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Chapter 123 - For Her

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 123: For Her

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    A problem had troubled Qianmo for quite a while.

    That was the mystery of Black’s age.

    In her previous life, they only got together after she was released from prison.

    By then, he was already a man who had established his career. However, he had always kept his age a secret, so Qianmo calculated it based upon her impressions. She believed he should be two to three years older.

    After all, in Qianmo’s earliest memories, he was a senior who was two batches ahead of her. He would sit at the breakfast store on her way to school and order the boss, “A scallion pancake, please.”

    She had always felt that he was the Scallion Pancake Teen.

    However, after her rebirth, she realized that the age didn’t match up.

    She was starting college, so according to the usual age calculation where they were two batches apart, he shouldn’t have graduated yet. But Sha Muyu said that Black’s education level was double master’s.

    Therefore, what was actually going on with Scallion Pancake Teen?

    Sha Muyu had no idea what Qianmo was busy with in her mind and still thought she was trying to find out his Second Brother’s accomplishments from him. Then, as a family member (?) of Second Brother, of course, he had to tell her everything he knew and describe every single detail.

    “Second Sister-in-law, my brother is really outstanding. Among all of us, he and Third Brother were the best. Since we were young, nobody could hope to be the number one as long as this pair of twins were present.

    “Please don’t think people who are great at studying are all nerds. Nope, Second Brother also knew how to do daily chores like cooking and washing clothes. Whatever a woman can do, he can do the same—except giving birth.”

    Thus, he was the best man in the world.

    Qianmo knew about all that he had said. She didn’t need an “outsider” to tell her how marvelous Black was. Furthermore, he was an outsider who had bathed together before?

    “I have a second question. What was Yu Changmo doing three years ago?”

    Three years ago… Even after Sha Muyu pondered for quite some time, he couldn’t understand why Qianmo asked that particular question.

    “Please rest assured, Second Sister-in-law. Second Brother never had a girlfriend before, we can all vouch for that. Three years ago, he was at school—no, I just remembered. Three years ago, he was on a mission!”

    Little Schoolmate Sha had no idea that he had stepped into the trap that Goddess Mo had set for him. He was still naively trying to hint and market the best man in the world, Yu Changmo.

    “What kind of mission? Were there all girls in that mission?” Qianmo continued to lay the trap. It was so easy to lure an innocent kid like Sha Muyu.

    Sha Muyu thought that she was jealous after she deliberately misled him. He quickly shook his head hard and fast.

    “No, no. Although there were girls where Second Brother went undercover in, he was not interested in them. Really, we even asked him if the prestigious high school in Q City really had plenty of pretty girls as the rumors said when he was back. Second Brother told us that he didn’t even bother to see. He was only looking at you.”

    To emphasize that his information was accurate, Little Sha added on.

    “I can be the witness because the class that Second Brother went undercover in was just a batch ahead of mine. I had watched him with my own eyes. To be honest, Second Brother was really unbelievable. He was already in graduate school that year. However, after he returned from his mission one year later, his college studies weren’t even affected at all. Such a marvelous man will have fantastic genes, which is beneficial for the next generation.”

    Qianmo closed her eyes.

    His age wasn’t a mismatch. He was just undercover when they met over scallion pancake that year.

    Three years ago, she was 16 while he was 22. An accelerated graduate student who had gone to a high school as an undercover agent. It was a little illogical, so Qianmo already had an answer in her heart. Asking Sha Muyu was just going through a formality to confirm her guess.

    “In principle, it’s rare to have this type of situation. And the possibility of sending him was even lower than that of sending a police academy cadet as an undercover agent?”

    This kind of work would never end up on his shoulders. Therefore, there was only one truth.

    “That, that…” Sha Muyu hemmed and hawed.

    “He did that for me,” Qianmo said in a calm voice. But only she herself knew about the overwhelming emotions within that sentence.

    Sha Muyu really wanted to deny, but his microexpression had let Qianmo understand everything.

    Yes, in order to see her more often, Black had fought for the chance—which wasn’t meant for him—to go undercover.

    He was so outstanding and was at the golden phase of his life. Obviously, he could have done more meaningful things in a year’s time.

    However, he was willing to give up everything and go to an unfamiliar city to be a busy third-year student, all so that he could see her every morning and so that she could hear him say,

    What was true love?.

    It was not about hugging, kissing, and touching each other every day. Nor was it about gazing at the moon and stars, walking together in the rain, or under the sun.

    It was not about swearing the “till death do us part”.

    It was about that one look. That one look every single day, even when she didn’t know his feelings for her.

    If she hadn’t dropped to the bottom in her previous life, he most probably wouldn’t have the courage to stand next to her.

    If she had been the glamourous School Belle like she was now, he would still be hiding in a corner, of which she had no idea about. He would look at her with a scorching gaze and guard her, even though she would never find out.

    Qianmo seldom cried. After she had been through the trials and tests of life, her emotions became more and more restrained. Yet now, her eyes were red, and her almost-frozen heart had melted under the fiery warmth of his unconditional love.

    Qianmo started to feel remorseful. She had regrets about so many things at the moment.

    She thought of how he gave her so much attention from a place she didn’t even know about. She wished she could go back in time now and tell that rebellious teenage girl,

    He had given her everything, and yet, he wouldn’t let her know. And she didn’t even say,when she took his thermal cup…


    Qianmo’s emotions were bubbling like a volcano. Her eyes were red, and she was in a different mode entirely. Sha Muyu was sincerely trying to promote his second brother, but he saw the school belle’s face become solemn and her eyes turning red with anger…

    Little Sha was rather insensitive, so he couldn’t differentiate between being touched and angry. Or perhaps, the school belle had stressed him out too much. The Qianmo in his heart was a devil with little fangs or a demoness with a high IQ that trapped people!

    “Second Sister-in-law, ah, I have told you everything I know. I am not good with words, and I don’t know what you like to hear either. If I have said anything wrong, please punish me and leave my second brother out of it. He really likes you a lot… Sigh, he doesn’t let us tell you that he likes you too. Please pretend you have never heard this before.”

    Sha Muyu saw Qianmo pick up her phone after he finished speaking. It almost made him poop in his pants.

    “My dearest Second Sister-in-law, I have already apologized to you. Why are you still calling Second Brother to complain?”

    Where was the agreed-upon “leniency to those who confess”? Second Sister-in-law was simply too harsh.

    “Shut up. I will make sure you die horribly in your next life if you interrupt my confession.”

    Qianmo picked up her phone and dialed Black’s number decisively. She only had one thought in her mind now.