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Chapter 123 - Block 96, Gong Village

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 123: Block 96, Gong Village

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    Guo Jianghu led out the seventy or so surviving members of the Dragon Gang with their hands raised to surrender to the police. A pitch-black muzzle peeked out sneakily from an inconspicuous window. It rapidly fired three shots at the police outside.

    “Bang! Bang! Bang!”

    Piercing gunshots broke the night’s silence. The fired bullets soared through the air and tore apart space, hitting three police officers wearing body armor. They let out deep groans and dropped on the spot.

    This unexpected development occurred too suddenly and without any warning. It not only stunned the police but also left Guo Jianghu and his men entirely at a loss. However, Guo Jianghu was smart as a whip and immediately understood that Xiao Luo was intentionally provoking the police. This way, Xiao Luo did not have to do anything directly, and the heavily-armed SWAT team outside would take all of his enemies out.

    He broke out in a cold sweat as he figured all this out. Then, a sense of speechless fear welled up from the bottom of his heart.

    Never had Guo Jianghu thought that Xiao Luo would be bold enough to do something like this. This made him wonder who was the f*cking gangster here. Xiao Luo could even murder with a borrowed knife! And the most unbelievable thing of all was that Xiao Luo was borrowing a knife from the police?

    He immediately swung his arms and shouted with all his might: “Officer! We did not shoot, we did not shoot…”

    This was his vain attempt to calm the police, as the provoked officers could easily open fire and clear the area in one clean sweep.

    Gu Qianlin also felt that something was odd. As she was about to order the police to hold fire, another bullet soared by. It penetrated the windshield of the police vehicle beside her with a loud ‘bang.’ The windshield shattered into countless pieces of broken glass scattered on the ground. She automatically dove to the ground.

    “Fire!!!” the SWAT team’s nervous captain finally gave the order to fire with a roaring voice.

    “Pow, pow, pow…”

    The rain of bullets formed an enormous net of light in the air, shrouding Guo Jianghu and his people. The bullets’ trails resembled flaming snakes with long tails. “Pow, pow, pow!” Guo Jianghu and a dozen of the Dragon Gang members momentarily collapsed, with numerous bloody gunshot wounds appearing on their bodies.

    He lay in the pool of blood with his body twitching violently. It was the last struggle before death. His eyes were wide open, and blood oozed from his mouth and nose.

    He stared into the warehouse with panic in an offensive manner, as if Xiao Luo’s cold and cruel face had appeared to mock him from the dark warehouse.

    If he could have stared over again, he would not have belittled Xiao Luo. There would have been none of this snide nonsense. Even if he’d wanted to take revenge, he should have kept it in his mind. However, it was pointless to say anything now. He certainly had run out of chances and felt extreme hatred.

    As Gu Qianlin recovered on the ground, she was confident that Guo Jianghu and his people had not fired. The person who had fired secretly had not aimed at the officers’ vital organs but at their body armor. Besides sustaining some external wounds and a bit of shock, their injuries were not life-threatening. Hence, she concluded that the attack had been planned to force the police to fire at Guo Jianghu and his men and decimate them on the shooter’s behalf.

    “Stop shooting! Stop shooting immediately!” She commanded loudly with her hands up.

    The sounds of gunshots ceased gradually, but it was too late. Everyone, including Guo Jianghu, collapsed on the ground. None of them survived. Their corpses were littered all over—they were all dead and gone.

    At the same time, Xiao Luo immediately rushed up to the second floor and jumped into the sea through the open window. His constitution of King of Mercenaries already included the ability to swim. Still, to ensure a fast and efficient escape, he spent another five hundred points to redeem another swimming ability. As Feng Wuhen had done earlier, he dove in with such force that created the impression that he was drowning.

    When Gu Qianlin finally led a squad of police into the warehouse, there was no one left inside. The invisible gunman had vanished into thin air.

    “Gu Squad, the window on the second floor is open. The gunman must have jumped into the sea to escape,” reported Officer Wang Hanxuan.

    “First squad, second squad, and third squad—you guys search along the coastline at once. Do not let any suspicious persons go,” Gu Qianlin ordered.

    “Roger that.”

    The squads had received their orders and started searching both ends of the coastline.


    Gu Qianlin stomped on the ground, and her delicate face was filled with anger. Tricking the police as if they were monkeys was an insult beyond the mark. On the other hand, she was exceedingly terrified by the gunman’s courage and accurate marksmanship. This was definitely a calm, wise killing machine. To think that such a person was hiding in Jiangcheng was indeed a piece of extremely frightening news.

    She swore to find out this person’s identity!


    Although Gu Qianlin had ordered a large number of cops to search the coastline, their search was futile. Xiao Luo and Feng Wuhen had left already.

    Meanwhile, later that night at Block 96 in Gong Village…

    After Zhang Dashan had personally witnessed Xiao Luo murdering people, he needed some time to unwind. He was watching a violent and gory movie on the sofa to stimulate himself. He was a little worried because it was late, and Xiao Luo had not yet returned. Just as he picked up the phone to call Xiao Luo, there was a knock on the door.

    “Dammit. Who forgot their keys again?” he swore as he walked to open the door.

    The moment he opened the door, he was greeted by a few bloody faces. The sight made him scream like a pig being slaughtered.

    It was Feng Wuhen and his four goons, all severely injured. They had reached their limits to get here, and they all collapsed on the ground.

    “Who-who are you guys?” Zhang Dashan questioned in a raised voice, but not before swiftly grabbing the broom by the wall.

    It was almost eleven o’clock, and he thought that he was seeing things.

    Feng Wuhen lifted his head to speak with much difficulty. “Brother Xiao told us to come here…” Then, like the other four, he blacked out.

    “Brother Xiao? Old Xiao?” Zhang Dashan wondered softly.

    Just then, his phone rang. He picked it up. It was Xiao Luo.

    “What the f*ck, Old Xiao? What’s the deal with these five slabs of dead meat here?” While he often had nightmares of the Red Scorpion Mercenary Corps dying, in those dreams, he wasn’t afraid for his best friend’s life.

    “They’re my friends. I am just calling to ask you to help me look after them for a while. I’ll be back very soon.”

    “What the f*ck? What’s this all about? How am I supposed to look after them? Hello? Hello? Old Xiao? Hello? F*ck, he actually hung up on me.”

    Zhang Dashan unhappily tucked his phone back into his pocket. Before his eyes, Feng Wuhen and his cronies were lying drenched on the ground. They were maimed with knife wounds all over their bodies. He frowned so much at the sight that his eyebrows tangled.

    Admittedly, looking after pretty girls was his element. As for looking after five grown men each seven feet tall, he was stumped. He had no idea where to start.

    “Sh*t. I am not a nurse, how the f*ck do I look after them?”

    He rolled up his sleeves as he was cursing, then dragged the men to the sofa. As the couch could not fit all of them, they ended up on the floor in the hall.

    Zhang Dashan wiped the sweat from his forehead as he looked at the corpse-like Feng Wuhen and his men lying neatly on the ground. He shivered and cursed again, “F*ck, this feels like a scene from a movie.”