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Chapter 122 - Settling Scores After a Month

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 122: Settling Scores After a Month

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    “Second Sister-in-law, I admit it. I was the one who wrote the student representative speech and submitted it on your behalf. However, I did it because I really felt that it would be a pity if someone like Second sister-in-law, who is so graceful, charming, and has the ability to rule the world, does not leave any video memories behind.”

    Sha Muyu actually had his own motive.

    That day, he was standing on the field where the troop review and school opening ceremony was taking place. Stroking his chin, he had deliberated for a long while before finally reaching a conclusion.

    Qianmo was a part of the phalanx, but Yu Changmo did not turn up. Little Sha would never believe that something like that could happen.

    Hence, he would be hiding somewhere to watch. As his younger brother, seeing that his older brother was lovesick, how could he not do something about it? If he didn’t arrange the matter appropriately, won’t that be letting down all those years of favor that Yu Changmo and his brother had done for him by bringing him along to be the invincible kings of brats and ruling over their school?

    Therefore, Sha Muyu checked out all the views from different angles once and finally laughed hysterically at the podium that was right in the center.

    After making up his mind, Little Sha eagerly looked through the freshman speeches that were submitted until he almost became cross-eyed. Yet, he still did not find his Second Sister-in-law’s name.

    It seemed that the Second Sister-in-law did not want fame or achievement. But this did not pose a problem for Sha Muyu!

    He had become the Student Union President because Wang had sabotaged him. Initially, Little Sha did not want to be the stupid president, as it would take up too much time. He just wanted to be a melancholic artsy youth who liked gazing up at the sky at 45 degrees. However, ‘Mr. Wang next door’ was insidious and scheming. Unwilling to be the stupid president himself, Wang Xiaoyao had set him up to be the president.

    Little Sha had been depressed about this. That was until the moment when he came up with the idea of making Qianmo the freshman representative. He became enlightened and finally understood the meaning of his existence as this stupid president. If he had the ability, he could help Second Brother woo his wife. If he did not, he would create that ability!

    Rolling up his sleeves, Sha Muyu picked up a sheet of paper and scribbled on it, and at the end of the letter, he signed off as Chen Qianmo!

    After writing the letter, he picked it up and examined it in all seriousness, pretending not to know who had written it and even praised it.


    His recollection ended there. The reality was cruel. When Sha Muyu was doing all that, he believed he had completed it flawlessly and that there was no evidence against him. Who would have thought that the Second Sister-in-law’s mind would be so astonishing that she could guess the culprit in just one second and come charging all the way here to interrogate him!

    Sha Muyu believed that he was not afraid to be beaten up as he was full of muscles and capable of enduring a beating. However, even in his wildest dreams, he had never imagined that the Second Sister-in-law would not lift a finger, but she would… use underhanded tactics, such as pillow talk, that could kill someone without shedding a drop of blood.

    “Second sister-in-law, I admit that I did it. You can kill me or cut off my flesh, it’s up to you. As long as you don’t tell Second Brother, you can do whatever you want.” Sha Muyu had a determined expression on his face like he was about to climb a mountain of swords or brave a sea of fire.

    “Whatever I want?” Qianmo dragged a chair over and steadily sat down on the throne that originally belonged to the president.

    Sha Muyu stood at attention with his hands by his side, a perfect example of a complete bootlicker.

    “Yes. Second Sister-in-law, do you want to come to the Student Union to work—no, give directives on our work? How about, I let you be the president?”

    Qianmo sneered. “Am I so idle that I have nothing better to do than to spend my time doing these paltry work?”

    Sha Muyu grasped onto his lapels tightly, looking shy as he uttered, “If you’re coveting my youthful body, I certainly can’t allow it. How about you force yourself on Second Brother? He would be so happy that he’ll spread his legs open and let you do whatever you want. Plus, my Second Brother has an amazing physique. When we bathed together—”

    “Oh, you bathed together?” Qianmo’s eyes narrowed slightly, but her voice remained soft.

    However, Little Sha felt like the temperature in the room had suddenly dropped a few degrees as he felt a chill run down his spine.

    He swallowed and stammered with difficulty, “T-t-that was during our c-c-childhood.”

    Qianmo sniggered, mocking him hard with her expression.

    Sha Muyu could not control his imagination from running wild. He was too familiar with Goddess Qianmo’s reaction!

    Whenever his mother’s office held a dance party, tea party, seminar, or any other event, his father would carry a large pair of scissors and brutally clip the flowers and plants in the house. As he cut them, he would grumble about too many wild men staring at his beautiful wife and how infuriating that was.

    After that, he would go to the kitchen, whip up a delicious feast, and wait for his mother to come home to eat.

    As a result, Sha Muyu’s mother gained about 18kg in less than ten years of marriage because of her spouse, who harbored his own unfathomable motives. She completely changed from a beautiful young girl into a plump, rich lady, but his father still remained worried.

    Why was Sha Muyu reminded of his mum and dad at home?

    Because Qianmo’s snigger just now was notably similar to his dad’s expression when he was holding the large scissors and cutting the flowers and plants in their yard!

    In order to prevent himself from being cut up by the Second Sister-in-law and having the same tragic fate as those flowers and plants, Sha Muyu cautiously reminded her, “That, Second Sister-in-law… I’m a straight man.”

    “Yeah, I know. So?” Qianmo tapped the desk with her fingers. Sha Muyu was on the brink of tears.

    Wasn’t such a manner of talking that did not express her intentions, and was so ambiguous that it would torture the other person, a skill that only people of his parents’ age would have? They were both youngsters, for god’s sake! Couldn’t she just be more straightforward instead of playing these mind games to torment others!

    “I can forgive you, but you have to answer my questions truthfully.” Qianmo had long wanted to approach Sha Muyu.

    And how long had she wished to do that?

    Since the last time they met at the bar in Q City when Sha Muyu accidentally let slip that Black had a crush on her for many years. Qianmo had taken it to heart thereafter.

    Although Goddess Mo was used to remaining calm and not saying anything such that people could not even read her emotions, how could she, who had learned about microexpressions, forget?!

    So, this was the settling of scores after a month. Sha Muyu had completely forgotten about the incident. Qianmo took the opportunity of being forced to give a speech to make a fuss and achieve her goal.

    “What do you want to ask, Second Sister-in-law? As long as it doesn’t involve confidential matters and Second Brother’s privacy, I can answer them.”

    “Don’t be nervous, I only have two questions. First, has Yu Changmo ever skipped grades?”

    This question was easy to answer, so Sha Muyu replied honestly without any hesitation, “Second Brother is a graduate from the Air Force Command College with a double master’s degree. He skipped two grades and could have jumped a few more, but my aunt, Second Brother’s mother, disagreed. She said that if he continued, he would not have any childhood. So Second Brother and Third Brother stopped skipping grades.”

    Everybody would try their best to skip grades, but his family tried hard to do otherwise.

    Qianmo’s focus was not on that, though. She had asked this question simply to solve the mystery of Black’s scallion pancake in her previous life.

    From her previous life to the present, Black’s mouth was sealed shut. She could not fish any information out of him, so the best person to remedy that would most likely be…

    Qianmo focused her gaze on Sha Muyu.