I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 836 - Profitable Competition Rules

Chapter 836: Profitable Competition Rules Henyee Translations  Henyee Translations Everyone became attentive upon hearing that the pill refinement competition had begun. “My name is Meimei, and I’ll be presiding over this competition. Don’t try to pull any tricks in front of me. If anyone violates the rules, they’ll be disqualified immediately!” The female true demon’s red-colored dress fluttered as she hovered in mid-air. She looked like a rose in full bloom, beautiful and bewitching. She stamped her feet, and a white, semi-transparent spell formation suddenly enveloped the entire dao plaza. Every single competitor felt some kind of energy envelop them. An Lin knew that this energy had the ability to monitor them. The tens of thousands of competitors all gazed toward the true demon in the sky. Their gazes were fervent, and their heartbeats also quickened. Then, looks of disappointment fell over many of their faces. Argh… Detestable safety knickers! She was wearing a red dress and hovering in mid-air. Wasn’t this to provide them with God’s perspective? Yet she was wearing safety knickers… What the hell? Anyhow, her long and slender legs were still very attractive. There were some competitors who were satisfied with this sight. An Lin didn’t look, as Xu Xiaolan was standing right next to him. He was a man of integrity! “The judges for this competition will consist of ten elders from our Pill Tower.” Meimei pointed toward the ten bizarre-looking elders at the front of the dao plaza. Then, she introduced then one by one. “Test One: Refine a spirit pill within two hours, then hand the pill over to the Pill Tower. Based on the rank and quality of the pills, the elders will select the top one hundred competitors. The remaining competitors will all be eliminated!” Meimei fluttered her eyelashes at the competitors below her. “Please prepare your own pill refinement ingredients…” The dao plaza instantly burst into an uproar! “F*ck! That’s absolute bullsh*t! What happened to the Pill Tower providing ingredients?” “The Pill Tower changes the rules every time… Ah…” “Waah… I didn’t bring pill refinement ingredients. Aren’t I f*cked then?” A white panther from the Sinister Spirit Beast Cesspool squatted down and burst into tears. “I brought pill refinement ingredients… It’s a shame that there’s not enough to refine a spirit pill though.” “I’m done for… This is unfair!” Many competitors were stupefied by this requirement. Some howled in frustration, and others criticized the organizers for being moronic and retarded. There were also some who burst into tears. Meimei paused for a moment before flicking her fingers lightly. Bursts of white light shot toward the competitors like swords. Wails of anguish echoed through the dao plaza. The competitors were stupefied once more. Why was she even attacking now?! “Exchanging pill refinement ingredients within the competition grounds is forbidden!” Meimei announced coldly. Many more competitors fell into despair. Just as they had thought of purchasing ingredients from other competitors, Meimei banned this option. “As an outstanding pill refiner, how can one not have sufficient amounts of pill refinement ingredients on them? What will you use to fight for the top one hundred positions? You may as well scram!” Meimei’s voice reverberated through the dao plaza. One had to admit, this reasoning was irrefutable. Thereupon, a strange scene played out on the dao plaza. The majority of competitors were eliminated before they had even started pill refinement. This was an extremely brutal start. In the end, only two thousand or so competitors were left on the dao plaza. An Lin couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. “What a crafty scheme!” Xu Xiaolan nodded in agreement. “The entrance fee was one thousand spirit stones each, and there were tens of thousands of competitors. Which means… they raked in tens of millions of spirit stones in profit. And now, we still need to prepare our own materials… Moreover, we need to hand our spirit pills over to the Pill Tower. This means that they’ll instantly receive a huge amount of spirit pills. This is another incalculable amount of profit…” “Xiaolan, when we get back, let’s hold some competition in the name of our Four Nine Immortal Sect. It seems so profitable!” An Lin couldn’t help but speak in excitement. Xu Xiaolan: “… “Don’t you think that the development of our sect is going a bit astray?” An Lin waved his hand. “Who cares! It’s our sect anyway. We can do anything we want!” Xu Xiaolan pursed her lips. What a domineering sect leader! “Speaking of which, what rank pill should we refine? This is only the preliminary competition, right? It’ll be a waste if the rank is too high!” An Lin had a look of vexation. Although he wasn’t short on money, he still didn’t want the organizers to make too much off him. Xu Xiaolan tapped her slender chin. There was a look of hesitation in her eyes, and it was evident that she was also unsure. “How about… I refine a fifth-rank spirit pill first. I feel like a fifth-rank spirit pill is enough to rank me in the top one hundred.” An Lin nodded. “Then I’ll refine a ninth-rank spirit pill.” “Can you do it?” Xu Xiaolan exclaimed in astonishment. “Men can’t say no!” An Lin puffed his chest out as he answered. He was just here for fun anyway. However, he couldn’t embarrass himself too much. He was of the Flame Mastery Pinnacle Stage, so refining the lowest rank spirit pill was most likely within his abilities. Duang! The competition bell rang to signify the start. Meimei started recording the time, and the two thousand competitors started refining their pills. Sorting ingredients, lighting a fire, casting pill refinement spell techniques… A deep sense of envy welled up in An Lin’s heart as he looked at the competitors completing these actions fluently. He also wanted to flex through pill refinement! He wanted to see people’s shocked expressions when they witnessed him refine a divine pill! It would be an amazing feeling, right? However, it was a pity that he didn’t have such talents. “Oi, Grey! If you can’t make it into the top one hundred this time, I’ll f*cking murder you! Understand?!” Julia suddenly roared at Grey again. Grey shuddered in fright. “Understood, Julia. I’ll definitely rank inside the top one hundred! I won’t disappoint you!” He carefully sifted through medicinal ingredients with his large dragon claws as he replied. An Lin couldn’t help but snicker, “Oh? Isn’t this the mighty pill refiner, Sir Grey? Why are you being scolded like a little child? Rank inside the top one hundred? This goal is set a bit too low, don’t you think?” Grey glowered back at him. “You don’t understand sh*t! It’s a great honor to rank within the top one hundred of this competition. Don’t annoy me, you noob refiner!” An Lin blinked in thought. Sigh… He was accustomed to being Long Aotian<sup>1</sup>. The top one hundred truly seemed like an extremely low goal to aim for. “Forgive me, I’m unable to understand the aims of weaklings such as you.” An Lin sighed. Grey almost spat blood upon hearing this. “Shut the f*ck up with your nonsense!” he roared. “If you keep spewing sh*t, I’ll f*cking eat you! Don’t you need to refine your pill?” “Haha… that’s right. How can a foolish human like you make it into the top one hundred? Better off not wasting resources!” Grey continued to taunt An Lin. An Lin came to a sudden realization. That’s right, he also had to refine pills as well! He stopped exchanging barbs and immediately retrieved ingredients from his storage ring. Although he didn’t have many spirit stones in his storage ring, he had mountains of other valuable resources. After all, he had looted the belongings of many Return to Void Stage cultivators. After pondering for a moment, An Lin picked a ninth-rank spirit pill that was relatively easy to refine. This pill was called the Qing Que Pill, and it could reinvigorate one after a battle. It could also unblock one’s meridians. With his Flame Mastery Stage rank, this pill would most likely pose no problems. Even if he lost, he had to lose with dignity. An Lin glanced at Grey. The ingredients that he had picked out were also just so-so. An Lin was slightly dazed. However, he didn’t give this much thought and started concentrating on his own pill refinement.