student Union President to demand sexual favors from me.”

    Since when did a beautiful woman need a knife to kill someone?

    Shrieking “No!” miserably, Sha Muyu rushed over and begged for mercy.