The King of The Worlds

Volume 3: Chapter 1 - Emptiness

Volume 3: Chapter 1: Emptiness There are always immortals in the world. From ancient times to the present, there are many legends about people who cultivate and achieve immortality. the flying sword, the talismans to subdue the demons or eliminate them, you can’t see it frequently, but it often appears in some people’s eyes. Every time the demons are in chaos, there will be people cultivating, who will cut off the demons and eliminate them, and help the justice of the world, and the world will respect him for his good deeds and nobility. That is a magical world, where mountains rise and fall endlessly, rivers and lakes converge in the form of a dragon, here a world of Qi power and the spirits can be seen everywhere, this is a world of cultivation. All things have spirits, can be wise, and become immortals. Animals can become demons or immortals or even ghosts, and of course, people can pursue the Dao to become immortals. In the world, the most popular and famous school is Lushan School. As soon as Xu Changqing, the leader of the Lushan, took the post, he became tough and worked hard to rebuild many Lushan buildings, which significantly increased the strength of the Lushan sect and made it famous all over the world. In Lushan, the disciples of all ages, who went down the mountain to subdue the demons, Lushan is the first of 72 immortal’s schools in the world. In addition to Lushan Xianjian school, there are many Xianjia schools in this vast and magnificent world, which aim to become immortals and cultivate themselves, but there are many kinds. Outside the mortal world, there are also boundaries of different sizes, such as the Demon Realm, Devil Realm, and Ghost Realm. On top of it, there are Nine Heavens, and on top of them, there is another God Realm, and there are many gods in God Realm. They are so powerful that they control the laws of heaven and earth. They have a horrible force that can collapse the divine world only by fighting. At this moment, in the Realm of Gods, outside the well of gods and demons, there is a space of nothingness and chaos. Here everything withers, cold wind sweeping like a blade, frost, flames, storms, rain alternate, covering the whole world, ordinary people can say that there is no way to survive here. Only by virtue of the turbid air and bad weather conditions here, people will die, let alone the huge time-space cracks that sometimes appear from nowhere. In the God Realm, the god’s Guardians stationed in front of the Heaven Gate, with shining eyes, glanced at everything. In such a space, they seldom observe and spend more time just resting and wasting time. Suddenly, in this chaotic space, a group of people in strange military uniforms appeared here. “What a bad living environment. Is this the new world your Majesty said to explore?” The leading middle-aged man, with a cool face, scanned the space and said solemnly. There is a burning smell of sulfur in the air and the external temperature, and it has reached more than 50 degrees, let alone the red color and scorching ground in front. “general, besides its hard atmosphere here, there are no resources here.” Behind the major general, the soldier said with a doubtful face. According to his Majesty’s information, this world civilization is far beyond them and has big potential. However, what they see in front of them seems to be different from all that they already have seen. “I don’t know, but what I can see now is that we seem to have come to the wrong place.” “It’s not like what your Majesty said. there is no huge mountain, no Qi and not a living being, not to mention Immortals.” The major general said, was confused. The world in front of them seemed like it was without an end. All kinds of natural disasters happen more frequently. It’s like a doomsday world that will break up and explode at any time. Why is it necessary to explore and conquer such a world? After a while, major general waved and still gave orders. “Spread out, explore the world, and find out if there is any useful information.” However, the major general could only do that. But when the soldiers’ reports came in half an hour later, the major general was speechless again.